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One of the most frustrating things about AAL’s is when you have to deal with one that either doesn’t have children or is simply oblivious to the reality of raising a sick or chronically ill child. The questions that are often asked are just stupid. I so often want to say — go sit in a hospital and observe. Go talk to parents who have to deal with sick children on a daily basis. How does a parent answer this question? “how does it feel to hold your child down so a medical procedure can be forced on him? My goodness….other than just being a cruel question it’s unquestionably unfair. No parent wants to be put in that position. And when you follow doctor’s orders and do what you believe to be in your child’s best interest, based on the advice of a doctor, to be accused of medical torture is absurd. It is shameful what some AAL’s put parents through — all in the name of the best interest of the child.

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  1. J.W. says:

    A Great post! It could not have been said any better. How can these people get away with this? It is so unfair the way the system seems to work. Any parent that has ever had to help medical staff hold their child down to get an IV in knows that it is not easy, but you do want your child to feel better. I mean seriously… to be accused of medical torture…. all in the best interest of a child?? GET REAL.

  2. Carolyn R. Thomas says:

    This is SO scary!!! Is it this way in ALL states, or just Texas?? I feel sorry for parents who have to go through this. It’s like CPS is above the law that’s supposed to protect citizens. Is there any way to fight them and WIN??? If not, this country is in a very sad way!!!!!
    God bless attorneys that fight for children and parents falsely accused! And God please be with the children who have been taken away from loving families just because CPS had a whim……what do they do, wake up in the morning and decide to go ruin someone’s life???? Makes me sick and if I could meet one of them face to face, I would tell them so!!!
    They have got to be stopped or at least have an outside authority monitor them. This is AMERICA! They can’t take our kids away from us!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And we can’t LET them!!!!!!!! Stand up America!!! Stand up for families. Some day it could happen to YOU!

  3. Dan says:

    I agree 100%. Who thinks they have the right to represent children when they have none of their own? Who thinks they can “defend” SICK or CHRONICALLY ILL children when they’ve never dealt with such things?

    That’s like asking the Janitor at the airport what the best practices are for preserving the performance of an older jet engine.

    Get a clue, get some morals, and get the hell out of the court system if you’re like that!

  4. Chuck says:

    Ad Litum: Hundreds and hundreds of lawyer jokes out there and he’s one of them. For a supposedly educated person, he asked the most idiotic and stupid questions. Forged documents presented to the court and you can tell when he lies because his mouth moves. His favorite line is, “What’s in the best interest of the child?” when in reality, the best interest is in his money; he works for the state, therefore he is on the side of CPS.

  5. SM says:

    I think any parents that have taken their child to the doctor has been asked by the doctor or medical staff to “help” hold their child down while taking a temperature or examining a child’s nose, ears, throat, etc. The parent does this, not to torture their children, but because they rely on the doctor’s expertise to get a medical diagnosis and treatment. Isn’t that why the doctor has a medical license? Does the AAL question the doctor on his diagnosis? Wrong accusations will come back to bite you in the butt! You never know what life holds for you in the future or what road you will have to travel.

  6. K M says:

    How can this be true in America? We have a childrens organization that is unjustifiably removing medically fragile children from their families. What makes them think it is in the best interest of a sick child to remove them from the strong love and bond of mom, dad, siblings and grandparents. That child will only think they did something wrong. When proven that the family did nothing and CPS is wrong will CPS provide the appropriate theraputic treatment to allow the tragically destroyed mental health to be healed? How right can it be when they remove a child from the family that they never update them on their medically fragile child. The family doesn’t know where that child is, who they are with, what kind of treatment they are receiving, even if they are alive. The child on the other hand only knows their family left and all these strangers are performing medical procedures on them that they don’t understand. Who is providing LOVE and HUGS that are so important to a childs physical and mental well being?

  7. Missy says:

    How can parents be held accountable for a doctors prescription or his actions? I could understand if it were the parents who gave the child test or medication in their own home. What I do not understand is why the numerous doctors who give these test and prescriptions to these children are not held accountable and the “parents” are the villians? Nowadays, technology and science is so advanced it is impossible to fool a doctor or to get test done that are not needed. Sure one doctor could make a mistake about a medical condition but not several doctors.

    Medical torture is when you medicate a child without a doctors advice many times.

    Medical neglect is when you do not follow your doctors advice and medicate your child to prevent them from a sickness.

    What guidelines do the AAL’s go by to determine medical neglect? What law book are the AAL’s getting information from before they determine the parents actually had neglected their child? Is it just a matter of the AAL’s opinion? Does a person’s different “opinion” mean no parental laws exist between parent and child in the United States?
    Our laws are not based on other peoples personal opinion of us or how we should live our life. Society does not function this way. Courts may not segregate people in our society and impose any single law on any single person based on a mere opinion. Most good parents do take their children to the doctor often and do what the doctors tell them to do in the best interest of the child. To single out a family in society that does take good care of their child is unlawful and it is against the United States Constitution. No State in the United States of America has a right to impose any law against anyone that violates their Constitutional rights. In fact, No State in the United States can make a law that violates the United States Constitution.

