What You Should Know if CPS Targets You or Your Family

1) Take the accusation seriously. It doesn’t matter if you think the allegation is unreasonable or stupid.  CPS is serious, and will presume that you are guilty as accused. They may not say that they are there to take your children, but they are going to try.

In testimony to Congress, Chris Klicka, senior counsel for the Home School Legal Defense Association, stated that a case worker with 30 years’ experience once confided in him that “When I started working, we tried to prove the family was innocent. Now we assume they are guilty until they prove they are not.”

2) Ask questions… and demand answers.  The investigator will try to keep the allegation secret.  But they are required by federal and state law to tell you the nature of the accusation at the first contact.

Don’t settle for the answer of “abuse” or “neglect.” Those are categories, not accusations. You are entitled to know what specific actions you are accused of committing.

3) Do not talk.  More specifically, do not try to explain what may or may not have happened.  It is important that you not talk to anyone but your attorney. It is natural that innocent parents who have nothing to hide want to explain everything so that a reasonable person can see there’s no problem here. But CPS agents are not reasonable. You are presumed guilty. The investigator is there to find evidence to support what she already believes to be true – that you abused your child.

4) You must find an attorney who has experience in fighting CPS, as soon as you realize your family is being investigated. Notice I said experience in fighting CPS. Many attorneys- if not most – believe their role is to find out what CPS wants and make sure their clients do it. That way often leads to disaster – and the loss of your children.

5) Be polite. Hostility toward the investigator is considered evidence of guilt. Your perfectly natural angry reaction to being accused of harming your child will be used as evidence of an abusive personality.

6) Never let any government agent in your home unless he or she has a warrant or order issued by a court. Ask to see the warrant or order, because the CPS worker may lie and say she has one when she doesn’t. When she doesn’t have one, politely but firmly tell her that she will have to stay outside until she gets one. If she claims it’s an emergency, make her tell you what it is. Call her bluff – if it were a true emergency, she would be there with armed police officers, forcing her way in. Do not even open the door to let her look at the children.

There is no compromise on this. There is no exception. If you invite an investigator into your home, you have waived your fourth amendment protection. And if the investigator is intent on taking your children, SHE WILL FIND SOMETHING IN YOUR HOME TO JUSTIFY IT.

Understand that you may be threatened. You may be lied to. She may tell you that the 4th amendment doesn’ t apply to CPS investigation. That is a lie. She may tell you that she doesn’ t need a warrant. That is a lie. She may tell you that she’ll return with police officers. And she will. But that changes nothing. Even a man with a gun on your porch doesn’t change the fact that she still has no right to enter your home.

Listen to the words of an ex-CPS investigator:

“I wish I could shout from the highest mountain to parents to vigilantly learn their rights! If they knew what their legal rights were there would be significantly lower numbers of child removals. Social workers, unlike policemen making an arrest, are not required to inform the parents of their legal rights. All we had to do to remove a child was to show up at the home and tell the parents we came to remove the kids. Often times we would take a police officer with us (never telling the parents he was there for MY protection, not to enforce an order or warrant). 99% of the time we never had to get a warrant or court order to remove kids because the parents would be so intimidated by the officer that they would just hand their kids over and show up for court the next day. But if they had legally known their parental rights, they could simply have told me that I could not take the children unless I had a court order signed by the judge or had a warrant to remove the kids. … the majority of times parents were just intimidated and gave consent for the whole process to begin; completely unknowing of what rights they just waived.”

If officers do force their way in, do not physically resist. Make your objections clear, but stand aside. There’s no point in getting arrested, or risking injury or death. Your children need you. Demand that you not be separated from your children, and that your children be interrogated only with your attorney present. (This demand will likely be ignored, but demand it anyway. The fact that you did may become important in later court proceedings.)

7) Demand that CPS tape any interrogation of your child. They are required by Texas law to do so. Bring your own recorder at each meeting, etc.  You have this right.

8) If the accusation is one of physical abuse, have your doctor give your child a thorough physical exam. Ask him to write a letter stating that no bruises, marks, or health concerns were found on the child that would create suspicion of child abuse or neglect. Go to a doctor you trust. Never never never go to a doctor recommended by CPS.

9) Gather names of friends and relatives who are willing and able to care for your children if CPS takes them. If your children must spend time away from you, it’s far better that they do so with people you know and trust than in a foster facility.

10) Never admit guilt, even if CPS has taken your children and offers to give them back if you do. It would be immoral to do so if you truly haven’t done anything, and it may be a quick way to jail and to lose your kids forever. CPS agents are not above lying to you to prove your guilt.


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305 Responses to What You Should Know if CPS Targets You or Your Family

  1. Mrs. Burt says:

    Very informative…I wish I had access to this information a year ago. Do you think that CPS will ever be held accountable for not completing thorough investigations? If so do you think that the government will play a role with holding CPS accountable.

    • jketterman says:

      I’m hoping this information can get out to all parents. So many of my clients don’t call an attorney until well into the process. Parents need to know that they have rights…and that they can say no to CPS.

      Will CPS ever be held accountable. That’s what I fight for everyday. One day at a time I fight to make sure CPS (through each individual investigator, caseworker or supervisor) is held accountable for their actions. We all need to work with our legislature asking them to play a role in our fight.

      • J.W. says:

        I find this extremely important information. So many parents don’t know this. My question is , If you tell them you are not letting them in, doesn’t this just raise their suspicion more? Leaving them even more of a reason to get a court order?

        • jketterman says:

          CPS starts out with high suspicions. So, by telling them no, it can’t hurt you. By agreeing with everything and letting CPS do what they want, that is when the trouble starts. The Court requires proof. That can be fought. Don’t let CPS in to start their false allegations and lies.

      • yolanda rodrigiez says:

        Please help a caseworker came to my parents house on 2/15/14 while we were bbq
        she removed my son & my 6 nieces and nephews that my mother cares for when asked why she said two different stories first story she said FBI agent called and said that there was an investigation when asked again because we’re confused she said that 3 of the kids told her that there was pills in a little bag in exchange for money she questioned the kids in school after that she was sloppy with paperwork used the same paperwork to charge neglect on me & my mom after that she went on vacation please help please her or the supervisor doesn’t answer”

    • David says:

      What a slime ball ex cps worker. Why would you give information like this to parents who would say no to CPS? That is aiding in the child abuse that runs rampant in this country! There should be no reason what so ever, to say NO to a CPS worker. If you are not guilty and hiding abuse and neglect of children then you have no reason to say no. The CPS worker would come in and see that everything is fine and then close the case. This is sick that anyone would give advice on how to hide from CPS. Ridiculous!

      • jketterman says:

        This is simply not true. CPS is completely out of control. I have so many cases in which there is no abuse or neglect. The case merely started because an angry ex spouse, in law, neighbor, ex paramour, etc has called CPS. A parent may be completely innocent of the initial allegation…but none of us are perfect….including you. Once CPS is in your families life it is close to impossible to get them out — without the help of an experienced attorney. And few parents can afford the protection of an attorney. Once CPS starts analyzing a family, the hoops are put up. Parents are asked to jump threw hoop after hoop. Many individuals lose their jobs. Many marriages end in divorce (because of the stress or because CPS has recommended it). Parents are asked to “voluntarily” place their children with family members on a temporary basis. This then puts stress on the extended family. Families are torn apart more than not. I will absolutely agree that CPS has a place and a job in protecting children. But as in most things, the CPS system is abused by citizens. This has forced the caseworkers to be overworked…and all that comes with that. Those within the CPS system abuse and misuse their power. Many of the caseworkers that I have dealt with don’t even know what the law is. They threaten parents with “law” that isn’t law. They lie to parents and they lie to judges. It happens everyday. I see it and live it — every day. So. You wonder why ex CPS caseworkers and attorneys like me feel obligated and passionate about arming parents with the tools to protect themselves and their families? It’s not, as you put it, to aid in the child abuse that runs rampant in this country. Not one of us agree with the abuse or neglect of a child. the tools I attempt to provide are to protect the fundamental constitutional right to parent a child, the constitutional right to privacy and the interference from the government in our lives and in our families. If we take away these constitutional protections from even one citizen, we risk losing the protection for every citizen. It is completely possible to ensure the safety of a child AND maintain everyone’s constitutional rights at the same time. It simple calls for cooperation and patients from all sides (something the government is not willing to give). It also demands that the child and family be put first instead of “the government having to always having to be right”. This would call for — at least at times — the government admitting mistakes. Let’s not hold our breath. And let’s not forget the dollar. Most of CPS is about making a dollar (and this is throughout the system on every level). If we take the profit out of the system and remember that the goal is supposed to be about keeping families together, the corruption will slip away. In the 12 years that I’ve been doing this I have RARELY seen CPS come into a home to I investigate, say all is okay and then close the case. And I have seen more cases than I can count that should have been treated just that way. This is not hiding from CPS. THIS IS PROTECTING FAMILIES. I am sad for you in that you are so naive about our CPS system. I pray that you, or someone in your family, is never caught in the viscous web.

        • Nicole says:

          I wish I had this information a year ago!!! I have the most complex UNJUST case ever so here’s a short version. My ex called CPS with false allegations and they gave him temp custody then 4wks later I was told we would be going back to court in 1 month to get me custody of my daughter back Well wouldn’t you freaken know there was a “serious accusation” made. So long story short 1 year later, having spent over 20grand on lawyers (that have gotten me no where so far) and she is still with her father. The accusation was his ONLY way of ensuring he kept custody of her and that is literally tearing my family apart-The heart break is too much for anyone to handle. INDESCRIBABLE Parental alienation at it’s most severe! We never used physical punishment with her so at age 6 him and his wife started using physical punishment including his hitting her with a belt. CPS RUINED MY LIFE AND MY DAUGHTER’S LIFE! I never heard much about CPS my entire life and so I always thought they were an agency you could call if you knew of a child being abused or neglected I HAD NO CLUE they were there to be used when you pissed a person off. It’s not right and now my poor, sweet, tender hearted little girl has had the worst past year of her life. Can you imagine Day 1 you get taken from your mommy and your step mother (TOXIC) is telling you that she’s your mother now etc etc…I saw her from March 12, 2013 till December 20, 2013 a total of 21 hours. Went from being with her every single day to that. I can honestly say I 100% understand why people take justice into their own hands throughout life’s BS! Maybe instead of swearing on a bible before testifying each person should be hooked up to a lie detector test-There’s got to be a way to have Justice for families torn apart by CPS! Personally putting my daughter with her father was the absolute worst thing possible for her and God forbid I try to report stuff she tells me then it’s looked at like “this is just because of a custody battle”

          • jketterman says:

            I’m sorry for you. This happens over and over again. Parental alienation is destroying children. Keep a journal of everything. And record your daughter whenever you can. And please don’t give up your fight.

        • Anonomys says:

          I have a question…. My husband is being accused of making and distributing child pornography, and I know he is innocent. It is looking like he will be aquitted and be able to come home, but CPS had told me that if I support my husband in any way we would need to have a “talk” about the best “place” for my child. And they said that even if he is found innocent they would be concerned if I took him back. Can they take her from me if I take him back once he is found not guilty?

          • jketterman says:

            Yes, they can try. The burden of proof for a criminal case is reasonable doubt. The burden of proof for a CPS case is clear and convincing. CPS can file a suit against you to remove your child and ultimately terminate your rights based on the allegations against your husband. I recommend getting an attorney.

        • sheila says:

          This is so true and I really appreciate the 411 4 and their working on the 5th one of my grandkids was kid napped threw the corruption that CSP. Imposed on my family how can they be Stopped???? These people are Evil !

      • Bree says:

        david, from my experience i know you mean well but this ex caseworker is right. I was accused of a crime and not only did I cooperate but the cps worker was bias, wrote up false allegations, did not listen, was mean to me even though I did nothing but cooperate. Thank goodness I had everything documented and paid for a lawyer that dealt with cps. I asked for a trial, and was allowed to tell everything that happened. Not only did they lie to me, but they lied to the judge. when it was proven they did not tell the truth it was dismissed. I am in the process of suing them. There are some good cps workers but I also worked in one of their offices and they sometimes ruin familes that are in a situation that they are innocent. and no the judicial system is sometimes not fair, that is why you have to keep notes, watch what you do and say and get a good attorney who has dealt with them if need be.

        • rachel says:

          look i have a question cps is trying to terminate my rights,i completed all programs they asked but the only thing it took me and my husband about nine months to get ajob and an apartment for our son but now they said we didnt try hard enough and now im looking at termination in a week.i sent my attorney picture of my sons life with his family, cps,judgeis totally bias against us they always have negative things to say nothing positive i need some advice,cps also gave my 6 month old son at the time a second dose of 6 month shots i got all documents to show proof,the counslor is recommending that the courts gives us additional time but cps is still wanting to terminate our rights can someone give me a good piece of advice

          • jketterman says:

            Your’re being railroaded. The only thing that can protect you is a good attorney to fight at trial and preserve any error for an appeal.

          • lisa baar says:

            Please listen to me!!!That additional time is an excuse to begin adoption proccedings…My story is a tradgity and illegal but at that time i got sherriffs involved feeling safe the judge and people involved would loose there jobs ect…Well, the judge got disbarred as a family judge, Judge William Webb…My caseworker was Jill Bopp, she was an adoption agency owner..She lost 1 agency..I am still trying to get my children back with all the proof of illegal activity…You need an attorney NOW..NOW..PLEASE TAKE MY ADVICE..PLEASE..You son needs you..The state makes money off your son..It’s unbeleivable how these state people have no heart or any regard for a childs welfare..My name is lisa….https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/please-help-me-reopen-my-family-case-handled-by

        • Brittney says:

          Okay! June 20 of last yr is when I lost my daughter the first time, did a safety plan my husband and iNEVER got drug tested until after 3 months of having her removed with a family member, we passed then. BUT NOW, because an angry ex best friend that lost her child recently text us to let us know that she called CPS on us made stuff up so we have to go thru the same thing. We still have all the poof of it. Well when we had the knock on the door we were surprised, so we didn’t allow them in, after the shock wore off we decided to call them and say that we have nothing to hide, they came the next day and told us the allegations! We couldn’t help but get angry bc they were so off the wall! Well the investigator thought it would scare us to bring up our past case (we had completed and had certificates for) and said we all 3 had to take a hair folicle test, we were angry and told them no, that we wanted a court order. What can we do about this false accusations that ate leading us to have stress and worrying for no reason. I’m not going to be bullied by CPS again considering last time they told us they DUG to find something so they could take her away. I need to know what to do, they said they were going to get a court order but not they haven’t yet and it’s been almost 2 days. And Thank you, it’s an ease of mind that your an ex caseworker helping out innocent families

        • Sharon says:

          I agree with you 100% Bree and becuase i did not know my rights i fell victim to their trap and its been 4 yrs as of oct. this all started and yes i did gety 5 children back that first time but were taken from school this time 2 weeks before the hearing to close my case and thats when all the lies and bullying startedand i never got to say i want a trial due to my attorney not explaining what paper i signed was for he didnt say.it waives my right to a trial or it i admitting guilt either the only thing he said it was was was just submitting the file to the court wju couldd him what that meant and kindly pls exolain and he said i was just stupid no matter how he explainedi still woukdnt get it so i fired himeven tho he was court appointed now ive already had

      • Bree says:

        he is not a slimeball. he is just telling the truth along with all the comments posted. he and others need to keep posting the truth. someday there will be a solution for the corrupt tactics they pull and get away with. yes their are abusive parents out there, but there are definitely alot of innocent parents who are having their children taken away and a lot of times places in situations that are worse. the sad thing is in the abusive home sometimes it takes a death before the other children are taken out of the home. why, because caseworkers are overworked, make bad decisions or are limited as to what they can do. another sad thing is they are supposed to help, but when cps is called on an innocent family, (which happens alot), it becomes a nightmare. as i stated, anyone can call cps on you. you have to prove you are innocent. they don’t come in your home and just declare you innocent. if you say or do anything they don’t like, you are screwed unless you are documenting it and/or have a good attorney. that is just how it is. you may mean well, but not everyone is guilty and they don’t have families interest at heart.

        • lisa baar says:

          I totally agree with you…my children were talken from me at the courthouse in front of cameras with all there lies and false accusations..Noone would watch that video..I left my sons father for domestic, i was gettin a nocontact order when this happened..I have a petition, if u have any advice for me please let me know, my son is now 5 and suffers Radioactive stress disorder, PTSD, ect…My daughter iscolates and they have been apart since nov3,2009..1 visit a judge filled in for tpr hearing and demanded a visit with my daughter,son and i and i have contacted this jufge, she remembers my case being adnormal..https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/please-help-me-reopen-my-family-case-handled-by

      • Casey says:

        This is bull malarky! CPS turns things around at the drop of a hat! We had a report filed by a woman who had a grudge on us. The police came, found nothing. CPS came, found 2 baskets of freshly washed laundry that were literally in the process of being folded (folded stacks of clothes were sitting around where I was sitting while I folded them), a few (around 5) dishes that were rinsed off sitting in the sink, and a catbox that is scooped every night before bed sitting down the hallway blocked by a baby gate. She said our house was a hazard to our children. The kitchen was disgusting, there were “obstacles” on the floor, and there could be “NO feces what so ever” in the litter box whenever she came to visit! My husband and I also had to take urine drug tests because one of the allegations was that “the mom and dad do drugs”. We were supposed to receive results in 3-4 days according to the worker and the testing facility. 3 weeks later, my case worker finally returns my calls and says that my husband came back at “over 300 units positive for marijuana”. My husband has not touched the stuff in over 3 years and has NO criminal record WHAT SO EVER! I called the testing facility, and they stated that the results they give are simply pass/fail which tells the worker that it was either over/under 50 units. I asked if there was any way a result of over 300 units would have been given. The testing facility verified that no, they do not test for amounts that high-it simply would have come up as a fail of >50. My husband had to leave the ER-against doctors wishes to take the urine test. He had been taken in around 2:30 am, and they wanted to keep him for 24 hours for medication and observation for a potentially life threatening condition. I informed the caseworker of this. She stated that if he did not take the test at the approved facility “THAT DAY” we would be in jeopardy of loosing our children. He put his literal life at risk to go pee in a cup. When I asked the caseworker to pull the ER blood test records, she said her supervisor “doesn’t want to hear any of that” and that if we pushed it they would take a hair sample dating back to the birth of my 8 yo. She was born in 2005. I did not start dating my husband until 2010. She told us that if drugs were found in his system ANYTIME from then to now, our children would be removed. How is what he did prior to joining our family even relevant? The caseworker gave us a paper that says our expected case closure date is today (May 10, 2013). We have not seen, or heard from, her in nearly a month now. The last she said was that my husband had to be removed while he went to substance abuse classes. She told us to find our options, and just “hold the reigns” until we hear back from her. I cannot even find out what is going on with our case. She has not spoken with any family members, friends, community resource members we are involved with (such as Early Head Start)-except our roommate who is a federal officer. I have seen her van parked in the lot of our complex a few times, however, when I go outside, she starts it up and drives away. We have NOTHING to hide! We let her in, and our lives were turned upside down anyway. Not all people who have a report filed are bad, abusive, neglectful people. CPS can speak with ANYONE we associate with regularly and get no complaints. I am talking about ANYONE. My daughter’s teacher (we have almost weekly meetings with her), the Early Head Start worker who does home visits EVERY Friday, family, friends, neighbors, members of the ministry we belong to, my children’s doctor, my OB- you name it. They have not spoken with ANY of them. They have only spoken with myself, my husband, my roommate, and my 8 yo (which they never informed me of-even though, by law, they have to inform me within 24 hours after speaking to her). What is your opinion on this?

