Do I need a lawyer

You have the right to consult with a lawyer at any point in the investigation at your own expense. If CPS files a lawsuit requesting Temporary Managing Conservatorhip and you don’t agree, the Court will determine if you are financially able to hire your own attorney, or whether to appoint one to represent you. CPS staff are prohibited by law from giving legal advice.

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  1. Chuck says:

    A Court appointed lawyer is not the best lawyer to fight CPS.

  2. jketterman says:

    Some court-appointed attorney really do their job. But they are few and far between. If you have a court-appointed attorney, you have the right to effective assistance of counsel. Make that attorney work for you.

  3. Linda Cantu says:

    I received a call from Thisbe Rosales.11/21/13 Informing me that there was. A CPS case opened Allegations Of physical abuse mental abuse Negligent And asked if she could Set up a meeting to.speak with me. Not know any better I agreed It was about an hour long

  4. Linda Cantu says:

    She then reveal Report of my child cutting. there has been rumors that I was unaware of until CPS made me aware of it then neighbors and friends even a teacher told me that she had heard rumors at the beginning of the school year. I responded you didn’t even call me

  5. Linda Cantu says:

    I’ve then set up appointments for him to start therapy. the safety plan she said up what for Devin start therapy get a physical from a physician and request a drug test. she walked through the home

  6. Linda Cantu says:

    And I complied With the safety plan. our second meeting was set for ,my older son who lives with us and myself. I was I was asked to take a drug test, I am on pain medications because of my illness. I have a lock on my door that has been on for many many years

  7. Linda Cantu says:

    On the third meeting it was a family plan meeting for her supervisor another person from family um mediation but they told me it was in a mediation it was just a gathering. No I am the sole managing conservator Of this child.

  8. Linda Cantu says:

    He was Granted to me January I’ve 2002.I I was under the impression that parental rights were severed but CPS is telling me different. this child has never been neglected has never been emotionally and mentally abused..

  9. Linda Cantu says:

    There was an incident for there was an argument and the 12 year old got hit in the eye by the older son as a defensive move because the 12 year old came at him swing. my 12 year old is saying that he is cutting and that I his mom hates in

  10. Linda Cantu says:

    He is 12 years old And wants To run free With no accountability. CPS is planning somethimg and I don’t know what it is. at this meeting to contact Attorney General and resolve custody visitation and child support which always explained and the court decree. CPS social worker just text me wanting to know my oldest son’s birthday

  11. Linda Cantu says:

    At this point I really don’t know How to feel. the mother has never tried visitation rights never asked about the child now if the child is unhappy here should I just not participate. he tells me he wants to stay but then he tells the mother he wants to go with her I’m very confused

  12. jketterman says:

    It sounds as tho you need to do some soul searching. If you want to keep this child with you, then yes, cooperate and fight to keep him. If it’s time for him to go home to his mother, cut the ties and keep CPS out of your life.

  13. Mary Armstrong says:

    I just wanted to know could I get my children back from a reliative who adopted my childern by force. Because I was incarcerated at the time due to my bad decisions. Today,Im back on track and I would love a chance to bond with my childern. Im married now I attend school I also have a part-time job I have 1 year and four months clean of sobriety.

  14. jketterman says:

    I’m sorry. There is nothing legally that can be done, as far as I know. To be sure, I would have to read your entire case. If something was done illegally or even technically wrong, you could possibly file a Bill of Review and have a court look at the case to determine if every thing was done properly.

  15. Rebecca Griggs says:

    CPS has investigated my family or just me 3 or 4 diffrent time now. Each time I have been drug tested and have passed every drug screen with past cases. I am being investigated again. All past cases were unfounded. I have now been asked to take not only a urine drug screen but also a hair follicle test. Why am I being asked to do these when I have passed every drug screen in the last 2 or 3 investigations and the cases were unfounded. I have a video of the child that made the accusation saying he would just make up more lies to get others in the house investigated also. I just feel I shouldn’t have to subject myself to all this.

  16. jketterman says:

    Often times, the more you cooperate, the more CPS will harass you. Completely unfair, but true. Have you been requesting administrative reviews to expunge the cases from the system after each investigation is closed? If not, you need to so that your name doesn’t pop up with a “CPS” history. The next step is to sue CPS in state court. Ask for a show case hearing to determine why they won’t leave you alone. There has to be something you’re missing. Request your file and talk to people that will talk to you. Either you have to get to the bottom of this or you need to hire someone to do it. Otherwise, they’ll keep going.

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