    The United States Supreme Court has ruled many times in favor of peoples rights in the United States. States are not immune from damages from the United States Supreme Court for these types of Constitutional violations against people in the United States. More action needs to be taken against the people who do these things. Then maybe they would think twice before they so easily try to destroy a persons life.

  8. Missy says:

    What you have here is a clear case of medical segregation. Not medical neglect.

    This is medical segregation. Is this some new United States law that says every parent must get approval from AAL’s and CPS workers before they take their child to the doctor and get any treatement prescribed by that doctor. Why do it to just a few parents? Why not do it to everyone if it is truly a legal action? Who is telling the Judges and the Court that this is a legal action against parents in the United States?

  9. Mrs. Burt says:

    I could not agree with your statement more. People will little to no experience (CPS workers) with children with chronic illnesses are making decisions if parents rights should be terminated and the Attorney Ad Litem works right along with them, not even considering for a second that the parents just might be innocent. If the Attorney Ad Litem has the child’s best interest at hand then why do they refuse to investigate both sides of the story? Its in the best interest of the child for the parents side to be known as well. The child deserves this…

  10. jketterman says:

    Texas Children’s Hospital and Memorial Children’s Hospital have created new “abuse teams”. And it’s out of control…especially because the two hospitals are at war. Even though parents are doing exactly what doctors are telling then to, these “Abuse teams” (trying to earn their keep) are reviewing cases looking for abuse, etc. What is really amazing to me is that the AAL’s are now asking parents, “did you sign a consent (for the treatment or surgery)? did that consent list the risks and dangers?” I about fell out of my chair. So even though a doctor says that your child needs a treatment of surgery, the parent may be held responsible is something goes wrong. And if you go to another doctor for a second opinion, you will be accused of “doctor shopping” We need to stop this chaos.

  11. jketterman says:

    This is the problem. No one is providing the love and hugs. CPS is just looking for the federal money that comes each time they remove a child from a family.

  12. mw says:

    Wow!!! I had no idea that any of this was going on until recently! It breaks my heart and shakes my soul to its core!! I can’t even imagine the hurt from getting accused of trying to help your child in the best way you can. You already feel helpless enough because of the pain they bear just having a “disease”and knowing that you can’t change that because God gave you this special child in the first place, but then to turn around and be wrongly accused of doing these horrible things!! I can’t stop thinking about this–what is this world coming to??? PRAYER is sooo powerful and will always overcome all evils!!! Don’t let these demons get you down!

  13. SM says:

    Hospitals have to abide by certain laws mandated by the State to keep their licensing. Is Texas Children’s hospital or Memorial Children’s Hospital JCAHO accredited? If so, then can a complaint be made for the hospitals to be invesitagated as to why children are being taken by CPS? As far as signing a consent for treatment, if the patient or guardian does not sign a release the patient cannot be treated. What choice do we have….live or die? The doctors should have to be held accountable for the medical decisions…not the parents. If I ask them to take out my daughters tonsils because she complained all night of stomach pain, would a tonsillectomy be performed just because I said so? Accusing a parent of medical torture is a huge accusation if the medical documentation can’t be verified. Surely there is justice somewhere in all of this. Unfortunately, the parents, grandparents, and child are having to endure emotional torture. Can charges be brought against the hospitals and doctors for emotional abuse? C’mon healthcare professionals….fight for these children and stop letting CPS dictate how you practice medicine because along with whatever degree CPS has, they do NOT have a license or degree in medicine!

  14. jketterman says:

    You’re right. Doctors should practice medicine.
    No charges against the hospital for emotional abuse. They’re immune because they have a duty to report suspected abuse or neglect.
    Texas Children’s Hosp and Memorial Hermann Children’s Hosp both now have a quasi “CPS team” or “child abuse team” located in the hospital. This is frightening because it will possibly scare young parents away. I promise you, parents will slowly stop taking their children to these hospitals.

  15. jketterman says:

    Prayer is always good for these families.

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  20. jketterman says:

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  37. Lori says:

    I am still disapointed that you could not be more flexible money wise. You really broke my heart because of money. I am just one of the 45,000 parents suffering because there children are in foster care. Since I lost my trial, I have moved on to the appeal process. Talk about money – I have spent over 14,000 dollars on attorneys and like I said I am only on the appeals stage. I never spanked or harmed my kids in any way yet I was charged with endangerment. I plan on taking this to the Supreme Court if needed as my precious children are worth it but its all about MONEY. SHAME on Houston – Allowing our children to be used for money. Its been 2 and a half years now since this nightmare began. Their exists a lack of JUSTICE in the judical system. The so called Child Advocates – they do not care about the parents and by the time you go to trial they dig up dirt as we all have a little dirt in our closet. Why cant we have Parent advocates rather then little CPS wanna bes. It is such a mockery of justice with the children being the ones hurting. My trial attn told me I was also innocent of the charges. Doesnt anybody care anymore about the truth. NOT in TX.

  38. jketterman says:

    I’m sorry that you’re disappointed that I have to charge a fee. I have a staff to support and my personal bills to pay. I wish I was in a position to take cases pro bono. But until my creditors will allow me to pay with “good intentions” I am forced to charge a fee for my services. I believe that you are innocent. I’m so sorry that you are one of the thousands of parents harmed by CPS. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

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