      • Karen says:

        My daughter was taken by cps and I was guilty of smoking pot on the weekend and having drinks with friends when she was away. When she was home I was straight and she was mnumber one. However I made people mad where I live which in turn they called in on me with all sorts of aligations. I was honest about everything from a to z and went through 2 1/2 years fighting for my daughter. Completing everything they threw at me. Promises of getting her back. Throughout this process the worker lied twisted my words around

        • Karen says:

          In return she was taken away. I was pregnant with my son and they threatened me by saying if I didn’t relinquish my rights they would come after him. So they forced me to make this decision. Now now for the fourth time I’m dealing with them again because of vindictive people. When do they ever see past bullshit? Caldwell county of Lenoir NC is well known for taking children for bs reasons. And very much harassing after you had them on you once before. I’ve seen them shut cases on troubled kids with troubled families cause the system don’t won’t to deal with those problem children but love taking the ones who are easily adopted. $$$$

          • jketterman says:

            I’m sorry for your loss. CPS treats families unfairly all over the United States. They take advantage of the poor and those who do not have the finances to fight. CPS should have never threatened to take your unborn child. Having you sign a relinquishment under those circumstances is coercion and simply wrong. They could not have taken your new baby without a new referral, independent of the ongoing case. This happens over and over again and is shameful.

          • Stefanie says:

            I too was bullied by my state’s CPS. I fought for 2 1/2 years to gain custody of my children back. They were six months old when they were taken….they coerced me into giving up my parental rights by telling me if i didnt and they were terminated that i would NEVER be allowed to have another child. that if i became pregnant that my child would be taken from me in the hospital as soon as it was born. I had no support and my family was against me and assisted in my children being taken from me. My children were never neglected or abused, nor did i drink or do drugs. There was absolutely NO reason for my children to be taken. I lived on disability and my boyfriend had a decent job…but we were still poor…This is the reason we were targeted, that and my mother helped have them taken from us……they are now 7 years old and adopted….i have no contact. I wish i knew then what i know now and then maybe i would still have my children.

          • jketterman says:

            I’m sorry for what you’ve been through.

        • Caitlin says:

          I know how you feel. The CPS worker I had to deal with (just FOUR months after my daughter was born) had to be one of the rudest, most manipulative people I’ve ever met. I came home from the store one day to find a CPS card stuck in my screen door with the caseworker’s name and phone number on it. I honestly had no idea why it was there, but I called the number, got her voicemail and left her a message. Two days later, she shows up at my home, along with a second woman who was “there to document what was said and done”. All I was told at first was that there had been a report of potential FUTURE (notice I say future, not current) abuse and/or neglect.

          I was absolutely shocked by this statement. Who on earth called and said that? She didn’t tell me, of course, just said that they aren’t allowed to disclose who made the report. She asked to come inside, and I was hesitant about it -I’ve heard CPS horror stories before-, and I guess she could tell I was about to say no, because she followed that with “I can get a court order to come in anyway, let’s just do this the easy way.” And since I’d never had to deal with CPS before, I believed her. So I did what most people who had “nothing to hide” would do; I let her in. Because I had nothing to hide, everything should go perfectly fine, right? So, so wrong.

          After telling me that I HAD TO answer her questions, this caseworker spent the next 10 or 15 minutes asking me question after question, like “do you have a lot of people coming in and out of the house” and “do you have any friends or boyfriends that stay the night” and things like that. And then the fun part started. I was sitting on the couch holding my 4 and a half month old daughter when the caseworker suddenly goes “it was also mentioned in the report that you have a habit of self-injury”. Which at that point I knew whoever called in was full of false allegations (and honestly, I still suspect it was my ex-boyfriend, because of a few things the CPS worker let “slip”), because yes, I had a problem with that in the past, but I was 15 years old when it started AND stopped, and at the time of the investigation I was 22. Then the caseworker demanded that I show her my arms, which was horribly embarrassing. I do still have some very old self-injury scars on my arms, and it was humiliating to me to have to sit there and let this stranger examine them. The most unbelievable part of that is when she finally leaned away and made the comment “some of those scars look new.”

          Then they wanted to do a walk-through of the house. At this point I knew I should have said no, but I was already so embarrassed and ashamed that I just wanted them gone as quick as possible. Every room we went to, the caseworker had a snide comment to make to the second woman who was writing everything down. The kitchen was “messy” because the trash bin was full, there were “dirty dishes stacked in the sink” because one side of the sink had maybe 6 items in it at most, and when she looked in the fridge she had the nerve to ask me “are you going to go grocery shopping soon?” because all I had in there at the time was some milk, a bit of fruit and some odds and ends (I was on a diet and was trying to keep the fridge free of bad foods). I had no idea why it would matter what I kept in the fridge as long as it wasn’t stocked full of liquor. I mean, a 4 month old doesn’t eat things out of the fridge anyway!

          But clothes were also “unwashed” because there two baskets of dirty clothes. Right next to the washer. Clearly, everybody else in the world must wash clothes on a twice-daily basis, and nobody waits to do laundry until it’s a “if I don’t do laundry, I’ll have to work naked tomorrow” thing.

          And right when they were FINALLY leaving, the CPS worker handed me a card for the local MHMR center in my area, and told me that I NEEDED to go see a counselor. That it was mandatory, and not a suggestion or a request. About two and a half weeks later, I got a phone call from her, asking if I had been to the MHMR center, and, luckily for me, I had done a ton of research about CPS procedures and parents’ rights during that time, so I told her no, that I wasn’t required to. That’s when she told me she could go get a court order and force me to get a psychological evaluation (her words, not mine), and with pleasure I, in the nicest way possible (pretty sure she missed the sarcasm), told her she was full of it. I informed her that I found out she lied to me multiple times in an attempt to get inside my house, and did a lot of things she wasn’t supposed to do and hung up on her.

          Another two weeks went by, and I got a letter in the mail saying they had closed their case against me. What I loved even more than that was the fact that the letter came with a bunch of pamphlets about parenting classes and things like that.

      • Fed Up says:

        Look into how CPS is funded and you might gain some insight into their motivation for removing children and or offering “services” CPS has immunity on a state level and are very comfortable with violating rights. They do not have such immunity on a federal level and that’s where they must be held accountable.

      • anon says:

        You have no idea what your talking about!

      • Sergi says:

        You say no to social workers are snakes and liars. We care for our grandson for years, he was loved and we’ll cared, my daughter was on drugs and they just came and take him because he was neglected!! He was being raised by grandparents! No neglect or abuse, now he showed sings of abuse and stress under CPS care, and they don’t care, Furthermore they are making it impossible for us to get him back, you along all CPS workers should burn in hell for trafficking children, you profiting from children’s placement, as a matter of fact more than 60% of children taken by CPS should have NEVER been taken. David YOU are sick!! Profit from children is lame, CPS will lie in court, twist truth and put families thru hell.

      • Daniella says:

        Do you know what ignorant means look it up! Cps is OUT OF CONTROL! They may have started with good intentions in the very beginning but through the years they became , in my option, corrupt. Money is the factor anymore. They are legally selling our children , in my option. They are taking peoples children for no good reason more so then the ones that REALLY need help. Once again in my option. Power corrupts, Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

      • Shannon says:

        As an Ex-CPS caseworker, she obviously knows caseworkers threaten to or remove children from parents who may not neglect or abuse the child but have to prove their innocence first. Why would any parent have to allow a stranger into their home, privacy and interfere with the way they raise their own children, just to prove they are innocent. Justice will be served to anyone on here who is truly guilty of abusing or neglecting their child, therefor wont matter what they read here. I almost believe you must work for CPS or close to someone who does. Maybe you just don’t have a clue what CPS is capable of because you never experienced there presence before. If thats the case then enjoy reading, get valuable advise, and be prepared if you may ever have to stand against CPS instead of being rude.

  2. K M says:

    This is excellent and extremely informative. I commend you on your daily fights and struggles to stop this cruelty.

  3. Mrs. Burt says:

    What you are doing to preserve families is AMAZING. I have noticed that many people are afraid to stand up to CPS. I am all for working with our legislatures if it will make a difference and help preserve our families. However, with CPS threatening parents I imagine that many parents might be reluctant to speak out so that this much needed change can be made.

  4. Ardis Pagan says:

    Discovered your site via google the other day and absolutely like it. Carry on the truly great work.

    • jketterman says:

      Thank you. Send others that may need my help

      • belinda says:

        thank you so much for the information im like many others that dont know their rights and i found this perticularlly interested if you have a moment would you email me more and do you know about what rights a parent has when a child has bipolar for example dont i as a parent have a right to see any notes or therpy sessions that go on since she is a minor and my daughter?

      • charm says:

        Hi..in the past 7 n a half yrs ive had cyf pay a visit to my house once a year stateing they hav aligactions of drug and alchole abuse towards me and my ex partner..i always invited cyf in to my house to see for them self the envroment my children are living in etc.i did urine test wen they asked for but my ex partner never under goed any test wen was asked frm him..(seem stranged)any how thy closed case n wouldnt hear frm them for anotha yr..same aligactions accur again..investergate me etc..case closed..seems to me its a repeated paten every yr wit cyf comeing to my attention..is it true once they come too ur door the first time thy wil kep coming till my children are 17?

        • jketterman says:

          No that’s not true. They shouldn’t be coming to your house unless there is a referral called in. They do not have the right to come to your house “just because”.

  5. This is a great post and may be one that can be followed up to see what the results are

    A buddy sent this link the other day and I am desperately looking your next blog post. Carry on on the superb work.

  6. Unearthed your blog post via live search the other day and absolutely enjoy it. Continue the fantastic work.

  7. michelle stogner says:

    My child was taken from me while I was in the hospital, It’s now 2 &1/2 years, and I have not ever had visitation. I don’t have attorney, and I have been looking for one that would FightCPS w/ me. Does anyone know or have any info in Louisiana?
    Thank you, Michelle.

    • jketterman says:

      Ask the court to appoint an attorney for you. If CPS is going for termination, you have a right to an attorney.

      • Jessica Johnson says:

        I too am going through a similar situation with my kids and I do admit the use of marijuana between my husband and I, our first urine test came back positive for marijuana and have not heard anything from our caseworker in over a month. We have since been drug free and my husband just passed a urine test for employment so I know he is clean. I cannot get an answer on any of the classes I need to take to even fight for my kids. The family they were placed with wont let us see them at all or tell us anything about our kids. After I placed my twelve year old with my “relative” I found cut marks on her arm and she has secluded herself from everyone staying in her room so unhappy because she wants to come home. This relative I just recently found out is a severe alchoholic so my daughter sais, my baby that is 2 is with a different relative and wont even let us see her. My local office does nothing to help our situation. I hae no money for an attorney and the caseworker is in constant contact with this so called family but refuses to talk to us. My oldest daughter has to get a permission slip signed to go out of town for school and I need to know if I have to sign as her legal mother still I think I would need to. Please email me I need this help so bad!

        • jketterman says:

          You need to opt out of the FBSS and force CPS to file a legal case against you. I know this sounds scary but it’s the only way for you to get legal counsel and protection. Once the case is in the court system, ask for a court appointed attorney. This attorney has the duty to defend you and guide you through this process.

    • jketterman says:

      If you’re parental rights were terminated more than 15 days ago, there is nothing you can do. Your time to appeal has passed. If your parental rights have not been terminated, please call my office and I may be able to help.

  8. Lyn says:

    Everything jketterman says is absolutely true; I can’t stress that enough because our family knows by experience. CPS comes in saying they will help you; the judge says his goal is to return your child to his/her family but CPS either ignores the court’s orders or gets the court to change or ignore the order. The “court” gives you a sweet-talking CASA worker who comes on amazed by CPS’ actions and vows to help you get your child back. When you get to court, he/she is standing along side the Ad Litum on CPS’ side. And don’t believe anyone who says you will have visitation; CPS doesn’t have to return phone calls to set that up.

  9. Fantastic post I Agree with your leading points and believe the title says it all, I enjoyed reading and I will surely come from time to time to read more of your writing. keep on the great work!

  10. Essential post I Agree with your leading points and believe the title says it all, I enjoyed reading and I will surely come once in a while to read more of your writing. carry on the great work!

  11. Hi. I treasured to drop you a quick note to express my thanks. I’ve been watching your blog for a month or so and have plucked up a heap of good information as well as enjoyed the way you’ve structured your site. I am attempting to run my own blog however I think its too general and I would like to focus more on smaller topics.

  12. VC says:

    I appreciate this a lot. Yeh, my family and I are going through one right now. There is this cps woman that I feel like is targeting my family. I say that because she never showed a court order to be in my house and today she went looking around upstairs in my father’s closet to find evidence without showing my mother a warrant. All she had was a report from a person. I am going to straighten out this woman to make sure she is legit.

    • Bree says:

      i don’t know if you know it but if you video tape it, they won’t come in your home. I don’t know why if they are looking out for the child’s best interest and are legit why are they so afraid of being video taped? is it because they can be held accountable for when they lie to you or break the law? hum. this is one of the things i did when they showed up and i also phoned my lawyer right on the spot.

    • sabriana says:

      CPS does not have you or your families interest at heart. there are some good caseworkers, but you don’t know really who they are unless they are personal friends. One watch what you say to then. always get a copy of the report that they tell you that you can not have to see what they are writing. my personal experience if you can video tape them or record conversations do it, because they lie, distort information and yes they feel they can do this. if you feel injustice is coming your way get a lawyer or at least consult one. you have the right to address anything they write against you and keep copies of your letters. you can also complain to their superiors, may or may not help, but send it in writing certified. also the education department that regulates them complain. in the long run you may have to endure their crap, but document it, no they don’t have the right to come into your home and treat you like crap, so video tape it. try to comply, but watch what you do and say, because they will try to use it against you if they feel you are challenging their authority. i found a lawyer that had sued cps and it makes a big difference how they treat you. they still tried but going to court with an attorney who has your back is great. oh and by the way my attorney says anyone can have cps sicked on them.

  13. Keith says:

    OMG!! She said to trust her!! The welfare of my Children is at stake!! That was my first instinct.

    I am very glad I listened to her. I have found her to be worth EVERY PENNY, and then some. Julie is VERY knowledgeable in her craft.. The old adage ” Never Trust a Lawyer” does not apply to her firm. Sell every-thing you have if you have to. JULIE KETTERMAN, is Plain and simple the BEST attorney money can buy.. Texas CPS thought they had been broadsided by the USS Missouri Battleship. Actually I think the battleship would have done less damage.

  14. Tracy Youngblood says:

    I just wish I had known this before. CPS took my daughter and placed her with her father. I know she is safe with him but I wonder will I get to have custody of her again? I am in a criminal case currently, my daughter made up a story I put her in a cat carrier and it isn’t true since she has been with her father she cries for me and said she lied. She has told her grandmother that she made the story up as well. I have a lawyer but I feel frustrated cause he always seems busy in court with other cases and when I call he doesn’t know anything. He has already been paid and I cant get my money back and I have no money for anyone else. I just thought that when I was found not guilty I would be restored to my daughter but I don’t know.

    • jketterman says:

      You can make your lawyer work for you. Go to the Texas State Bar Web site and look into filing a grievance on him/her. If you’re successful, you may get your money refunded.

    • sabriana says:

      not happy with this lawyer complain to the bar about him not returning calls, keeping you updated, keep documents of your calls, conversations, letters written to anyone. if he is not doing his job superiors need to know this. also request for him to pay you back to his superiors. usually it is the bar association. i would call them and explaint and definitely never deal with a public defender. they always have your back, yeah right, that is a joke. if he is with a firm send a complaint letter, cc it to the bar association in your state.

  15. Christina says:

    We could not find a lawyer in our area that would go after CPS. Even the ones who felt we did have a case. We had several flat out say, “I’m not touching that! You don’t go after the goverment.” Thank you for not being afraid to stand up against CPS.

    • jketterman says:

      CPS has overstepped their boundaries. They are simply out of control. They are taking advantage of families who are unaware that they can actually say “No”. I’m doing my best to stop them…one case at a time.

  16. Heather says:

    Yes, my nephews and nieces just got taken away today from my brother and his wife, what can we do? They live in Euless, TX and all of their family lives in Kingman, AZ. They have 7 Children, struggling to make it, and finding it difficult, we were actually going to get them this weekend and now they have been taken. Please Please Please, do you have anything that we can do? My brother feels desperate to get his kids back, I am worried he will not be able to stay calm knowing his kids are with cps when its time to come face to face. HELP

    • jketterman says:

      There is always something that can be done. Your brother and his wife need to get an attorney. If they can’t afford an attorney, they need to ask the court for an attorney immediately. Once they have an attorney, that attorney needs to demand that the children be placed with family. The law, and CPS policy, states that the children have to be placed with family (if there are appropriate family members) if they cannot be returned to the parents.

