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CPS Defense/Family Law

Julie Ketterman and James Hedlesten, Family Law Lawyers in Houston Texas, have represented and advised thousands of individuals with Family Law issues in Harris County, Galveston County, Brazoria County, Ft. Bend County, Matagorda County and Waller County.

Contact Julie or James for a 30-minute, cost-free consultation.

Ms. Ketterman has a special national and statewide focus on representing the legal rights of parents with Child Protective Services (CPS) issues, click here for more information

Mr. Hedlesten's primary focus is Family Law issues such as divorce, child custody and support and spousal support. For a more complete list click here.

Family Law includes:

The goal of Houston Family attorneys Julie Ketterman's and James Hedlesten is to resolve matters quickly and to save you the trauma of litigation. When necessary, they will vigorously defend your rights in court. A divorce, child custody case or other family law case does not always have to be a traumatic, combative experience.

Julie Ketterman, Family Lawyer

Parents make mistakes. Sometimes these mistakes are reported to CPS (the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services). And before you know it, your child(ren) have been taken away. The process and steps that you will have to take to get your child(ren) back can be grueling.

Having a lawyer by your side fighting for your fundamental right to parent your child(ren) is essential in this situation. As an experienced Houston Family Lawyer, I can walk you through each step successfully so that your child(ren) can come home as soon as possible.

I am dedicated to serving the needs of clients by providing the highest level of commitment, experience and professionalism to achieve successful results. I am a member of the College of the State Bar of Texas, an honorary society of lawyers who are among the best-trained attorneys in Texas. Members are qualified attorneys who are interested in both high ethical standards and improved training for all Texas attorneys.

I also believe in close and direct contact with my clients. As your case progresses, I will always keep you fully informed. You will be involved with all decisions affecting your case.

Decisions related to you and your family will impact everyone's future; therefore, experience working with a family combined with Family Law knowledge and wisdom will be key factors to making the correct decisions.

Even when the issues are complex, your future is at stake and emotions are running high, Houston Family lawyers Julie Ketterman and James Hedlesten will work hard to protect your legal rights while avoiding unnecessary conflict and stress.

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