      • sabriana says:

        make sure if you get a court appointed attorney you ask specific questions as to what he will do, when he will do it, check his attitude if he acts like he wants to represent you, whether his case load is full or not, you should feel as if he is going to act in your behalf. if not, get another one. if the court will not appoint another write a letter to the bar and his superior and you will be surprised how this gets you another attorney.

  17. Jennifer and Alex says:

    I’ll give y0u a quick summary before my question: Jennifer’s sister’s nephews (4 boys) were all placed in foster care by CPS. All 4 were placed with Jennifer’s siter and her husband (the kids’ biological uncle) who already have 3 kids of their own, and 2 more that are there every other weekend. The middle two boys have since been removed from their home and the baby will also be removed. The permanency plan for all the kids is adoption as all parental rights have either been voluntarily relinquished or will be terminated. We were approved by CPS as a kinship placement and everything was set up to have the baby placed in our home. We were also approved for an adoptive home and would be moving over to pre-adoption services following the trial (when the child is free for adoption). Everything was going great: Jennifer’s sister can’t wait to get the baby out of their home, we passed everything, we were getting the baby every day during the day for the transition before placement, and the CPS worker scheduled a placement date. Then, all of a sudden completely out of the blue…hours before the baby was to be placed the CPS worker called and told us he wouldn’t be placed that day (it was a Friday afternoon, of course). On Monday we received a phone call and were advised that baby would no longer be placed in our home. We drilled the worker for answers but she gave us nothing! Just, I’m sorry the baby will not be placed in your home. We are two professionals (Jen works as a Business Analyst for a Fortune 500 company for almost 10 years, I have my M.Ed. in Counseling Psychology and will be licensed next month as a Licensed Professional Counselor. We are an approved adoptive home because we adopted our son (now 3) from Depelchin! We live in an upper-middle class neighborhood in Kingwood with some of the best schools in Texas. We have no criminal or CPS record and couldn’t be a better home for any child. Furthermore we WANT this baby, are bonded with him, and can’t wait to adopt him. I know something is up…I worked for DFPS for over 4 years, for CPS for one of those years, and know the system! Not only are we crushed, we are confused as this child has no other possible kinship placements to go to. We have contacted the Program Director directly as we got no where with the CPS worker or her supervisor. All she said was she did approve our home for placement and he would be there right now had there not been an ‘injunction’ filed. But, we still have no answers and no baby. What does this mean? What are our options now? Oh, and the trial was re-set and is on the docket for Wednesday (3 days from now). Should we go to the trial and appeal to the judge? When we asked the Program Director she said we couldn’t attend the trial as we are not ‘party’ to the case. Where do we go from here? We can’t just give up and walk away from this baby without trying everything we can. Any help or advice would be extremely appreciated. Alex

    • jketterman says:

      Please call me. I want to help. My office number is 713.652.2003. Let me help you.

      • linda hammond says:

        Thank you for protecting families like you do, I am a grandmother and my grandson was just taken a week ago from my daughter, we are from Kentucky, I don’t have money to fight, I called them this morning and they told me they couldn’t tell me anything about the case, wish I could fight for him.

    • jketterman says:

      No. Families should be left alone to take care of their problems in their own way. Insist that they leave you alone.

      • Jennifer and Alex says:

        Thanks so much for your response. We still do not have the baby placed on our home and his current caregivers can’t wait to get this child out of their home. CPS still is still ignoring our calls and will give us no information. How do we get this child in our home? We are fearful he will be placed out of the family in foster as there is no other relative placement either willing or able to take the baby. The trial is in less than 48 hours.What can we do? Thanks again for your time! We really appreciate it!

  18. Steph and robert says:

    I am looking for a lawyer in TX to help us out. When CPS came into our home we where informed we would get our kids back in 3 days. On the day we were to get our kids we were informed that the investigater’s supervisor had decided to not give the kids back. So then I was able to have a family team meeting. In the meeting the supervisor told all of us (myself and my aunt watching the kids) that this was an “extremely tempory placement”. We agreed to family based, under the belief we could have our kids back in a matter of days. Not only does my new casework never remember our names but she continuously gives the people running these programs they think we need, wrong information.  Not one person has been familiar with our case before contacting me and all have give us and our “host family” conflicting information on when we can regain custody of our children. When asked when we will start the process of getting our kids back she says she doesn’t know. She can not tell us step by step what actions we need to take to secure the return of our children and she can not be bothered to even bring the correct paper work with her each time she has visited. Furthermore it has come to our attention that she was involved with a previous case concerning some of our extended family members. Now she is starting to threaten us that she wants to place the kids in foster care because she and her elusive supervisor are unhappy with the way our case is proceeding.  I have had to resolve to calling almost daily in near hysterics to even get someone to acknowledge that our case not only exists, but that it needs special care due to our children’s special needs. I haven’t asked that the state dismiss our case, only that we be treated fairly and consistently so that we can quickly and efficiently Gain the tools, skills and help we need to bring our children back home. Please email me with any names and contact information with Texas lawyers. Thank you.   

  19. A. says:

    My husband and I had a run in with CPS in Feb. They came in to our home, but they didn’t remove our child. It seemed like the CPS worker was very nice and seemed to be on our side. We had to go to the CPS office in Houston and they took pictures of my child and drug tested us without a court order. We went in pretty much kicking and screaming, yelling about our civil rights. We caused quite a scene. Anyway, the supervisor told us that she wasn’t going to remove the child and it wasn’t even going to go to the courts during that visit. The called our family members and our doctor, who sent a report saying that our child wasn’t abused. We haven’t heard from them since march and now it is July. They have not sent any kind of letter saying the case has been closed. Do I need to be worried about CPS just popping back in to my life? I get so worried about it that sometimes I can’t sleep at night. Thank you.

    • jketterman says:

      You should have received a disposition letter and instructions on how to have your records sealed. You need to contact the investigator for this letter. Until you have the disposition letter, the investigation is not closed.

      • Scott says:

        Why wouldnt they close it? What are they waiting on?

        • jketterman says:

          It’s the government. Stay on them. Call every day.

          • A. says:

            I was the one who left that comment back in July about CPS not sending us a letter that the case is closed. They still haven’t sent anything. I have tried calling to find out information on the case to determine whether it has been closed or not. No one will return my phone calls. I have been calling for months. I haven’t done anything wrong and neither has my husband. So our philosophy is, if they return we tell them we are not working with them anymore unless they get a court order. I have a friend who is an ex-cps worker and she told me not to worry about them coming back because they probably aren’t going to. I don’t have to let anyone in my house and if they try to strong arm me, I will have them arrested for trespassing. They aren’t the gestapo. And I will not allow them to act that way in my home.

    • K says:

      It takes about 2 weeks for the case to actually be closed. They have to inform you by mail that the case has been closed so you have proof. If you haven’t received one go to the caseworkers supervisor. If you don’t get any help there go above that person. Info is on cps website. Document everything!

  20. Suzanne says:

    I am currently being investigated by CPS for “neglect” as there have been 3 incidents where my children became harmed. Feb 2010 I dropped my 3wk old infant took her straight to ER for care (she was/is fine), 2nd was early June now 17months old she walked out our backdoor while I was using the bathroom and fell in the little goldfish pond 20ft from the door, I ran to neighbors because I couldn’t remember where phone was as I was in a panic, called 911 child was fine lungs sounded fine, she was walking around but they suggested taking her to the pediatrician for a chest x-ray to be sure, husband came home to watch other 2 kids and I did just that. Xray clear, she was fine. 2 wks ago tomorrow my 9yr old daughter who has Aspergers (recently diagnosed in May) tried to hang herself after she got upset with me for making her turn off the laptop I left her in her room to “cool off” like I normally do when she gets too upset (although this was EXTREME and NOT my daughter!) few minutes later I went in and found her hanging from the top bunk by the laptop cord. She spent a week in ICU and another in a Psych hospital (should come home Monday). CPS got involved the day after, interviewed my husband, I went and did my interview a few days later, signed paper releasing all med info on children and myself. I also signed a “Safety Agreement” that states I am not to be left unsupervised with children” and that my husband and I will provide adequate supervision at all times for the children. I signed it. Then he mentioned I could not stay the night in the home. I could tuck kids in and be there when they woke but not sleep there. This is killing me! I have a 5yr old and 17month old. Today we signed more releases for medical and psych for my daughter and myself as we both see a psychiatrist and I see a counselor as well. He also said that next Thursday we are to take all 3 children to Dallas for a full evaluation physical, mental, psych, etc. HELP!!!!

    • jketterman says:

      There is so much we need to talk about. You and your family need help – if not from me – from an attorney who specializes in CPS defense. Please contact my office at 713.652.2003.

      • Suzanne says:

        I called today and your secretary I’m guessing it was called me back and we spoke briefly about what was going on and said shed have you call me. I haven’t heard from you yet but I do have two questions that I’d like to know your opinion on (among many others!) as soon as possible. If the Safety Agreement I signed does not state that I cannot stay in my home but he told me not to. Which is it? My 9yr is finally coming home Monday and her psychiatrist there wants her in a strict routine (she has Aspberger Syndrome) and monitor her 24/7 for a good week before going to just being in visual range. We have an 18 m old and my husband cannot sleep by the 9yr old’s side and get up with the baby by himself. After two weeks of help now we have exhausted all 24/7 help we had. I want to be home with my children at night, do I have that right since I did not sign the paper, which he also stated wasn’t a legal document.

        Also, taking the children to Dallas to be examined by Forensic Specialists at Children’s on Thursday do we do this or ask that they be examined by their pediatrician here or any other doctors/psychiatrists locally? That is a 4hr drive for a girl who has been through so much and is still physically exhausted! What do we do?

        • jketterman says:

          Follow your safety plan. If your CW adds to it verbally, it doesn’t count. Check with your husband to make sure that he didn’t sign a safety plan stating that you won’t be in the house.

          I would try to take your child to a local doctor. Insist.

    • V.Y.M says:

      Cps was called by an angry imamuture family member and cps interviewed my oldest daughter. The worker came the next day and told me of all the allegations and needed me to go take a drug test. I did not let him in I told him I wanted to talk to my attorney first. He tried coming in but I said no. my attorney said to not talk to him and to leave you alone. I’m scared now that he will lie to the court because I refused to talk to him. What can happen?

  21. christian moreno says:

    pleas can u help im a mother of 4 that just been taken from my home and i have a nother on the way when CPS got involved they first said that they would be fine with my mother but after that the case worker didnt showe up for 3 weeks and soon after things that the case worker said were eather terned a round or not true but two days before the cort she came to are home and said “we are going to talk to the jodge and give ur mom they kids” but as soon as court came 5 mins before the judge came in to the room the case worker pulled us to the side to say my kids are going to be taken from are home after the court, im just looking for some help because of every thing that has happin and the thought that my baby is going to be taken right out of my arms is really scary i miss and love my kids iv been going to classes and doing every thing that has been asked of but but just to have the case worker sight in my home in front of my kids and say ” just agree with what we ask be cause the court dosent want to hear your SH*#” is NOT RIGHT and im just asking for help so please peas help.

    • jketterman says:

      Contact me at my office at 713.652.2003 and I will do what I can to help.

      • I had court for cps Friday 28th I didn’t go because I found out I have a warrant not going to court am going to go tell the judge I never got mail.,for court,I had no place too live ,or to get mail.it’s a misdemeanor It’s an old one but that y I didn’t go to cps court,I was scared,

        • jketterman says:

          They probably proceeded without you. You don’t have to be present in civil cases. Be careful. Your parental rights can be severely affected without you being present.

  22. Randy says:

    Our department children and families in Fl is very corrupt and take children on lies and gets more money when DCF adopts the child out.How sick is this?

    Please go to this site and sign the petition.


    Here is my web page below please read and post comments for it helps my ratings

    Thank You

    “The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil,

    but because of the people who don’t do anything about it”.

    -Albert Einstein

  23. Do you mind if I quote your writing in my monthly newsletter? I think your topic suits my audience perfectly. Well ya, thanks for posting this article.

  24. Scott says:

    The caseworker stated she is closing our case but will not send us a letter. Is she up to something? We opened the case up on the child’s grandfather for sexual abuse. She did say she was not going to substantiate. Have the tables turned?

  25. Kim says:

    Allegations were made about 14 months ago on husband no one ever investigated after coming to home no arrest made just threats from DCFS. My husband and I stayed together but now a few days ago They send out deputy who told me they had no opren case no restraining order or anything on my husband but that it was best I leave the next day DCFS shows up threatening to enter home and talk with my husband my kids n I .. In which we refused! What can I do?

  26. jason says:

    Is CPS allowed to interview children at school with out the parents consent? And if so, then what can i do about that?

  27. Chelsea says:

    My baby was taken away for nothing, just only alligations, He’s been gone for 6 months.He’s 10 months now. They havent proven us guilty. I really do want my baby back home with me. First they were accusing my of physical neglet then im was not feeding my baby. Which later they said thats not true. Now they are accusing me of not giving my baby his medicanes. I just dont know what to do. Me and my husband is doing our family plan we are almost done with it. They said that they are gonna give us the baby back. I just hope they do. Im so scared. I done even know what to do.
    Is there any advice you can give me?

  28. SONDRA RHODES says:

    going through HELL with CPS in houston, too

  29. Brittani R says:

    I’m dealing with CPS in Virginia… Long story short, my daughter was shaken y her father at 6 weeks of age, and he has since left the home, and I’m working on obtaining a divorce. He’s finally been arrested (he fled to Ny) and im waiting for him to be extradited and charged with felony child abuse. However, CPS decided even after he left, that it was necessary to keep in contact with me… And now had been takin me into court because I fell behind on my daughters vaccinations, and they are trying to say that I am neglecting her. I’ve been nothing but cooperative, my daughter (now 16 months old) has been appointed a Guardian ad litem, and I was without an attorney initially because I couldnt afford one, and the court wouldn’t appoint one because I guess based on my pay (I was an e-3 in the navy) that I should have been able to afford one… The judge has continued the case multiple times, it started in march, with continuances occurring in April, June, July, and what I’m hoping is the resolution Ocotber 5th… CPS got bent out of shape originally because I didn’t have her birth certificate and hadn’t enrolled her into Tricare Prime, (I was unaware of her not being enrolled, as she had been to all of her followups with the neurosurgeon and had received her 4 month shots and it never was caught). CPS wanted her to participate in some physical therapy and with out the Prime Enrollment, the script for services was being denied. They have sat in frontmof the judge and said my daughter has not been seen for ANY follow-up medical care since she was shaken, which is a lie. She was seen several times by the neurosurgeon for CT scans and was given the all-clear that there was no apparent brain damage… I know you’re located in Texas but is there anything you can recommend? I have since been separated from te navy because my chain of command got tired of me having “problems” with CPS and constantly being in court. And my divorce hearing was basically denied yesterday because the husband usin jail and is basically incompetent in the state’s eyes and they’re appointing him a guardian ad litem… When I’m not asking for any spousal support or property, all I want is to no longer be married to him. The juvenile and domestic relations court judge wouldn’t even award me sole custody last week without CPS present, sonny abusive husband still has joint custody of our daughter…

  30. Eric says:

    Need help, please call me as soon as possible. I left a message with your answering service or front office. CPS removed my daughter 3 days ago and we are set to speak with the investigator this Thursday. I would like to consult with you before then. They have already stated several demands and said if we met them they would return the child this Thursday….I don’t believe them.

  31. Amber says:

    I wish i had know this 10 months ago when cps tricked me into handing over my son to them like they did in the past with my other two children…this time i was doing right and i let them fool me….im young and didnt know all my rights…although they didnt get to come in my home and take him they still tricked me to go to cps office and have a “family safety meeting” then right after it was over took my newborn from me and placed him in foster care where he is to this very day….i have a wonderful married couple who wanted to take him temporary until this was all over but cps insist on leaving him where he is….now they are fighting me like crazy to keep him even though i have complied and passed all their stupid test from drug to parenting to a outpatient rehab thing that was rediculous…what to do when you have done every and anything you can and still nothing has happened for the good….cps needs to go worry about the real parents that are beating their kids and doing drugs around them and back off us good parents….stupid “BABY SNATCHERS”

  32. casp6089 says:

    my significant other is being investigated because of alligations made by his 15 yr old daughters school. i am not being investigates. we share a home together. and i have a 5 yr old from a former relationship and we have a 5mo. old together. should i be worried about looseing my children because of the alligations against him?

  33. Sarah says:

    I know this is old, but I have never had any parental experience with CPS until now. Firstly, I have a question. In my interview, they asked me some very personal questions that were really out of place. The one that stood out to me was if I had ever had an abortion. Why would I be asked that?

    Our situation:
    My husband is bipolar and was on some medication that seemed to exaggerate his manic state. One morning, he came into our room and demanded that our then 6-month old daughter and I leave the room, so we did. He proceeded to have a manic episode where he did some damage to some of our things and tried to kill himself by smashing through our window (our bedroom is on the 2nd story of our home). This all occurred while I was downstairs with my daughter and was on the phone with 911. The police and EMTs came and transported him to a hospital for medical clearance and then he was placed in a psychiatric hospital. 2 days later, a CPS worker showed up at my door and asked to see my daughter (who has never, ever been abused or neglected) and then interviewed me. She stated that she was there because of how unstable the hospital has noted that my husband was when he was admitted and he had stated he has a daughter that he wanted to see. At this point, a petition had been filed against him and he had been committed to psychiatric care for no less than a year, thus would not be in the home. She then went on to demand that I get a restraining order not only for my daughter but for myself as well to show that I am serious about protecting my daughter from my husband and said he could never be allowed in the home. She said if I did not get the restraining order that she would take my daughter from me under the charge of me neglecting her (a happy healthy baby). So I did it even though he can’t leave where he is anyway. I took her a copy of the order and the made a photocopy of the receipt showing that he had been served. She had told me prior to that she would close my case once she had that. It was then that she stated she needed to run a background check on me and demanded my SSN. Against my better judgement, I gave it to her since I thought I have nothing to hide. I have heard very little since, but never have received confirmation that the case was closed. I also received a call from my form eating disorder counselor stating that some social worker had been requesting information (even though I never signed a release for my records). When I was a minor, I was in an inpatient facility for bulimia. How is my eating disorder even relevant? My other questions are is it even legal for her to demand that I get a restraining order when my husband has never been violent with anyone but himself (I also wanted to add that the judge who signed the petition to have him committed stated and noted that he is not a danger to others) and why would they be prying into my psychiatric past? Do they remove children from their homes if the parents have been in psychiatric care or have been diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder?

    • jketterman says:

      A CPS caseworker can really ask any question that they want. But you have the right to refuse to answer. I think is was an inappropriate question!

      None of your past medical history is relevant now…unless it affects your daughter.

      It’s not illegal to demand anything of you; but you have the right to choose what you do and don’t do. They can demand and you can refuse.

      They are prying into your history in an attempt to “make” a case against you.

      Yes, they remove children for these reasons and an array of other reasons.

  34. Amber says:

    I talked to my court appointed attourney and the cps people here today….my attourney says i should relinquish my right to my son to stop cps from taking my baby i am pregnant with now….i have a jury trial in july….the 3 cps people i talked to today told me i need to start going over some heads until some one helps me cause they said everything that is happening to me isnt right….they know i have done right and think that my son should already be home with me and case closed next month but that isnt what is happening….i really need to talk to someone who can help me to ask the right things and tell all the right things when i find who i need to talk to….the cps investigator another worker who i think is a kinship worker now and the cps lady that supervises my visits all are telling me to do this over the head thing…i have one number but want to reach out to as many people that can help me….is there anything you can do to help me so i can try and bring my son home where he belongs?

  35. Samantha says:

    I had a cps case for about four months and I just received a letter saying the case was “being closed” due to my handwork. Can they visit until I get an official letter saying it has been closed?

  36. Alison says:

    There are some key people in my close family that are very bad people (a few siblings, my remaining parent). I have distanced myself from those people when I started to realize how bad things were as I grew older. However, I know things about them that are character damaging– and I have a large family that I love very much with my husband of 8 years. They have recently started blackmailing me and making up things about my family, including threatening to call dfcs. At first I felt, let them come, because there is nothing wrong with my children, myself or my husband. But because I was raised in the system I know CPS can be corrupt, which is worrying me greatly. What can I do to protect myself from a false call or things they make up?

  37. Kbob says:

    I like how all her responses are for you to contact her and give her money.

    • jketterman says:

      Not all of my responses are to contact be and give me money. I give my contact information when asked. Often times I advise people to contact an attorney — any attorney; it doesn’t have to be me.

  38. Vicki says:

    Hello I live in WV..I was just informed by a person I know that her sister has called CPS on me for mental abuse. This sister has been in the psychiatric hospital for the last 3 weeks and has a long 20+ year record of mental illness. The sister called and told me..she had phone privileges at this hospital but her sister who is her power of attorney had them taken away. No contact has been made to me or my son..I have never abused my child. I am currently battling stage 2 pancreatic cancer and have many witnesses I am a good Mom. Can they believe this woman? I mean she has been admitted in the state mental hospital this week at Weston. She also tried to kill her husband and reported the sister for abuse of her as well..the police just laughed at the allegations of her sister abusing her..she has also been jailed in the last month for her crazy actions and been evicted for threatening the landlord with a hammer..I am just worried and dont need this trouble. Thank you

    • jketterman says:

      Any time a referral is made, CPS is required to investigate. But if what you are saying is true about the sister, CPS will investigate that as well and take her mental illness/issues into account. As the investigation starts, please contact an attorney to help you and to walk you through everything. Even though you have nothing to hide, CPS is not your friend and they could easily “find” something to hang their hat on. Good Luck and I’ll keep you in my thoughts.

  39. Donna MCnemar says:

    Hi im not sure if u can help me but my children were removed from me by dcf in florida i requested to relenquish my rights when i found out i was pregnant my case has been closed and now they are trying to do a ludwig staffing telling me that they have all rights to try and take my unborn child what can i do??????????

    • jketterman says:

      If you relinquished your rights to your other children, then that case can not affect your unborn child. If you were terminated (involuntarily) then the Dept can use that termination to terminate your rights to your unborn child. But they can not use the termination to pick the unborn child up at birth. It’s not a reason to start a new case on the new child. There must be new facts to show that the new child would be placed in imminent danger if left in your care.

  40. candace says:

    i tested + for marijuana in the hospital while dealing with a miscarriage, the next day CPS was at my door. (because i have a 3 year old at home) i did this twice, period! because i was devastated over losing my baby! they drug tested me via mouth swab on the spot WHICH I PASSED WITH A NEGATIVE! My husband opted for a UA instead of mouth swab and PASSED it with a diluted NEGATIVE, still we are dealing with them, they have “referred us to family based safety services” and yesterday we had our initial meeting with that worker who says she will determine if we need services or not. Call me crazy, but after both of us testing negative AND volunteering to RETEST anytime any day, shouldnt this case be closed!?? What grounds do they have to stand on when we both passed our tests?? All we are asking for is for them to lift the supervision aspect of the case so my mother, mother in-law, sister in-law, and ourselves can go back to our normal life (mostly our family members because this isnt their problem, its ours!) We told them even though we dont feel we NEED services we will cooperate, BUT all we want is no supervision! We are GOOD parents, live in a brand new home, full of food, tons of toys, our kid has plenty of clothes, we have brand new vehicles that are in good condition, NOTHING to suspect we live in any type of bad way! I messed up ONE time and smoked twice the day i found out i miscaried because i was just completely LOST, BUT passed their damn test and they WONT GO AWAY! What are my options? Do we have to take FBSS, do we have to accept the whole “supervision bullcrap”, we are clean and sober, so if it went to court wouldnt they throw it out!??? PLEASE HELP! thank you so much, from a loving caring, GOOD parent being screwed around by CPS’s rediculousness!!!! -Candace

    • jketterman says:

      My advice is to never agree to FBS. It’s a viscious cycle that is hard to get out of. I would strongly recommend you hiring an attorney (of your choice) to shut CPS down. Unless they can prove that you have placed your 3-year old in any immediate danger, then they have no business in your family business or life. If handled properly, this case should be shut down. Good luck.

  41. Janet says:

    I have a question, if your children are removed and you have been working and doing everything the judge ordered no charges filed and you are close to getting your children back are you legally obligated to tell your case worker you are pregnant??? Please help, my daughter has been working diligently to get her kids back and she found out she is pregnant it has been 4 months and she is 5 months pregnant. Will it effect her case??? She has taken all the classes and psyc evaluations.

    • jketterman says:

      You are not legally obligated to tell anyone that you are pregnant, unless there is a court order stating otherwise. Being pregnant should not affect your daughter’s case, but unfortunately it probably will. CPS will most likely claim that she was not being responsible, etc., by getting pregnant while she had a CPS case going on. CPS may try to take her child after he/she is born. Do not let this happen unless there is a new referral called in stating that the child is in imminent danger. Sometimes CPS thinks that they can come in and immediately take the new baby. But they can’t without a new reason that places the new baby in danger.

  42. Teresa says:

    Isn’t it considered non compliance if you do not agree to FBS? Can’t they still remove your children for non compliance?

  43. Michelle says:

    Here is my very real and horrifying story. http://trueandunjust.blogspot.com/ Interestingly enough, after I contacts local news stations this morning, I received a call from CPS telling me they are closing the case, coming by this afternoon, and I can have my kids back. Hmmmm

  44. rachel says:

    I need some help. 9 years ago CPS took my 3 daughters from me. my baby’s head injury was conclusive with a fall from her crib. CPS had me jumping through so many hoops. After completing everything that they asked of me my baby’s where given to their grandmother and i was put on child support. 2 years ago my baby’s grandmother took them to Mexico without notifying the courts, child support office, and me. now I’m trying to get the child support put on hold and they keep telling me that there is nothing they can do cause the grandmother needs to be served before a judge can modify the order, but they will not go to Mexico to serve her. i want my baby’s back and the child support put on hold. please help me i don’t know what to do. I’ve recently found out that after the CPS case worker closed my case she was fired because of falsifying documents and having my children removed permenately from the home without just cause.

    • jketterman says:

      There are ways to have the grandmother served by publication. The Attorney General may not take the time, or spend the money, to do this but you certainly can file a private action and have the accomplished. As far as gettting your children back, you would again, have to file a private action against CPS. If you have had any contact with your children, it is possible that you could get them back. The problem is that they are in Mexico. There is not much that can be done if they are out of the country. You need to find a way to get them back to the states.

  45. regina p says:

    Cps came into my life in August and took my children based upon a report made by a family member. They removed them from my home and placed them with my sister, about two weeks later did a exam and found no evidence of abuse. They even had myself and the father talk to police and found nothing wrong. No one went to jail but the children were still removed and I was told that I have to go through 14 weeks of counseling . The way it is set up has taken my children out of my care for the last 5 months and they are telling me that if will be another almost 2 months before they can come home. I’m not sure what is going to happen but I’m hoping this will be over soon.

    • jketterman says:

      It sounds as though your participating in family based services, which is considered voluntary. If you want to shut it down you have every legal right to do so. Simply explain that you are no longer willing to participate. And unless your children are placed outside of your home by court order, you have every right to go get them. You may have sign a voluntary placement. If so, simply revoke it and go get your kids.

  46. Mary says:

    My husband and I have a really beautiful baby boy, he’s 6 moths old and he is in a loving and nurturing and safe home. A few weeks ago, my very cruel and backbiting cousin and I got into a tiff, and she flew into a rage saying that all she had to do was make an anonymous call to cps and have my baby boy taken from me and there would be nothing I could do about it, so I’d better watch what I say to her from now on. It was a disgusting threat and I’m afraid because my cousin is really capable of doing this, and may act on it, just to harm my family. Preemptively, is there anything I can do? CPS has knocked on my friend’s door before but she refused to let them in, they threatened her by showing up with police and claimed to have a court order and rightful entry, and she called her bluff and asked to see it, she said she didn’t have to show it, and my friend (Jessica) said she was full of it, and that there was no constitutional right for her entry. the worker even tried to elbow her way into the house!!! That’s when her husband called their lawyer right there. The CPS worker left the house and has not come back. But I’m afraid I have no access to a lawyer, and I don’t know what to do, hanging on this cliffhanger that my cousin will very likely file a false report with CPS has caused me major stress. I have seen the devastation it has caused to families I’ve been close to, who’ve had their children taken away forever over false accusations and there was nothing to be done about it.

    • jketterman says:

      Unfortunataly there is nothing that can be done to prevent a referal to CPS. If they do get a referal, they have a duty to investigate and by law, you must allow them to investigate. If CPS knocks on your door, you can tell them that you want to talk to an attorney and that you’ll get back to them. There are ways to allow CPS to do their investigation in a controlled manner that will protect your family. Bottom line…you do not have to allow them in your home unless they have a court order.

  47. Tracy Weeks says:

    First, I would like to have read this information before I got CPS involved in my family….WHAT-SO-EVER! Second, my daughter is mentally ill (17 years old) but has never been in any kind of trouble with the law, and there has never been any kind of violence (to anyone involved). the only thing she is guilty of is refusing services Magellan offered to her and refusing medication that she felt was hurting her more than helping her. On the coaching of her S/W case manager here in Arizona, I called the CPS hotline on myself………saying I was “Unable and Unwilling” to care for her. Talk about hell…..I was hoping to get additional services (with a court order) through CPS being involved…..what I got was my daughter taken away, abused by a Phoenix Police Officer, and is now still fighting along side me to bring her home to her family from A behavioral health center. (headed for a level one rtc) My daughter did run from a CPS shelter, as she said she would from the beginning, and it was a heart wrenching month before I was able to convince her to turn herself in, I can’t even say I did the right thing. She was at least able to breath fresh air and to get sunlight on the streets. I heard from her from a restricted number at least once a day letting me know she was okay, and now CPS has our calls and visits supervised (monitored) and we get 3 calls and 1 visit a week. (Unless CPS wants something from me….like to get my daughter to comply to their medications, treatments they dictate, or to just even be nice to people neither one of us can stand—-yet have no other choice but to pretend we like. The CPS case managers took this child from a Mom who has stood by her side and loved her no matter what she has done, said, or fabricated on me, and when she voluntarily turned herself in after running from a CPS shelter,(actually walking out the front door) they physically, mentally, and verbally abused her like she had never in her life experienced. So, I say….who are they protecting? Not my mentally ill child, who I will fight until I am dead to get her back home. Even though it is only a year til she is 18……I firmly believe that they only have her because she gets Social Security Survivors benefits from her deceased father……and a 30 thousand dollar trust fund waiting on her to turn 18. They have already had her SS benefits redirected to CPS….yet I have personally bought her EVERYTHING she has needed since they took her from me…clothes, shoes, hygiene items, pajamas, slippers, reading materials, (boredom being in a short term behavioral center is maddening in itself…ask anyone who works there, they are not designed for any kind of timely placement.) activity books, shampoo, conditioner, deoderant ( all without alcohol as an ingredient, try to manage that….not easy.) . In other words, she ran from the CPS shelter the first couple hours she was there…..was alone and homeless sleeping on park benches in the rain and the elements for a little over a month before I talked her into turning herself in….(at CPS’s request from me , as well as my appointed lawyer) and I did and she did….and we were tricked, misled, misinformed, and downright lied to…….made false promises and basically all around screwed. I hope other parents read this and all I can really give you as advice is this, “DO NOT TRUST ANYONE! NOT EVEN AGENCY WORKERS THAT YOU HAVE TRUSTED YEARS AND YOU CONSIDERED FRIENDS EVEN……If you want to keep or fight to have your kids taken even….no one is your friend. NO ONE……Good luck to you, as I am going through this war all on my own right now. I can’t imagine any nightmare being as scary as this reality has been for me…….thank you, Tracy

    • jketterman says:

      I’m so sorry for your troubles. I agree. There is never a good reason to get CPS involved in a family’s life. Any danger that a child in is can be rectified through the family courts.

  48. Kelley Smith says:

    I have a question I hope someone can help. My granddaughter was born January 8, 2013. The mother is 18 and my stepson is 20. Well, first they are in Louisiana, the mother and baby were supposed to leave the hospital on Friday the 11th. Well instead the mother went home and the baby was taken away (by the hospital) and given to child services; she has been placed in a foster home and we have to go to court on Monday. The hospital will not release any information to any of us. Under what grounds could the hospital do such a thing. I know they can but under what grounds can they do this. I am in fear of not seeing my grandbaby. Thank you for any help regarding this matter.

    • jketterman says:

      It sounds as though child protective services has already gained temporary custody of the baby. It is not the hospital that has taken the baby away. The hospital (or someone there) had to have made a referal to CPS. An invesigator then comes and makes an initial assessment based on the report. If they feel that it is necessary, they can then go to a judge and get an emergency order on a temporary basis giving the agency temorary custody of the child. Under these circumstances, the hospital will not give you any information. The parents should get notice of the emergency order and notice of a court date to fight the allegations. At this time, any family members that are willing to step forward should do so. Good luck.

  49. Dawn says:

    I have lose my son because his father drink a lot and he comes after me in front of my son.there are times I call the cops and it didn’t help.it made things worst.i lost my son and I hade 2 weeks to get my son back.and now I have to start over.where is justice in that.will I ever get my son back.
    What should I do.

    • jketterman says:

      It’s unfair that CPS punishes mothers who are abused. But they do under the pretense that you are placing your child in a dangerous sitation by not leaving the abuse. If the baby’s father is abusing you, the simply answer is to leave him. If he isn’t and you want to fight for your relationship with him and your son, then you have no choice but to get an attorney and fight the system. Unless your son has been abused or neglected, then you have reason to fight.

  50. jenevive salinas says:

    My case worker recently asked me, word for word ” did u have an abortion??”
    My question is do they have a right to be so forward? do they have a right to know? and can they be repremanded by their supervisors for such an offense??

    • jketterman says:

      Sure, they can be that forward. No, they do not have a right to know. Whether you had an abortion, or not, is your business, not the governments. You can certainly complain to the caseworker’s supervisor, but I doubt that it will get you anywhere. I would simply refuse to answer and then let it go.

  51. CANDACE says:

    @JKETTERMAN.. My family is being targeted by CPS. When they first came to my home I was terrified so I let them in and answered all the questions asked. Even let them take pictures of my son. They asked to drug test so we did, I passed, my boyfriend failed for marijuana. Now they are saying that my boyfriend is neglecting our son. My boyfriend is aleady taking NA meetings for his P.O and were taking family counseling and parenting classes. Whats next? What should I expect to happen from here? Please help.

  52. Ann says:

    my children were taken from me may 2012 because while i was at work they say my now ex husband(not by choice, but by force of cps)) neglected our daughter. I got them back in october 2012. i have been doing every thing they tell me to. Well yesterday my caseworker came for a visit yelling at me all the way from the porch up into my house that i was a liar and she knows my ex has been here and that we are in a serious relationship again, she said she recieved a phone call from a reliable source, but would not give a name. well he hasn’t been here at all because i don’t want to loose my kids again, so i just stared at her furious denying the allegations as politely as i could, i have done everything these people told me to do. She then insisted on questioning my 6 year old son(who has autism) about it. He told her that we do not talk about my ex in our hosue, which is what i told him from day one when they came home and he was asking where his best friend was… it hurts to much to try and answer his questions so i told him we don’t talk about him. Well he told her that i told him not to talk about him when she was grilling him for 30 minutes in his room alone(he told me what happened when she left). Now i’m wondering if she’s going to turn that around, i don’t know because she was nicer to me when she came out of talking to him and left, i figured if i was in trouble for anything she would have stayed or taken them again right then and there, am i wrong?. Should i call her supervisor today and complain? Can i request that any other interactions with my disabled son have my attorney present.(yes i shelled out 1500 for an attorney when this whole thing started). My son gets SSI for his disability and i know thats why she’s targeting us…. as my lawyer said to me when this whole thing started, it’s all about money.

    • jketterman says:

      I would make sure that your attorney is present during all of your meetings with the caseworker. I would also make sure that all of the communications between CPS and you go through your attorney. You paid your attorney to protect you; make your attorney do his/her job. You can also ask that your son’s attorney ad litem be present when CPS talks with him, especially because of his autism. If you feel that the caseworker did something wrong, you certainly have a right to complain to her supervisor. But I would not do it by calling. It is much safer to complain in writing. Write a clear and concise letter stating exactly what happen and how you feel that you were wronged. Keep a copy for your records. Send a copy to the caseworker, her supervisor and your attorney. Good luck.

  53. Aamanda says:

    My daughter is 9 & I have had ongoing issues with her since she was about 5 with lies, stealing and she had repeated the 3rd grade. I have been married for almost a year and a half and a single mother since before then. Since my husband has been around it has been easier to enforce rules an guidelines on our home. Her father has been in and out of her life and known to break lots of promises to her. Anyhow she has always asked to live with her dad but it was not possible since he lives with his girlfriends parents as works 6 days a week. Anyhow my daughter made an accusation that my husband chocked her and has been abuse to her and myself. Be mindful that my husband has custody of his son who is 10 and lives in the same home. Anyhow her father took her from my mothers house and filed a cps report (2 week after the a ligation was made) this also comes a month after his child support had been doubled bc he had never gotten an increase. Since then cps could not find any physical evidence relating to abuse but claim bc my daughter says she got chocked that she is not safe and recommends us to fbbs and temporarily allowing her to love with her father, who works to much so she is actually with his parents. They also gave me supervised visits and told me today the process will take a minimum of 3 months. I am upset that it feels like a 9 year old has basically played the system bc she wants to live with her dad and now we have CPS to deal with another 3 months. While her father is unstable and cannot care properly for her. He also has asked each week for his child support to be taken off, she has been there 3 weeks. This is just a mess.

    • jketterman says:

      It does sound like a mess. I’m sorry that you’re going through this. It sounds as though your daughter needs therapy. If she is lying, it will come out with the therapist. I would also have your current husband take a polygraph to prove that he did not choke her. You do not have to agree to participate in FBSS. You can force CPS’s hand. Force them to file a suit, if they have enough evidence against you, or to drop the case, if they don’t.

  54. sal says:

    How would CPS INVESTIGATE a case that involves a false accusation of a 13 year old boy demanding is two younger cousins to touch each others private parts ??

  55. Ashley says:

    So i have a question if you can help. Back in 2008 an accident occurred in my home. My children were taken from the home. Since the accident occurred on a military post, criminal charges were brought against me. My CPS worker was actually on my side. Unfortunately, due to the criminal charges i had to relinquish. Are they done with us. Ha ve wrights to my children. Fast forwarding, i recently had a baby. I was told that cps wouldn’t intervene since i relinquished rights. Before we left the hospital we were pretty much forced to sign a safety plan since we wanted our baby with us. For the first week they dropped in unannounced, usually late in the evening. They rarely snswered phone calls and never returned them. We havent heard anything for four months. No calls, no visits, no mail. Our baby is in our custody. I was under the impression that some kind of paperwork would be mailed to us within thirty days but we have heard nothing. Are they done with us? Or are we jyst lost in the system? When can we move on with our lives?

  56. tammy says:

    Good information I know Cps has a job to do but when people call Cps because another family member calls them on you because you did something to make them mad its a shame that people lives are uprooted because of flat out lies and Cps comes in making demands. They need to look into the people making the calls what a waste of money.

  57. CHYANN says:


    • jketterman says:

      CPS will need a new referral for this child. They can not just come in and take this child without a new and independent reason. If they do have a new referral, the can use that fact that you were previously terminated (if it was involuntary) as a termination ground. If you relinquished your rights to your other child(ren) then they can not use that against you with this new baby.

  58. Tracy Denise Sena says:

    My grandson was in the bathtub and he drowned but my daughter in law gave him CPR, he is absolutely fine. Cps got involved and made them do a hair follicle test, they have not done drugs in months, are amazing parent’s. All four of there.children are very healthy, clean, Fed and my son has a good job but they are stating the parents have to leave the home. The caseworker informed me there is not a hearing because they aren’t trying to take custody. These children will be more harmed by the removal of there parents. They just moved to Lubbock from newMexico and don’t know anyone, have no where to go. Please please give advice. We are desperate to know there rights. Thank you

    • jketterman says:

      CPS is wanting the family to do Family Based Safety Services (FBSS). This is where CPS does not take official custody of the children but has them placed with a family member or a friend. During this time the parents are asked to do various services. If the parents successfully complete all of the services then the case is closed and the children are returned. I do not recommend FBSS for several reasons: 1. There is no time limit. CPS can remain in the families life indefinitely. 2. There are no checks and balances. There is no one to watch over CPS to determine if they are treating the family fairly. 3. If the parents do not successfully complete the services (successfully defined by CPS) then they will go forward with a legal case anyway and the family will then be split up for even longer 4. The children do not have any one (an attorney ad litem or a guardian ad litem) to watch out for what is in their best interest.

      The parents need to get an attorney in the area that is familiar with CPS to defend and protect their rights as well as the rights of the children.

  59. Michelle says:

    Hi Jketterman,
    I have a question
    My brother in law and his gf are being investigated by CPS. They are trying to take the 3yr old and the 3 week old, which is a preemie, born at 7months gestation and won’t be discharged until December 6th. My brother in law lives with his mom and his sister and her 2 kids, well now with this CPS case on him, he’s saying that the gf lives there also. Once baby comes home its going to be 4 adults and 4 kids in a 4 bedroom house. So my question is can the sister be at risk of her being investigated because of the case he has ongoing or is it just him and her under investigation? Is the whole household taken into account in the investigation or just the individuals in question? How do the kids to adults and bedroom ratio work here in Houston, Texas? I would greatly appreciate any advice thanks.

    • jketterman says:

      It appears that it is only your brother in law who is being investigated. The sister should be safe. However, CPS will have the right to come in to the home where he lives. If they happen to see something that causes them concern — as to the sister – they can easily open an investigation on her as well. The size of the home shouldn’t matter. As long as each of the children have a safe place to sleep all should be fine. Let me know if you have any further questions. Good luck.

  60. amanda says:

    Someone called cps on my family. They came to my residence while noone was home & left a # to call asap. This was Friday it is now Tuesday & they have not assigned a caseworker! So how are my children in danger? They don’t seem too concerned.

    • jketterman says:

      It doesn’t sound like your children are in danger of an emergency removal. If the caseworker only left a card then the referral is most likely a priority three — meaning that it’s not terribly serious. I would call the investigator and see what he/she has to say. Let me know and I can guide you in the right direction. Good luck.

  61. jen says:

    I know you have the right to not let the investigator in, but my question is if i allowed her to come in , talk with my kids, i volunteered to take a drug test “passed”, she supported the case….do I have to let the social worker in when she comes to try and make a service plan? Will i regret not letting her in?

    • jen says:

      please help? they were just at my door.

      • jketterman says:

        You do not have to let anyone in your home without a warrant or a court order. You do, however, have to cooperate in the CPS investigation. Please contact an attorney for guidance.

    • jketterman says:

      You do not have to let anyone in your home without a warrant or a court order. I never recommend family based services. And it sounds like that is what CPS is wanting you to do. I would be very careful before signing any service plan without an attorney reviewing it. And yes, I believe that you will regret letting her in.

  62. Bill says:

    Thank you for this. I only wish we knew of this months ago. Life has been made a living hell by a rogue CPS worker. We have been put in the fight of our lives and its really put in perspective how little our problems were before. I would really appreciate if you would email me jketterman. I have a million questions and we need help, all the help we can get. Even if you can’t, I’d like to point out to anyone who doubts her stance on this. This is all true. This is reality for far too many people. Take this seriously and don’t judge. Learn it before its too late. Some people may fall into a grey area but some are completely innocent. Neither deserves their kid to be taken away. If you worry that this site protects abusers you are wrong. It is far easier to close a case on a true child abuser than it is to create a case against the innocent. Hold CPS accountable and make sure they are using their time to protect children instead of insulting, threatening, bullying and stalking good families until they break. If you are in my shoes, don’t break, don’t let the feelings of powerlessness win out. I wish the best of luck to anyone going through anything similar to what my family has been cast into.

  63. Josefa Marin says:

    I had a question. My sister went to the hospital do to a Kidney infection the found drugs in her system they said the want to call cps on but her daughter lives with my grandparents. Is that possible I thought its confidential? Can u help me with an answer pleas

    • jketterman says:

      There should be no reason to call CPS unless CPS can prove that you sister did drugs in the presence of her children in a manner that put them in danger. Unless the children were actually in her care at the hospital, there would be no reason to contact CPS. If they did, and the children were not with her, then it sounds like a HIIPA violation.

  64. Alex says:

    I have a question for you. Here’s my story: We are going through this with our family of whom we recently got custody of my 2 children after a 2 year custody battle due to my ex leaving the kids in a drug and alcohol related environment. Right after we gained custody of them DCFS was called on us (we live in IL) and we still don’t know by who, but possibly by my ex. They only told us the bare minimum, that it was basically abuse and neglect and we never received a report. They forced their way in after beating on the door for over an hour so I could drive home because my wife was petrified and didn’t know who was at the door and didn’t want to answer. They insisted on questioning all FIVE of my children, even though this case only involved my TWO biological children. This case came back unfounded a couple of months ago and we thought all was in the clear until recently when the same thing happened again. They barged into our lives yet again and were very nasty this time and rude. They interrogated all FIVE of my children, including my step children AGAIN, against our will. She even said at the beginning that she only needed to speak to my two children, then changed her mind halfway through and insisted that she had to speak to all of the kids. All of my kids are traumatized from these encounters and hate it. She said she was going to call the cops and she would hunt us down at school at church, wherever we are, she didn’t care where we are to find us and talk to every last one of us until she was done and she didn’t care if she interrupted our lives. She came in riding on her high horse threatening to call the police and told us we couldn’t go where we were going because we were walking out the door and threatened if we did leave that she would just call the police and have us arrested. She said if my wife was going to be “hostile” in her speaking manner towards her that she would call the police and have them come “handle” her too if that’s what I wanted. We were merely quite upset that she was barging into our life yet again and traumatizing our kids lives as well, stressing us and creating an environment of fear in my tranquil home, a place of peace we have created for our family, which is no longer that place for them anymore due to DCFS. I’m never going to be happy about them invading my home, and I’m not ever going to smile at them, but I have never NOT cooperated with them, so I don’t understand why all the threats towards us and all the hostility and attitude towards us and accusations. I can’t believe all the times she said we had done what we were accused of doing and we had abused and/or neglected our children, they just hadn’t found a way to prove it yet, otherwise, she wouldn’t be there on that day! The nerve of this lady! We have full custody of both my children and my wife’s children, all five of them. Not many dads can say the courts gave them custody of their kids, after a long 2 year battle, I won it fair and square and our family is one big happy family. We have our ups and downs, but we all love where we are at and we all want to be here with each other. The only thing I can think of that sounds fishy is that my daughter told me the other day her mom thinks that they (meaning my kids) are scared of me). This is no news to me because my ex has always been saying that stuff to me “don’t scare the kids” “don’t take this out on the kids” blah blah blah, when really she’s the one who is always abusing the kids and scaring them to death and using them as pawns against me. She manipulates the kids all the time to make them think they are scared of me. My daughter was laughing when she told me that and said “we’re not scared of you daddy!” My ex just loves to play head games with my kids. Also, we just took my daughter out of school to homeschool her because she has been having some problems in school and really wanted to come home and all of our family and the teachers and the principal at the school all agreed it was best to homeschool her for awhile. Ironically DCFS came the very next day! And my ex was flipping out on me, yelling and screaming at me and sending me letters from her attorney saying she was going to take me back to court if I didn’t put our daughter back in school the next school day. All I know is she hates me and my wife and I’m pretty sure she’s the one who called on us because she would be the only person bogus enough to do something like this with absolutely no evidence whatsoever. We have a lot of people in our lives who support us and love us. I could make a list a mile long of character witnesses for my wife and I. Anyway, that’s my story. The DCFS social worker this time as well refused to tell us what the accusations were against us or who our accuser was as usual. So my question to you is, how can we get these reports and find out what the actual accusations are? And another question is, what do we do now? I mean are our lives destined to be entrenched in this whirlwind of DCFS hell forever now that we have started down this path? We have no money for an attorney. We’ve had to pay for the custody battle, still are, and before that I had to pay for my entire divorce, including my ex’s half because she refused to pay for anything, plus my ex never pays a dime for our kids ever, no child support, nothing, not a day in her life, so we are always broke. So if we had to get an attorney, we would be out of luck. Thank you so much for your post and I’d appreciate any advice you can give.

    • jketterman says:

      Illinois law is different than Texas law. So the advice that I give you is based on Texas law only. However, the Agency (CPS) is governed and funded by the federal government so many of the policies and procedures from state to state are very similar. First you should know that Illinois CPS removes more children, per capita, than any other state. Texas is in second place..

      The investigator has a duty to tell you what the allegations are. If she refuses, you need to contact her supervisor. The reporter, however, will always remain confidential.

      Keep a journal of all of your CPS contacts. Eventually they will see that the referrals are false allegations is you keep good records.

      Good Luck.

  65. Debby Borchers says:

    I’m going through this right now.. my severely autistic daughter was brought to me for a visit ( she went to live with her dad a year ago due to a herniated disk in my neck).. she was covered in bruises and had circular scar looking areas on her hands and palms.. i took her to be checked out by dr the next morning because i just had a very bad feeling that something was wrong in my ex’s house.. my daughter is non verbal so cannot tell me what happened.. she was transferred to another hospital because there is a child advocate dr there and i wanted time to be able to acquire an emergency hearing for child endangerment/order of protection and bring her home with me where her dad could not pick her up.. well that didn’t happen.. went to the other hospital and from then on i have been denied access to her.. left hanging with NO answers.. today is day 7 that i have not seen my daughter and no idea where she is.. i’m beside myself and i know she has to be so confused about what is going on and where i am.. tomorrow i have an emergency order of protection hearing and not sure what is going to happen.. I’m scared, confused and frustrated all at once because i just want my little girl home safe with me and don’t understand how it went from dcfs telling me to get an order of protection to not allowing me access at all.. i don’t get it!

    • jketterman says:

      Unfortunately this happens more than not. Parents go to hospitals, doctors and even CPS asking for help. Then everything backfires. It sounds like what has happened is that they have removed your daughter from both you and your ex. Since your daughter is non verbal, they have no choice but to consider both of you as alleged perpetrators. I know, it doesn’t seem fair.

      You will have to fight within the court system to prove that you are not the cause of your daughter’s bruises. If you do not have the funds to hire an attorney, please as the court to appoint an attorney for you. It is simply too dangerous to try to fight CPS on your own.

      Good luck.

  66. Brittany says:

    My ex-boyfriend and I were at a park one day and got caught with weed. When we got searched they found heroin on my ex (the reason I left him) dcfs was called because my son was there so my ex could see him. When I found out he had heroin on him I kept my son from him. I was found unfounded he was told he had to take drug treatment classes which meant three or four days a week for three hours plus random drug screening. I kept my son away but kept in close contact to make sure he was doing good and going to his classes he said he was i met him a few times without my son he wasn’t high so I believed him. Eventually I let him watch our son once in a great while if I had to work and didn’t have another babysitter, but the deal was he wasn’t to go anywhere with our son. He stayed with both his parents who helped with our son so I wad okay with my son having his father back in his life.unfortunately one day I was working he was watching our son and left with him and got into a car accident. He blacked out and was taken to the hospital with my son.my son was fine thank God but DCFs was called to the hospital because the police read my x his rights and took his blood and heroin in it. My ex swears he didn’t do any the day he was with my son he did some the day before but dcfs told me at the hospital that since I left my child in the care of his father knowing he was on herion they are indicating me for neglect, and if I didn’t take services from then they are taking my son. How can they do that I would of never left my son if I had known he wasn’t clean. So I agreed to let a come to my house once a week. I need help I have no money and she’s coming tomorrow at 9am should I let them in should I tell them to go screw their selves please please please help me!!!

    • jketterman says:

      The bad news is that you did allow your son to be with your ex — knowing that he has drug problems. I know it doesn’t seem fair. But once you know that a spouse, paramour or relative has a drinking or drug problem, you simply cannot leave a child alone with that person unless you can prove that the person is clean — through a drug test. Otherwise, you can be guilty of the abuse or neglect by omission. This simply means that your bad choices or failure to act did not protect your child. As the mother, you are ultimately responsible for your child’s safety.

  67. mad in montana says:

    last night somebody called cps on me and said my children were home alone. the cops kicked down my door and brought a cps worker. i told them me and my husband were at the bar and the kids were were with a babysitter. the babysitter was my mother and she has an active warrant. they demanded to know who the babysitter was and i then refused to talk to them. the whole thing was stuipid. they then released my children to the custody of my aunt and gave us a present danger plan. in it it states the present danger was that i was intoxicated. im not even allowed to be with my children alone. there is no court order right now. after talking to my mom she wants to go to the meeting on monday with me to prove she was my babysitter. the only problem is that i have thc in my system. can i refuse a drug screen if they ask me to take one? i mean really, they have to leave me alone after this meeting right? and what are my righta rignt now?

    • jketterman says:

      First, you probably should have told them who your kids were with. It’s more important to prove that you did not leave your children alone. Your mother is an adult and can certainly take care of herself. I would let your mother go with you and explain that she did, in fact, have your kids.

      Based on what you’ve stated, it doesn’t appear that CPS has grounds to keep you from your kids. Being intoxicated is not a crime. And it should not be a problem unless your intoxication has somehow put your children in danger.

      Yes, you can refuse drug testing. Certainly refuse is it is simply a mouth swab — they are not scientifically reliable, nor are they admissible in court.

      They should leave you alone after the meeting if your mother goes with you and explains the situation as it was that night. But most likely, it won’t be over that easily.

      Your rights are that you do have to cooperate with the investigation; but you have the right to counsel before doing anything or agreeing to anything. Remember, you have a fundamental, constitutional right to parent your children.

  68. Paul says:

    Geez , verbal recognition is not very good. This ordeal started with my 13 year old. She has been getting in a lot of trouble and has been grounded etc. Somehow cps received a report of abuse. She was interviewed at my mothers and she said she only gets spanked, 16 yr old daughter said the same thing a couple weeks later. 3 weeks later unknowingly he went to interview my 6 yr old at school. I don’t talk to these people because I read ur posts here. I was expecting important call today and I mistakenly spoke with cps officer. I told him to leave me alone. And that nobody is being abused in any form. Then he tells me my 6 yr old said her mom punches her in the head. I said she is never punchedd in any way ever. He told me since I don’t cooperate with him he is filing with district attorney. I asked my daughter if her mom did that and she said no. I said why did u say that and she replied he kept asking a bunch a questions. Now the cps guy said he was going to send certified letter to meet with him. Should i go or not?

    • jketterman says:

      You need to go; but you need to have an attorney with you. It’s very difficult to navigate these meetings without knowing what is going on. If you choose to go without an attorney, try to say as little as possible, document what is being said and record the meeting if possible. Good luck.

  69. Paul says:

    My 16 year old said she wasn’t abused just like my 14 yr old said.

  70. Kaitlyn Paradiso says:

    Aren’t you supposed to cite your source if it isn’t your original work? They taught me that in middle school. I went and took liberty to cite it for you in Modern Language Association (MLA) format (also taught in middle school).

    Chris Branson, . N.p.. Web. 6 Feb 2014. .

    The link to the ORIGINAL text is here:

    • jketterman says:

      I work closely with Chris Branson. I know him well. I started practicing CPS defense long before Chris did. And I have used this language for many, many years. It’s quite possible that Chris used some of my words. Everything that I have written is most definitely my own work therefore there is no need to cite it. But thank you for making a complete fool out of yourself. Next time, contact me first and I will be happy to talk to you about what I write. It’s never good to make false allegations…..

  71. charlotte says:

    My daughter was remove from our home my neighbor had her sister call cps because my daughter had fallin out the window when my neighbor open the window and didn’t close it she was trying to be with my boyfriend at the time i never harm my daughter i would always take my daughter to all her appointments she’s up to date on her shots i have done everything they asked and they still want to place my daughter for adoption by a family member or fictive kin i have passed all drug testing i’m trying to get the goal to change

    • jketterman says:

      If you do not have an attorney, you need to get one. If you can not afford to hire an attorney, you need to ask the court to appoint an attorney for you.

      If you have done all of your services you should fight to get your daughter back; make CPS and the judge listen. Don’t agree to anything and ask for a jury trial; not a bench trial.

  72. charlotte says:

    A child was taken away from a friend of mine because a house was dirty in the state of Texas

    (Houston), shes had kids taken from her before because of her ex husband and drugs, she has

    been clean for 4 years (they did a hair test she passed) and has not gotten in any trouble

    with the law. she got her house cleaned and fixed up. The call came because the child fell

    out an open window in a trailer house. CPS wants her to do assessments of drugs and

    counseling. But CPS said that their main 2 goals are family adoption and outside adoption.

    she had everything up to date on the child’s medical check ups and teeth.My questions are


    1. If they want her to have her kid adopted out, why are they asking her to do these


    2. What are her chances of getting her back after completing everything they want in a years


    3.Is it known to happen that if CPS wants to have the kid adopted out, that it usually and

    or sometimes don’t go that way, and they allow the child to come back home?

    4. She had a room mate or boyfriend, would he be able to get her some how?

    Please help with any information you can help with would really help her please!! Thank you.

    serious answers only please please please !! thank you again!!

    • jketterman says:

      CPS has to offer the mother services. They also ask her to do services because if she fails to complete the court ordered services then that alone can be a ground for termination of parental rights.

      If she completes her services she has a much better chance at getting her kids back. But it will still be an uphill battle. CPS is not easy to fight.

      If CPS wants to adopt the children out, they will

      If mom doesn’t have family to place the children with, she needs to give CPS names of friends that might be possible placements.

  73. Anita says:

    I found this website and it is interesting. I wish I would have been home when the CPS came and removed my grandson. They were the “Temporary custody” . They came to the door with police and my mother was intimidated by that and let them in. They took him cuz they said the room was dangerous. I was at a doctor appt. They had placed him with me since my daughter gave up her rights. She thought she was signing him over to me like the other two. I have them but not the baby. He is 1. The caseworker says she is going to call but doesnt and she doesnt answer unless I go find another phone number she doesnt recogonize. I have a family lawyer but I am on disability. I am getting income tax to pay for the lawyer. This is such a long story I wish I had someone to talk to. I just feel like something is going on and they are not telling me anything. I want to adopt him.

    • jketterman says:

      Make sure your attorney knows that you want to adopt. As a grandparent, and one who has had possession on the child, you have the right to fight. Don’t give up.

  74. We had our grandson taken away in 2008. The Alaska Office of Children’s Services told us that we abused our grandson by not feeding him for a day and a half, that he had an incurable disease called CPT-1a. We fought for him, but lost. The Ak. OCS adopted him out without our knowledge or consent, then they had the balls to tell us that our grandson was cured of his incurable disease, they called it a miracle, now they have the rest of our children (4) in their custody under false allegations of abuse again. We only have until the end of this month to stop a termination of parental rights, then they will adopt our children out to strangers again! They also gave our children vaccines that we have been avoiding ever since I found that these vaccines are not good for anyone. Yes, they gave them these vaccines without our consent or approval, in fact, we told them not to vaccinate our children. Not only did they vaccinate our children, they are drugging them “to calm them down”, they say that one of our boys was diagnosed by the OCS doctors as having seizures. Our boy does not and never had seizures, he has a speech impediment that he will outgrow, like our oldest son outgrew…may all of you who lost your children to these criminal have your day in court, they won’t let anyone have their day in court, as they did to us. I am happy though, that we recorded all the hearings…I know I am missing a lot of information. My wife and I were tazed by the same trooper for no reason. I am 60 and my wife is 51. The trooper who tazed us never told the truth about the arrest, making false report and never mentioned the tazing of my wife in his report. oh, ther is a lot more…good for now. Thank you all for supporting each other, may you all be vindicated.

  75. melani says:

    I have a question? My 11 yr old daughter was just made ward of the state. It makes no sense to me because cps came to my house because my x husband asulted my 9 yr old son. And the theripst reported it. I don’t allow my x around no more but anyways cps told me to do voluntary therapy from home the lady was pushing to have my daughter sent to boys town the office that was called to my home for NY daughter throwing shoes at me said their wasn’t enough paper trail to make her wars of the state then a week later the social worker shows up with a court paper that said she was temparoy state ward. Um freaking out and need to know if I have any options? Thanks.

  76. Jessie says:

    This article disgusts me. The only reason i even clicked it was the title! “…if CPS “TARGETS” your family”. They make it sound like child protective agents and social workers just go around looking for people to “pick on”. The only reason DCF/CPS will find a reason to take your children is if there is a legitimate reason. Did you know it is illegal to have cleaning products unlocked where a child can reach. For example having a bottle of spray bleach under your bathroom sink with out some form of child proofing that would prevent a child from being able to open the cabinet. It can be considered endangerment, reckless endangerment, even neglect. Although it may not seem that serious there are reasons for it. Why does the coffee cup you get from McDonalds say “CAUTION: HOT”? To prevent injury. Yes, coffee is hot. But without that warning label your not preventing injury. If your not preventing injury your allowing it to happen.

    Secondly, You cannot hate or discriminate against social workers/CPS investigators/ DCF workers just because of their job title. That is their job. That is how they feed their own children. Some of the nicest and most caring people out there are social worker/investigators. They didn’t go into this field because they hate kids. they didnt spend thousands of dollars earning their baccalaureates degrees, masters degrees and PhD’s because they hate children. They do it because they only want to see children have have the best and grow up in the best environment. They only have the interest of the child at heart. Also, social workers/investigators damn sure don’t do it for the money.

    This article was clearly written by someone with a bias for CPS/social workers. Also look at this site its written on: houstontexascpslawyer.com

    In the article it uses and I quote “fighting CPS”. This person is a lawyer who is only trying to gain publicity/buisness for their law firm. CPS workers may not make very much money protecting innocent children. But, lawyers sure make pretty good money defending the people who have abused or neglected their children. I’m not saying all accused parties are guilty but 9 times out of 10 theres a reason people are accused of putting their children in harms way. Plus, a lawyer takes a persons side no matter what all their interested in is their paycheck.

    Written from experience.

    • jketterman says:

      CPS caseworkers and investigators do not have masters degrees or PhDs. I wish they did. I agree that CPS has a job to do. They’re are abused and neglected children that need help. But there are also angry ex spouses, angry ex paramours, angry and bitter parents and in laws, nosy neighbors, etc. Sometimes cps is called out of revenge. My purpose is to help those individuals who have been unfairly targeted. It’s important that EVERYONE knows what their rights are. This is still America. The constitution still applies…even to CPS. Every parent has a fundamental, constitutional right to parent their child without interference from our Government. If a child is really being abused and/or neglected then yes…do what needs to be done to protect that child. Otherwise, CPS needs to remember what their original purpose was at it’s inception in the 1950’s: to provide help and support to families in need. Their purpose now: to punish the poor, the uneducated, and those who can’t afford to fight. My goal is to arm every parent and grandparent with knowledge. And I will continue to write until I’m no longer needed.

  77. AnonC says:

    I wish my husband had read this information. A DCFS investigator’s knock woke us up late last month. He went to the door, let them in and began speaking with them. By that point, the damage was done. The allegations are outrageous and unfounded, but somehow I feel as if the final determination won’t be on our side. It seems as if DCFS will take any opportunity to come into your home and find a reason to “indicate” you for anything.

    No one is a perfect parent, no one has a spotless home 24/7, no one has perpetually happy children. Sometimes you yell and/or say things you shouldn’t; the house can degrade into chaos; children express displeasure and blow situations out of proportion. They use reports, however outrageous, to get their foot in the door to trump up problems.

    There should also be a better system in place for accused parents to seek recourse against those who make false claims. This encounter isn’t yet done, and is causing sleepless nights and emotional distress. Knowing “it’s a crime” and that one can “request an investigation” doesn’t do much good.

    • jketterman says:

      I agree with everything you said. The problem is that many, many of CPS investigators and caseworkers don’t even have children. They simply don’t know the reality of having children.

  78. SGT Huckabey, Forrest says:

    Hello, well I am actually in Afghanistan at the time. As soon as I got on the enet today to talk to my wife she tells me first thing “CPS is here and someone called and said I left the kids alone to drive to the store”. I had no knowledge of how CPS works but I have seen plenty of cops and military personnel work and I have learned they do not like to be wrong and will do anything they can to be right, so I was immediately weary of the situation. 1 because who opens a case on something this minor. 2 my wife would NEVER leave our boys alone, we have 3 and one is 6 months old. 3 we don’t have any enemies, everyone likes both of us. 4 I am in Afghanistan. well as the situation developed I was very persistent on my wife telling me everything and all I wanted to do was to tell her to tell this cps agent to leave, all he has is a very small speculation. she did as I asked and told him to leave and he returned with a police officer which I told her I felt better about having a police officer there instead of just him so he could twist her words any way he wants. Before the police officer was there the agent tried to get inside and I became furious (understand I am in Afghanistan and have no way of controlling the situation and someone is trying to harm my family and I am not there to prevent it) so I was intent on her telling him to leave even without her answering any questions of his and to get a lawyer there or talk to one on the phone, she did not, she answered his questions but never let him inside the house as I was very intent on him not going in! I may have even cursed at her telling her not to let him inside, We have nothing to hide, but I felt my wifes privacy and constitutional rights were being violated and I was not there to protect her and from the complaint I was very fishy on the agent, also it is embarrassing to me and my family to have a cop in front of our yard with a cps agent there. She did not let him in but did cooperate with him, which I did not want her to do bc I didn’t want him twisting her words around which he did try doing when she asked about who filed the complaint he answered back “why do you want to know, are you saying you ARE guilty” which is exactly why I did not want her even saying a single word to him. She allowed him to talk to our 5 year old which I also told her not to let him do, and of course he is 5 and the agent is manipulative, and asked him if he knew her phone # and he does bc I am in the military I am very persistent on having my 5 year old know this kind of stuff in case of an emergency, and the case worker took that as in he knows it bc she leaves him alone. after that My wife answered his questions and when he was done once again tried to get inside the house and I again told my wife to tell him to leave. once she did that he said that he is done and will have to return Monday for a follow up at 1000 am. and that there is a 30 investigation now. I do not feel like there should be any kind of investigation, especially since I know 100% that my wife is innocent, and if anything I would rather sue this arrogant prick for harassment and embarrassment in our own neighborhood. also I believe it could be possible that there wasn’t even a phone call placed as to we are liked by everyone. I am working on building one of the most stable households possible for my kids and wife, I believe family is everything in life and I do not want something like this in it at all!

    • jketterman says:

      She needs to get an attorney to help her get this investigation shut down. It’s almost impossible to do without an attorney. Your wife does need to let CPS do it’s investigation. She could get in more trouble for not allowing it. But it needs to be done in a controlled manner. CPS will take advantage without proper representation. I understand that you and your family is liked by everyone. But CPS can’t interfere in a family without a referral. Someone had to call them. Unfortunately you’ll never know who called; that information is confidential. Let me know if I can be of any further help.

  79. SGT Huckabey, Forrest says:

    I am sorry I accidentally posted my comment before I was finished.

    With all of my last comment being said and I am sorry for jumping all over the place in the story, but I just feel like the whole situation is very fishy and I worry a lot being over here in Afghanistan about my wife and family being preyed up. Who knows who this Agent could be. Agent or not after the BTK killer nobody can be overlooked. I may be being a little dramatic but my family is everything to me. I feel like my wife’s privacy has been crossed and that our family has been embarrassed for no reason at all. And an illegitimate investigation is being opened on our family. We have no history of anything, EVER. The good thing for my family is that this CPS guy picked the wrong family to try this on, bc I am willing to for one end his battle with us, and two counter him and stop this from happening to any other families. I guess what I am asking is what should I do from here? I appreciate all the information you have already given me with just this site!

  80. Dessiree says:

    I’ve been falsely accused of neglecting and abusing my son and he was taken away from me in the hospital where I could not give an explanation to his injury because I was not home at the time and now I am to go to trial April 9th so they can determine if he is dependent or not. My main concern at this point is that I do not have the right lawyer fit to defend me. He has told me the only way. I’m getting my son back is to do all the services that they are asking me to do and that I don’t need to go to trial that it is a waste of time..? I am going to trial but I’m afraid he isn’t here to defend me but to help cps?

    • jketterman says:

      That’s a legitimate concern. Unfortunately, many of the court appointed attorneys around Texas don’t fight for their clients the way they should. If you want to go to trial then stick to your guns and make it happen. Good luck.

  81. Kristin says:

    I have been involved with CPS for about 8 months now, following the birth of my baby. I was smoking marijuana during my pregnancy in an attempt to manage a pregnancy related medical condition. My husband and I have passed several drug tests since then and been told twice that our case would be closed, only to be texted two weeks later that it would not be closed after all. What rights do we have at this point? If we were to move what would happen?

    • jketterman says:

      You have a right to refuse anymore services and drug tests. Tell CPS that if they believe that they have a case to take it to court. If you’re not under a court order, you can move. But keep in mind that they will note in the state wide system that you moved away without completing services and before your case was closed. This, of course, won’t matter if CPS is never called on your family again. But if they are it will be a strike against you.

  82. There is one more piece of good advice you left off this article: DOCUMENT EVERYTHING! Today, most everyone has some recording device at thier fingertips(a cell phone). It is very easy to have record or film going when you answer the door. Or, with every conversation, you inform them that you are recording. They will, of course, request you turn off the device. Here’s how you get around this. Before stepping into a meeting, set your phone to record, in your pocket. Then take a pad of paper and pen and tell them you are “recording” the meeting for your documentation. They will assume you mean you’re writing down only. Do this for ALL encounters as well as taping. You never know how valuable this record will be! Document everything!

  83. carolina says:

    Someone called cps and said I was using meth. I think it was a mad family member. after all of the stories ihave read. I plan on refusing to be tested. The allegations were only made against me. Not my spouse. If I refuse do they hsve tohave some sort of evidence beside hear say?

  84. marcela deleon says:

    So my sister called cps. And told them I was taking xanax, cocaine and marijuana. I am guilty. I smoked marijuana about a month ago (My daughter was no where near) the.cocaine was during New year’s (once again my daughter was no where near) and as for the xanax I did take one . This was all a month ago. My sister ended up taking my daughter (without cps involvement , basically illegally) I started drug classes. My sister wanted me to sign papers saying that my daughter could stay with her, I refused so she called cps. Btw I take 2 drug tests a week for counseling, and three are negative. The only positive one is the one I took in the very beginning for my assessment, but I had told them and they knew it would be dirty. Anyways cps comes to my house ,I sign two papers. One saying that cps can access my daughter’s record from her pediatrician and one saying they can access my records from the drug counseling. At any time I can revoke that. I’m thinking about doing it. So the next day I get a call saying that they want her to stay with my sister until the investigation is over. I’m not on good terms with my sister, so I said no , but I had noone else, so it had to be her. The worker informed me that she would call me so that I may sign papers and and take my daughter to my sister’s. 6 o.clock rolls around and no call. I go to my drug.class at 6 oclock and get out at 9. When I get out my daughter is gone. She’s at my sister’s. My whole family is against me. I simply ASKED my dad what’s stopping me from calling the cops ? There’s no document saying she can be with her. I didn’t call , I was simply just wondering. Apparently cps is coming tomorrow to get me to sign papers saying she is with my sister, the worker says there will be an end date. ….it’s cps how can I believe them ? They didn’t even call me too tell me my daughter was leaving. They say if I don’t sign the papers they will get a court order. I don’t want to sign them, I just want my daughter back. I’m clean, I moved back to my dad’s, I’m in.college, and I’m taking classes. Basically my question is, should i sign,??

    Ps. My daughter was admitted to the hospital because the pediatrician was worried my daughter wasn’t gaining enough weight. Turns out she was just a small baby. Cps twisted my words and said they were.concerned that I used cocaine during my pregnancy , which is why she is.small. COMPLETELY NOT TRUE. Also I sent my sister a text basically saying I.can’t stand her and after this she’s never seeing her again with a few cuss words. Could that be used against me ? NOT ONCE did I threaten her.

  85. from the day this 1st lady showed up at my door she said that my daughter smelled like poop and her hair was always greesy thats why the school called them well 1st of all i put coconut oil into her hair to keep her from gettin bugs, so i stopped putting oils in her hair so they would leave that alone and then she ended up with headlice so ive taking her out of school to treat her hair then i also want to say the uc davis thinks my daughter might have hursprungs desese and they might have to take part of her colon out and put a bag on that she may or may not have to ware for life. also i desided to get second aponion and take her to childrens hospital in oakland. do to the wait they didnt like it anyways there usein that agence me witch isnt what happing.. i was sapost to get her another check up on the 15th they said call well the cps taking her befor that not to mention they took her out of school and moved her out of town… i made them waid 1 1/2 hours to get restraininmg order befor they taking her that gave me time with her also when the meeting of 5 of them desided she woukld stay in the home a second cps worker showed up and looked aroud house said it was dirty and i had taking pics befor i started cleaning also everytime they came to house also taking pictures of house when they left my house at 4pm then the lady called me at 5pm said i had court the next morning at 8am.. whitch i already had one on the 13th,, so then i new what they was doing so i need help getting my daughter back.. the 2nd lady also said that my daughter had no bed and was sleeping on garbage and clothes well ive taking pics they dnt know about after they left every time also ive taking records of everything and when they told my babygirl she could talk to me everyday and ive only gotting to speak with her 2times.. last time was the 14th a day befor my bithday and she told me she cant sleep at nights because she misses us her dad and i.. also they dnt read to her at nights. she was well loved at home and we did everything together and we miss her so much plaese someone help me get our 8yr old back to were she belong. she is very smart and been threw alot already and she loves being with us i havent gotting to hold her and its hard to sleep at night for me also.. i lay in her room everyday writght her a letter and cry. im just wanting my babygirl back and everyone who knows me knows i love my kids i also have a 17yr old boy who is in his last year of high school and he is very smart also only my kids cry because they cant go to school.. please help my name is juanita raymos i live in stockton california

    • jketterman says:

      I don’t know California law but it sounds like you need help. Contact your state bar to see if they have a list of attorneys that do pro bono cases. You can also try to contact a legal aid center. If the case is already in court, ask for a court appointed attorney. Best of luck.

  86. Angl P says:

    I wish I know this in 2001 because DFCS took my children away from me. Then in 2002 the Henry county case worker told me that if I didn’t sign my rights away they were going to take my children away from their grandparents and put them into seperate homes and adopt them out seperately. Plus I would be put in jail. I then asked them if I did would my kids be left where they are and together. They told me that they would be. I didn’t know my options. I was only 28 years old. I have been never been treated like that in my life. I didn’t know what to do. I signed the papers they wanted me to and I after that I wasn’t allowed to see my children till 2013. Meaning both of the adopted parents have past away my 16 year old now lives with me, but my almost 14 year old daughter lives somewhere else. To this day I wish I had nothing to do with DFCS and that I had known my rights.

  87. Shemika Scott says:

    I was found guilty by a jury if my peers and my rights were terminated by the state of Texas caps agency in 2004. I am now pregnant and scared that they will in fact harass me and my unborn child. They terminated my fights when I was 21. I am now 31 I’m stronger and wiser but still nervous about the unknown.I am the victim of being decieved by the workers who harassed mentor even as little as taking my child to emergency rooms to being battered by my children’s father…I would never hurt my kids. Please any advice would help I don’t want to stress for it will hurt my health and my baby’s health during this blessed pregnancy!

    • jketterman says:

      Your old case is 10 years old. It shouldn’t be a problem. Just keep your nose clean. CPS can’t even come to your home to investigate without a referral being called in.

  88. fed up with false allegations. says:

    Cps has been chasing me down for a week now over my neighbors that hate my teenagers Zn have already made so many false reports one after another of getting me lease violation after lease violation my son is 16 yes old an been out of control I’ve done everything a parent can do even filing out of control teen on him an going an contacting the judge personally, well now my neighbor reported to my landlord this an also to the police the same night I had came home to my son hanging outside with his friends telling them to keep it down that the neighbor comes outside screaming at him for saying she calls on us over everything so he walks over to her says yea I’m so so you do call steady an now you have a problem again remember here’s my address basically so she comes off then cussibg out a teenager which of course she failed to mention with all sources she contacted an reported he came at her like threatening an stuff after her cusding him yes he walked away as he was walking away called her a dumb well you can imagine so she’s now called cps and falsely reported that I let my son party an drink with his friends at my home an I’m not there an my youngest is always running the streets till late at night which he is 11 and week nights I have bedtime have for years set, or I’m there letting them party an the youngest run his friends were visititing outside for a reason cause I don’t allow teenagers running in an out of my home I’m not stupid, so now she comes an as it wraps up she tells me OK one more thing that’s gonna be another hard thing on you right now is its about 1;30 I need you to find a ride an along the way however you can do that an Also magically come up with 40 dollars an go take a drug test st this hospital I do not even have a phone nor any transportation cause im in a rough patch right now I tell her wow its not even gonna be possible for me to do this an I have an hour an a half an if not then it will be considered a dirty? I said your kidding me then what I’ll have to meet back with you next week an you’ll have to try it again wow why aren’t they paying for it I don’t have the money I have no job right now an my friend keeps telling me do not sign in any plan with them she made that mistake if I make it to next time to be able to test when I pass do I have to sign a plan I mean how can they even do that right out the hat an not everyone can pull money out just like that I mean I just signed up for assistance I’m so fed up already is that even possible or what do I do in this situation?

  89. deanna says:

    i had came up positive for thc in first pregnancy once in wi cps came in hospital room asked if i had a drug problem i said no tgey walked out the they put on hospital record that a intervention was not needed i didnt have the record yet from hospital stating this so i submitted a ua n they called n called cane to door a few times tryin to get me to tack parenting classes though me n baby went home clean n even when they came for fallow up came up clean n later after i mentioned harassment n a lawyer they closed the cas and again i am pregnant came up positive for thc in verry beginning cuz i used prior to getting pregnant and told her at five months i smoked one time cuz me n my bf broke up i haven’t touched it since i just need to know do i have to let them in this time can they take my kid if we both come up clean can they get my medical records or can i just tell em theres false positives all the time i want a lawyer before i submit to doing n e thing and can i keep em outside

    • jketterman says:

      You have to let CPS investigate. You can get in more trouble by refusing. They can take your kids but it’s unlikely that they would. There’s no emergency. They can only get your medical records if you sign a HIPAA release allowing them access. Just make sure you don’t do that. Don’t sign anything without reading it and getting a full explanation. You have every right to get an attorney. They can’t stop you.

  90. K says:

    I had a case which is now closed. Another caseworker not involved in my case looked at my case (which my then caseworker said was illegal and if someone found out she could lose her job). She now is saying I’m not allowed my cousins because their parents have an open case. Can she do that since I’ve done nothing wrong and who could I speak with about my issue?

    • jketterman says:

      Call the program director and explain your situation. Something doesn’t sound right. If the program director doesn’t help you then call the regional director. That should do the trick.

  91. Nichole says:

    Please help! I’ve had cps come to my house twice in the past two weeks. The first time I wasn’t home, but my boyfriend (bio dad of one of my children) was and he talked to the guy a little. He found out that an anonymous tip was made that my house was full of animal feces. This is completely false and the guy was told that. He asked to come inside but my boyfriend respectfully declined as he would feel better if I had been home. He also told him that we kicked out our roommate 2 weeks ago for beating his wife in front of my kids. He refused to leave, police were called and he was arrested for criminal trespassing and we believe he made the call as revenge for getting him arrested. The guy seemed amused by this and left his card and went on his way. A week later, a different worker shows up with the same story only now more had been added such as my 4 year old son can’t talk, I smoke cigarettes while holding my baby, I’ve been seen snorting a white powder, and I had a heroine addict in the house. She also asked to come inside but I was, again, at work. So of course she was refused. I called her back and she came to my work so we could talk. I told her my 4 year old does have a speech impediment, but it was due to his teeth and I was already taking steps with the dentist office to correct it. I told her, again, my house has no feces in it. We are currently house training a puppy, so while it does happen at night when everyone is asleep, it is immediately cleaned up when we see it. She then told me I had to take a drug test down town on Monday. I said Ok, I’ll be there. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get time off work and I missed it. Now I’m scared they see that as an admission of guilt when it’s not! I have also been doing as much research as I could these past few days and I’m finding alot of “don’t go along with it unless it’s court ordered” and “they took my kids anyway!”. I’m terrified. I haven’t been able to eat because I just feel like throwing up from all the stress. I really need help. My kids are my life. I can’t lose them over an abusers false accusations. I need someone who cares about fighting for families like mine.

    • jketterman says:

      You should go have a drug test done immediately. There are labs readily available in most areas. Ask for a UA and a 10 panel hair follicle. These will test for the most common drugs. Start keeping notes in a journal also. Take notes during interviews and phone calls. Record them also. Get a letter from the dentist regarding your son. Have it ready to show the investigator. If you can afford an attorney I would suggest you hire one to help you shut the investigation down.

  92. msan says:

    Hi my ex open a case with cps on my husband but i receive the call from a police officer not cps and he wants a meeting with my husband about him pulling my 7 year ear. The meeting is in mykawa my husband is scared because of his legal status in this country

    • jketterman says:

      It sounds like the police are investigating an “injury to a child” case. Your husband shouldn’t go talk with the police without an attorney. If he’s not a citizen he could also be facing deportation.

  93. Kaela says:

    Hello, I find this information extremely important and significant. We all deserve to know our rights. And CPS definitely is out of control.

    My case is this:
    When I was pregnant I ended up getting preeclampsia and had to have an emergency c-section at 28 weeks due to my condition which wasn’t good for both me and my child. This is my first and only child as of right now. In the state of Texas they drug test the mother and the infant by law, as I am sure you know. Me and my child, unfortunately ended up not passing. A social worker came to my room while I was in the hospital for my week stay. I was under a lot of drugs to keep my condition under control, including pain killers, so as you can probably tell, I wasn’t in any condition to talk to him. But I felt I had to. I didn’t know my rights at the time… I could have said we should speak at a better time. The social worker, told me and my husband that me and my infant passed. Which he lied to us. No surprise there I’m sure. He asked me about it, and I told him I was around it, not knowing what a can of trouble I had just opened up. He then referred the case to my hometown’s CPS system. I was in the hospital for a week, when I came home finally I was around the substance again.. which was completely out of my control. (Just to add to this, we are looking into leaving the house that we are in for this reason…) They came knocking on the door the next morning wanting to talk about the case that had been opened. Not knowing our rights nor what to do we let them in. We were intimidated. They asked us an umteen amount if questions. We had nothing to hide. We submitted to a drug test, which was a horrible idea… we both failed due to us being around the substance. After an amount of time the CPS worker came to our home again and told us the news. She told us that we didn’t pass and that they were going to make us take parenting classes, and submit to random drug screenings because of it. Since we were clean we thought it would be fine. We thought “Okay this is all we got to do, its easy” No it isn’t that easy… It never is with CPS. She told us the case is getting referred to a different worker and that they would be back sometime in the following weeks. They came yesterday to do an evaluation of the home and ask us some questions. Us not knowing our rights and what to do we answered them to the best of our ability. Like I said before we were intimidated and scared, and just wanting nothing to happen to our son who is fighting for his life at the moment in the NICU. They are saying that we have to be under 24/7 supervision when our child comes home, and if we don’t have someone at our home to supervise us that he would be placed with a different family member for whatever amount of time…. Can they do this this early in the investigation? Is there anyway to fight this?? I am trying to get a consult from a lawyer. But if we need one, we really can’t afford this right now. If you could, please tell me what I can do. How long would this supervision last?? As I said we are first time parents and we haven’t even had the chance to bring our child home… We want nothing more than to be good parents and be there for our child… Please help. Thanks in advance.


    • jketterman says:

      Yes. CPS can place the baby outside of the home during the investigation. They claim that this placement is voluntary on your part but it really isn’t. If you don’t agree to it they will go to court to place your child in foster care. You can fight it. I do all of the time. Basically by fighting you’re forcing their hand. Make them take their case to court and prove to the judge why you shouldn’t have your child. You really do need an attorney. You can fight it yourself but the outcome probably won’t be good. CPS abuses their power. You need an attorney to stand up to them in court. It will cost money. Very few attorneys do cases pro bono. But remember, this is your child. If the case does go to court you can ask the judge for a court appointed attorney. As for the supervision? It can last for months or years. I’ve seen it. Good luck.

  94. Christy aguirre says:

    I just spent 20 hrs on your website and ironic enough it’s the weekend of Mother’s Day. My story is that of a mother doing the right thing trying to save her oldest from drug addiction. I have admitted him to rehabs and called the ambulance and police to help… Well tables turned one day I come home to find a card on my front door It’s from CPS demanding I call so confused right that second I call the social worker informs me a anonymous complaint was made that I am using drugs with my middle son… I was devastated, scared and hurt cause my son Mikey is 17 and very proud he has never touched a drug in his life. So feeling scared I set up a appointment not knowing I had rights allowed her in my home. She questioned me demanding I take a hair follicle test this really upset me cause I thought wow that was quick she didn’t even attempt to know what kind of parent let alone person I am so I said NO I didn’t feel I should have to this made her angry…. She then told me one more complaint she would come back and take my children, she said she must speak to each child and she did but asked me to leave I again left the room cause I thought doing so was the best action. My kids answered questions of do your parents fight to are you abused she asked my 17 year old if he uses drugs in humor cause he jokes a lot he said do you see me? I weigh 250 no I don’t use drugs…let’s say she wasn’t amused… She then left. My husband was called at his employment the local fire department he went into the CPS office for a interview. He was told case was closed but we never received a closing letter. We’ll then my son gets arrested and the second alligation they again left a card.. This time frustrated we asked who is doing this they claim that’s private information. I refused to let them in this time… I don’t feel they are a mutual party matter a fact the first visit the social worker didn’t even look through my home to see if kids are properly cared for. The drug test she wanted was a hair follicle and I wondered why since I have never been in any kind of trouble in my 40 years of living. She accused me of using Meath but the drug testing form said opioids this didn’t seem right. So now I sit stressed out of my mind unsure of what’s next or who will knock on my door. My kids are my heart never ever would I imagine going through this kinda hell over a he said she said comment. Oh and the anonymous person who did this to my family…. My sons ex girlfriend out of anger. Wow

  95. Please i need your help asap. My husband ex wife has file me with a case of neglet. Next Thursday May 15th 2014 is going to be our first meeting with the social worker. She ask to have the meeting in our house. Do we allow that or should we try to change the meeting be in her office? As you says we don’t have nothing to hide but we haven’t asked for an attorney. Do you suggest to get one?
    We don’t know yet the allegation. We just know the is neglect what she is saying. We don’t have anything to hide that ls why we accept the meeting at home. Can we record and take notes? What about if we ask for an explanation about what the neglet about and the social worker doesn’t want to give it? In the other hand the ex wife ask to have a talk with me? Should I accept? We have never had a talk about anything we don’t have a bad or good relation. We have exchange hellos and byes in 6 years and never had a problem.

    • jketterman says:

      Have the meeting but do so with caution. Yes, you can take notes and/or record the interview. They have to tell you what the allegations are. You have a right to know what you need to defend. I would stay away from the ex or at least talk to her with caution.

  96. Priscilla says:

    In the State of Texas is it possible to find out who called and made a completely malicious absurd case against me? Because I have an angry ex spouse who left our four children with me since his leaving he has not contributed one penny to our children. Well, now that he wants to see them I tell him to wait on child support and the next Day I have cps knocking on my door. Now, that she’s harassing me he puts on the added stress of now trying to fight me for custody.

    • jketterman says:

      No. The reporter’s identity is confidential. And unfortunately you can’t keep the father away from his children just because he hasn’t paid child support. It doesn’t work that way. Don’t try to fix this on your own. It will only backfire…as it appears to have already happened. If dad is ordered to pay child support, and hasn’t, file an enforcement against him. He’ll either have to pay or go to jail. If he hasn’t seen his kids in a long time, file a modification to restrict his visitation. In other words, fix this the legal way.

  97. Kathy Kalb says:

    The woman that tested dirty is going to win! They don’t care about the father who was clean! So give it dads you are on a loosing street here!

    • jketterman says:

      I disagree. I fight for father’s rights everyday…and win. It’s not like it used to be years ago. Fathers are getting custody of their children more and more.

  98. Jimmy Holland says:

    If Cps screws up on the paper work by dating it2013 instead of 2014 does that make it null & void? They did the correct date where they signed it but the end date is date August 2013

  99. angie says:

    I came upon this website out of complete & utter despair. Surprisingly, this story comes from a totally different angle. This involves CPS being repeatedly fooled by manipulating & scheming parents. At the end of the day, there are 3 girls living in this home that should have been removed years ago…but they have absolutely MASTERED the art of deception. The parents are both drug abusers…and have ran drugs for years across state lines. CPS had even gone out to investigate once before and the Dad made the daughter urinate in a cup & leave in the bathroom since he knew they CPS worker was on the way..and of course, they send 2 females. These children have watched their mom try to commit suicide in front of them, have witnessed many drug trips/hallucinations, etc and have even been int he middle of the parents fighting and got cut in the process. They do not send the kids to school and have found the home schooling loopholes so no one monitors…and CPS cannot investigate solely on the basis of ‘educational neglect’….there are no witnesses to the abuse other than the children and they are too afraid to tell anyone outside the family…but these people are dangerous and the family is afraid to give their name to CPS as no guarantee they would not disclose. They tell the kids that they will commit suicide if they are ever separated, etc etc…now, the older 2 kids just turned 18 so they are off the radar completely…but the youngest is just 12 now…and is prisoner in this hell. A school bus goes right by the house but yet, she “home schools” and the child cannot even tell time!!! The older two have no diploma or GED…they are isolated for a REASON…they are neglected and abused but since there are no physical signs EVER when the workers go, I guess they cannot find ‘evidence” and they close the case. It was even reported to the state regional level that the district CPS caseworker was having an inappropriate relationship (another manipulation tactic but no one will listen) with the Mother, and still….the child remains in the home. I am broken hearted of all the above stories for CPS getting involved and removing kids that do not need to be, but the case I discuss is real, and yet, the child is falling through every crack in the system. I am truly afraid the whole family will perish at the hands of the parents before it is all over with…they are literally THAT crazy.

    • jketterman says:

      You need to keep calling in referrals. You can also call your local police agency and ask that they do a welfare check on the child. If you are a family member you can go to court yourself and petition the court for custody.

  100. shellebelle says:

    What if I’ve already let them in and took my son to a doctor showing there was no abuse. . They want me to do counseling and parenting classes now but I don’t feel I need to. Nor should I even. I’ve raised My son for 9 years without cps. I work with kids all day for heavens sake! ! How do I hey out of this? There’s more to my story… But don’t need to put it all on here. No drugs no abuse ect…

    • jketterman says:

      You can refuse to do services. They can’t force you without a court order. Simply tell them that you will not do services; that if they believe their case is strong enough they can take it to court.

  101. Joy says:

    I know this three is old but would like to say thank you for posting the information. I had a worker show up yesterday because someone said I allowed my 3 year old outside by herself. I did not allow her in my house and stated we are moving outside her jurisdiction within 24 hours, which we are. She asked to see my child which consisted of waking a sick child from her nap. I was not very happy. What she didn’t know was the family judge here is a personal friend of our family along with a caseworker in her office. The weird thing is she didn’t even know our names or ask our names. The leeches and thieves needs to leave innocent people alone. When she seen how healthy my child was she looked amazed and said she was very healthy and cared for.

  102. Good post. I learn something new andd challenging on websites I stumbleupon on a daily
    basis. It’s always helpful to read articles from other authors and use a
    little something from their websites.

  103. yaas says:

    How can one get in touch with you???

  104. emily says:

    I am going through this rigt now and i wish i would have read this in the beginning of this mess it has been 8 months and done everything they have asked and more still no progress

  105. Kasey says:

    With false accusations against me they want me to drive over an hour to their closest testing office. Do I have to? I don’t feel I should be out of money for gas. I have no problem taking the test if they want to do it at my house. It’s a 90 day hair follicle test. I am already out my extra income that I receive for babysitting my niece because this case was filed against me by her dad. The mother and I called CPS on him for taking off with the child while on drugs. He in return filed a case against my nieces mom and I. I’m not allowed to be alone with the child until my case is cleared. From what I have been told anyways. By the way the child was returned to the mother after the father failed a 90 day hair follicle test.

    • jketterman says:

      Ask your CPS caseworker to find the closest location to your home to do your drug test. They should be able to find one closer to make accommodations for your drug test. If they will not contact the supervisor to request a closer location.

  106. hcg tacoma says:

    I am actually happy to read this website posts which includes lots of useful facts,
    thanks for providing such information.

  107. Izi says:

    I had a fight with my husband, my 14 year old daughter called the police. Then cps investigator showed up I was so stupid and I told her that me and my husband don’t have a good relationship and then a week later I got fired and the findings were child abuse and neglectful supervision. All my life I’ve been taken care of my kids, food, clothes, a clean house, homemade food, kids in gifted program, rides everywhere they needed to go. I don’t do drugs, I drink once in a while(wine). My problem is that I have a jerk as a husband and he drives me crazy!!!! but I always kept my kids away from our problems but reacting twice in 10 years of marriage makes you a child abuser ??? I say NO. Thanks CPS investigator (Latanya Martin). You didn’t take a minute to investigate me or investigate my kids. I told you it was about me and my husband!!. Now I want my life back!!!

    • jketterman says:

      Unfortunately, this is happening more and more. Children are being removed from homes where there are allegations of domestic violence. Even if it’s the first allegation. I’m sorry you’re having to deal with this.

  108. thanks for the information, I’m going through learning my rights now.

  109. Kim Corzine says:

    Are you practicing in the Austin, TX area, we could use your help

  110. AN says:

    My little sister was taken from us a little under a month ago. All allegations made against my parents are false and can be backed up with substantial explanations. None of my family members has any knowledge of how to win court battles against the CPS. If anyone can talk to me one-on-one and hear my story to either give general advice or legal advice, I would appreciate it more than anything anyone has ever done for me in the past. Please let me know if you are available to lend an ear and offer some wisdom. Thanks,

  111. Dwayne says:

    I don’t really have a dog in this hunt as far as direct involvement goes. I found this post looking for something almost completely unrelated. I could not stop reading as unfairness tends to get me fired up.
    I can’t help but to post as I keep seeing what I am sure is a busy professional actually reading, responding, and posting in a way that tells me she cares and hurts for people.
    M/ Ketterman, I wish you all success and the return that comes with what you put in with your heart.
    Thank You

  112. Noel says:

    For the first time ever we had CPS called on us. They came to our home on this past saturday, the school called. Their allegations were that my son had bruising on his arms and shins, and it appared he has two black eyes. When they asked my son where they came from he told them football and a few days prior we had filled a report of the bully on the bus punching my son in the face. The counselour still called CPS because she felt he was lying. We have never ever touched our kids, we only punish by sending them to their rooms or taking favorite toys and privaliages away. The school I feel like that teacher is targeting us. The story is of coarse longer and I did leave a message today with yoru frim. I just dont know what to do, I did let CPS into the home but I did tell them I am staying silent until I speak with an attoryney. I wish yall were open on Saturdays :) Please help I dont know what to do, never been in this sitaution

  113. Kevin says:

    What if CPS comes to your house, with officers in tow, makes accusations, has no warrant and then makes their way into your home and starts to interrogate your family and take pictures and then change part of the allegations and claims because your spouse has PTSD that they are a danger to you and the children??

  114. Misty I. Hacker says:

    My 2 month old son and his 16-month old sister where taken from my husband and I just this month. We took my soon to the hospital 3 times in two week because he was not wanting to eat and every time I’d go to burp him he would spit up. The first time I took him to see his doctor and she said he has acid reflex and proscribed him zantac. The next time it was to the Emergency Room and the doctor said he has colic. The next day I called my doctor’s office twice and no response while waiting for them to call back I called friends and family for advice on how to get him to eat. I finally got him to eat but not like he should. The next day he seemed to be ok till that night he started not eating again so we took him back to the hospital and the doctor admitted him. The nurses changed his formula to a formula made for Preemie babies which is what he should of been on in the first place. The day we where supposed to go home C.P.S. came in and did an investigation and took my kids they would not answer us on why they took my 16-month old daughter, but said being that my 2-month old son was said to have failure to thrive with out a medical reason. My Husband looked up failure to thrive on the net and he found out that there was a medical reason. Failure to thrive can be caused by the wrong formula, colic and acid reflux. How do I handle the fact that CPS took my kids with out giving me a chance to try the new formula at home? I have done nothing but try my best to raise my kids. I feel like the nurses attacked me and my family by falsely accusing me and my husband. What has the U.S. come to when CPS gets called in on people who have done what they should do if something is not right with there kids. What’s Next the hunger games become a real thing instead of just in a book?

  115. kennits says:

    I wish I would have had this information when dealing with cps and the investigator. They twisted our words but the case was dismissed in court after almost a year! They allowed a ex that is still angry make accusations and they claim it’s a history of abuse. But the judge asked where is any medical proof or why are they bringing this case when it was found untrue.

  116. Mike Bradshaw says:

    I recent had a interview with cps. First a little background, this is my second case with them. I whipped my girlfriends little boy, and I over reacted last time and admitted to the cops and cps all that happened. I lost my temper cause he keep pushing on me and my girlfriends 8 month old at the time chest and I realized what I did. I did the classes and I am still going thru therapy after I was kicked out the military.

    Now they where called because of false accusations and I told them just like the last time the truth. I didn’t do it this time I was complying with them, now one part of cps switched the case. They claim they are ready to close it, and hand it to a different part of cps. The mother and I are trying to contact them for over a week and they never answer, nor do they call back after we leave messages. The kids are staying with someone and we want to change it to a relative, because the family acts like the kids are theirs and kind of to close. Telling them they don’t have to brush their teeth, not helping them learn or if they do teaching them spanish when neither me or the mom is spanish and telling us they don’t do it cause they don’t understand english.
    We are not getting any help from any cps department or the family who we let have the kids. Is there anything we can do? We have contacted our case workers, the supervisors of the caseworkers. We don’t get any kind of feedback from anyone.

  117. Melissa says:

    I wish I would have read this 15 years ago when my children were whisked away from me for a year over a false accusation of my step daughter. They went to the school and took my daughter, then came to the house with a bunch of cops & took him with no notice. During that year long time I gave birth to my 3rd child, and he was removed as well, didn’t get my children back for another 3 months after he was born. I had immediately done everything and everything they wanted. Drug testing, parenting classes, you name it and I did it. Still, month after month, court date after court date, I couldn’t have my kids back. Finally, one court date I had a new judge. He looked over the case, seen that there was no evidence, & asked the prosecutor why the kids were removed. He asked several questions and no one could answer them. He told me to go get my kids and take them home. Come to find out, the original judge I had, she suffered trauma due to a case right before mine, where she gave the kids back to the parents and they killed their kids. So she retired. I wanted to sue the pants off of so many people, I still suffer emotional stress from the ordeal. But I didn’t have the funds to hire a good enough attorney to go against the state.
    But CPS is STILL targeting me, I haven’t managed to break free from them since. Im at my witts ends with them, to the point where I consider moving out of the country. My kids are loved and cared for, I would take my own life to save theirs.
    No matter what I do, they will not leave me alone! Im awaiting a call back from the cps worker as I type, her phone call today was very disturbing, sounded like she wants to remove the kids. Said she needs to speak to her supervisor and will be contacting me later. Unfortunately I cannot hire an attorney still, the funds are just not there.

  118. Jose Cabrera says:

    CPS lady came to my home, she said she had a complaint for family violence and drug abuse. We spoke and I admitted to only drinking, within the first 5 minutes of the interview, she said I had to leave my home, cant be alone with my kids, had to get “Services” do a drug test and what not! I told her I wanted to stop the interview and that I wanted a lawyer. She left, that was 4 weeks ago, What happens next? Do I get a court summon?? Do I get another unexpected visit?? I live in El Paso County area.


    • jketterman says:

      I can’t say this often enough. People…don’t talk to CPS without a lawyer. They are not your friend. Parents are so afraid to tell CPS no. You have that right. You do ultimately have to cooperate in any CPS investigation. But it should be done with an attorney. CPS is a governmental agency who has the power to take your kids away, permanently. Why would anyone trust that.

      To answer your question: what happens next? It depends on what CPS decided to do. If they determined that their was not enough evidence to go forward, you’ll get a disposition letter from CPS explaining that the investigation is closed. They could leave you alone or they could refer your family to Family Based Safety Services. FBSS is a “voluntary” program. I don’t recommend participating in FBSS for the most part. There are some cases that are “right” for FBSS, but they are few and far between. You could get a court summons. CPS can file a petition to have a court order you to “aid in investigation” or to remove your children. You could also get another unexpected visit. But I wouldn’t let them in. Good Luck.

  119. Veronica says:

    Can cps take the hit if ur accused of hitting the child’s father? Or are they suppose to just investigate me until I been proven guilty by court. And are they suppose to have a court order to take kids away before they do so? My daughter is 11 months old

    • jketterman says:

      Yes, CPS can remove children from their home if they feel that the children are in imminent danger. Their investigation is not determined by any criminal investigation or case. The burdens of proof are different: Reasonable doubt vs. clear and convincing. CPS does not need a court order to remove the children in an emergency. They do, however, need to get a court order to keep the children out of your home.

  120. K . Trevino says:

    my daughter went to jail for drugs and CPS has the grandbaby and when I asked to get the baby CPS told me that my daughter said baby should go to foster care and me and my husband really would like to have a grandbaby what should I do

  121. amanda cloyd says:

    Omg wish I had to known all of this sooner cps took my children four days ago . Bc me and my husband had a n aqruement. I slapped him and the next day cps came made me move out and made my husband and 15 mo th and 4 mo th old move to his sister’s house were she gave his sister kinship I had no knowledge of it . Then we told her we were moving back home and that I didn’t want to be separated and then Wednesday she took the kids from us with her supervisor and a cop with a piece of pepper that look exactly like the kin ship agreement I don’t know what to do she file and affidavit staying my husband’s on drugs and I’m unmently fit for depression which we have proof that I’ve been on Zoloft since 2006 and my husband is taking a med that has methamphetamines and amphetamines that would show positive on a test I want my babies back :(

    • jketterman says:

      You need an attorney. If you can’t afford one, request a court appointed attorney. Many court appointed attorney don’t really do their job; so make the attorney work for you.

  122. sherraun says:

    Im having issues with my social worker and my soon to be ex-husband, i need some help and i dont know who to talk to. Me and my soon to be ex-husband committed domestic violence and in the process my one month got a lil scratch. My husband accused me of hitting my child, when i know i didnt hit him. So because he said that. Was arrested and later on he was arrested and my kids were tooken to my moms housr. At the time my three year old was at my moms the night before. I only have one child by my soon to be ex-husband and thats the one month old. How do i get my three year old if me and my ex are seperated and hes not the father of my three year old. Also my three year old has not been in the picture since he was born. Is it possible for my three year old to come home? I really need help, theirs no help hotlines, i dont belong in this situation and my kids dont either i need help to get my babies back. My three year old misses me sooo much, and my one month old is turning four months, and i dont want to miss anything. Ive heard i need to file a 388 petition

  123. Christine says:

    Father: Full physical and legal custody. 14 year old son beats up 13 year old sister who calls 911. Father removes 14 year old from home, law enforcement does nothing even when Father wishes to press charges. Father takes son to Mother’s home (per CPS, she is not to have him there). Father seeks to find placement for son but no one will take him because he has not been convicted of a crime. CPS is threatening Father with potential removal of the other 2 children living in his home, suggesting poor lack of judgement with 14 year old son and removing him from home into Mothers home. Legal input would be greatly appreciated! Help.

  124. Jamie says:

    My daughter was taken by CPS on Thursday Sept 18. She said she was scared of my boyfriend (because she just doesn’t like him) and thought she could have a “better” life living with someone else. (She is 13 now) All 4 of my children have a very good life and are treated very well and there is absolutely no type of abuse in their lives. The worker said he would get in touch with me the following Monday for a safety planning meeting so she could come back into the home. That never happened, he always said he was dealing with other things and 2 months later assigned a new “long term worker”. When family members could no longer have her staying with them and their was no where else for her to go this worker placed he into a childrens services facility. (Because she was defiant and had bad behavior…12 yr old girl) Ever since this, I have been begging for my daughter to come home and she has expressed strong understanding of how she was wrong and the only place she wants to be is home. The cps worker told me if I take her out of the facility they will charge me with neglect and take the case to court and she will be put back. The first facility was an hour away and now she is another 5 hours away and they want to move her to the next even further away. I really don’t think my daughter should be crying and begging to go home to her mom and siblings and get her life back. And neither should I. I feel so stuck and don’t know what I can do.

    • jketterman says:

      You need representation. You need to file a Motion to Show Cause as to why your daughter should be placed outside your home. I don’t recommend taking her out of the facility without going to court first. You don’t want to make things harder on your daughter than they have to be.

  125. Alielbaryeshua says:

    Can someone please quote the specific Texas state and federal laws that require a CPS worker to tell you whether or not you are being investigated and what for?

  126. Maria rocha says:

    Hi I have a cps case that has just been open I have no idea who called but my.son said a lady has went to his school for three weeks straight to talk to him about everything that goes on at home and I have asked the lady what allegations were being made against me she said the state law says that she can’t tell me I’ve never been through anything like this before so I figured it was true….my kids are not abused what so ever they are never neglected my kids are well fed my apt is in tip top shape….everything I do is for my.kids my kids have everything…. I love my kids with everything I have to.give and offer they are my.world and I couldn’t imagine life without them.

    • jketterman says:

      The “lady” lied to you. Not only can she tell you what the allegations are, she must. The only information that remains confidential is the reporter and foster parents information.

  127. Tina says:

    I was curious as to if you were familiar with the prenatal drug laws here in Texas. My daughter had hyperemesis gravidarum while pregnant, which is excessive vomiting and terrible morning sickness. She lost weight and could not keep anything down, and the medicine the doctor prescribed “zofran” wasn’t very helpful and later come to find out causes major birth defects. She smoked marijuana moderately for the first four months until her sickness went away so she could get some food and fluids down. She has now quit, and will most definitely be able to pass a drug test by the time the baby is born, however, we are worried that THC may show up in the meconium. Meconium is the baby’s first stool that passes at birth that starts forming around the 3-4 month of pregnancy. She does not have a drug problem, and like I said, she will be able to pass a blood or urine test at the time of delivery but is extremely worried about CPS taking her baby away if there is THC found in the meconium. I understand this is a very debated topic, this was not something I agreed to,but later found out about and there is absolutely nothing that can be done now. I’m just curious if you can please provide me some insight on the laws as far as CPS goes with a situation like this, and what steps we should take. Thank you so much for your time.

    • jketterman says:

      I’m a bit surprised that her ob/gyn hasn’t discovered the marijuana use in blood tests that have been run. Did your daughter tell her dr what she was doing?
      Aside from that, yes, you do have problems ahead of you. The baby’s Meconium will be tested. Even if there are traces of THC, CPS will be contacted. I have had many, many cases that mom was clean and there was TCH found in the Meconium. Under Texas Family Code 161.001(R), CPS can terminate mom’s rights just because THC was found in the baby’s Meconium. This doesn’t necessarily mean that CPS will terminate. But they will be involved. The baby will, most likely, not leave the hospital with mom. At the very least, CPS will ask her to “voluntarily” place the child with an appropriate relative. If that’s possible, the baby will go home with that relative and mom will be asked to participate in Family Based Safety Services (FBSS). FBSS can result in several different scenarios. If an appropriate relative can’t be found, CPS will most likely go to court requesting emergency custody of the baby. The baby would then be placed in foster care during the pendency of the lawsuit. A petition will be filed to terminate or restrict the parental rights of mom and dad. Mom and dad will be court ordered to do various services and to successfully complete those services. If the parents are successful, baby goes home. It not, parental rights are terminated and the baby is placed for adoption (assuming there is no appropriate relative to take the baby). This process can last 12-18 months.

      My suggestion is for mom to consent to grandparents filing a “friendly” suit now asking for conservatorship of unborn child. You’re basically asking the court to place the baby with you when he/she is born, with mom and dad having restricted access and possession. Doing this will prevent CPS from “removing” the child. To remove,CPS has to show the judge that the baby is not is a safe and stable home. If grandma has custody of the baby, CPS can’t prove this. CPS can intervene into your “friendly” lawsuit and still ask for mom and dad to do services or they can choose to walk away and let grandma deal with it.

      Good luck.

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