False Allegations of Child Molesting

Often times when a couple is going through a divorce, Mom will make an allegation that Dad has molested or inappropriately touched one or all of the children. Many women feel that this is a quick way to “get rid” of Dad. I’m begging every mother, aunt, or grandmother, please don’t do this. An allegation such as this will completely ruin a life. Not just Dad’s life, but the child’s life as well. Dad will most likely be criminally charged. In defending his criminal charge, the child will be put through endless interviews and evaluations not understanding why. And if Dad is able to prove that Mom has coached the child, she will ultimately lose her parental rights. This is simply not something to play around with. Do not put your family or your children through this unless you are sure that something inappropriate has happened.

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  2. badmash says:

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  3. jketterman says:

    I will. Do you have any specific questions you were looking for answers to?

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  7. JJohnston says:

    I have recently been falsely accused by my own son, I am his mother and had custody of him up until he was almost 8 yers old when he went to Kansas to be with his recently introdused biological father. As soon as the father got him to Kansas he began to put himin and out of psych hospitals and respite homes, Now my son has made carbon copy llegations , accusing me off disturbingly graphic sexual acts towards him, I am under investigation and am being fully cooperative and will soon be scheduled to take a polygraph, Even though I KNOW that the allegations are false, and disgusting, I am still concerned and nervous, not to mention worried for my child and confused as to why he would make such claims and how he even knows about such things. Should I attempt to get a lawyer, I really have no money, which is how his father got custody in the first place. Could I work with a court appointed on this matter. My childs life is kind of on the line, he is currently in state custody in Kansas, and dad shows no interest in trying to get him out

  8. jketterman says:

    You do need an attorney. And I strongly discourage you in taking a polygraph. There is a reason they are not admissible in court.
    If the State is seeking to terminate your parental rights, then you should be able to get a court appointed attorney.

  9. TMC says:

    My son recently falsely accused of child abuse. Wife lost Protective Order and recanted the false allegations and wanted to reconcile the marriage. My son’s attorney had papers signed by a judge approving and the next day Amicas Attorney filed order to have children removed from the home. My husband and I have temporary Possesory Conservertorship of our two grandchildren. CPS found no reason to remove the children, but Judge was mad at my son’s attorney and cited him with numerous violations. My son has changed attorneys for him and his wife and we are going in circles trying to get this resolved. CPS said Judge went over their head and removed the children and no one can tell us why. My son and wife are taking required classes had already instituted their own counseling with a Psychologist and still no answers. The Amicas Attorney is now changed to Ad Litem and has yet to talk to myself, my son or my husband or the children. She is focusing on the wife’s mother as her source of information. I think everyone needs to know how severe false allegations affect everyone’s lives. Thank goodness we got the children. They wanted them in a foster home. Will update you after next hearing. Fort Worth Courts.

  10. jketterman says:

    Please do. BTW, I would look into whether the Amicus, now the AAL, should be removed. Once an attorney has been an Amicus (and has filed a report with the court), that attorney is not eligible to be the AAL. Call me if you need any further help.

  11. melissa says:

    Hello..my brother is being falsley accused of molestation by a neighbor. The mom of this boy was a strung out addict. My bro became his mentor and also helped his mom with money at times. Long story short..my bro just got locked up for this accusation. He will be there a lpng time awaiting trial. My family dont have $20-50thousand for attorney. Im cleaning houses to try and save to help him. But I know this is a serious crime and we feel hopeless. How is it fair that anyone can acuse somebody and that persons life being ruin by a lie. God or someone with a heart please help me 🙁 I will beg. Please help us

  12. MBT says:

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  13. Lauren says:

    My family is in the middle of a huge ordeal right now & it is the result of a misunderstanding & the lack of appropriate information available to people in the position that I am in. I don’t really want to go into it publicly on the board. Do you possibly have an email address where I can send my story? My life is turned upside down & I am desparate for any help I can get.

  14. jketterman says:

    The sad truth is that, your brother will need an attorney. He can ask for a court appointed attorney, and there are good ones. I will keep my fingers crossed that he gets one of the good ones.

  15. jketterman says:

    Julie@khalawyers.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

  16. jketterman says:

    Your brother is entitled to a court appointed attorney if he can’t afford to retain one. And if he gets a court appointed attorney, tell him to MAKE that attorney work for him.

  17. David says:

    Can a mother that falsly accusers a father have malicious intent or other criminal charges brought on her? Does this typically happen? My ex has done this twice in the past in Louisiana and the allegations are unsubstantiated.
    She has now done this a third time and made complaints to Texas CPS, HPD and Louisiana OCS.
    Texas CPS has dropped it as of now, unknown on HPD and OCS in Louisiana unknown too.

  18. jketterman says:

    Probably not. But why don’t you file for custody? If you can prove that mom is making false allegations against you then you could, most likely, convince a judge that your child should be with you.

  19. melinda says:

    My boyfriend of 16 years and the father of my 2 sons has had a call called in on him of touching my cousin in the wrong place and getting on top of her. My cousin’s mom, brother and I has had issues and her mom blames me for Hud making her move and then this comes up the allegation on my boyfriend. The brother of my cousin call in the allegation and he lives in another state then we do. The child was upset about moving and with her mom blaming me and her hearing that, I think this is the main reason behind the child’s allegation on my boyfriend and I would not put it past my aunt or another family member or my aunt’s boyfriend maybe putting the idea in her head has well. No law enforcement has contacted him about this allegation. We only know about it from my father who was told what the child said was done by the mother which is his sister and he (my father) is also the one who told me the brother call the cops to make the allegation. My father also said the cops show up the same night at my aunt’s house and told her if you don’t take the child to get check then we will. My aunt did take her and the hospital said she has never been messed with. My question is what do we need to do to see about the allegation made to protect him sent they are false? To their knowledge (the cops) we know nothing about the allegation. Do we contact the law to find out information ourselves? we need to know what is going to happen,etc because this is a very serious and can effect our whole family. We need help to know what to do……

  20. Janice Kieschnick says:

    Can a person who has been falsely accused of child medical neglect to cps(and it can be 100% proven that the accusation is false) file a suit in a court of law for “defamation of character”?

  21. Trisha says:

    My husband’s ex-wife has mad 17 false accusations in 6 years on us including molestation. Each investigation we are viewed as guilty and we have had to prove our innocence. He has had custody of his kids for 6 years and we know she is trying to lie to CPS to get custody back. Isn’t there a law that is suppose to protect from false accusations?

  22. Daniel Witt says:

    My stepdaughter’s father filed a false claim against my wife before we met during their custody “battle”. Sad it has to be referred to that way. The case worker actually got so aggrivated with his time being wasted that he came to the custody hearing to tell the judge about the situation on his own time. Its been about 5 years now and we’ve gotten along with him relatively well for the past few years. Now, out of the blue, he called again and made such disgusting allogations against me I have a hard time talking about it. He told them that “the stepfather” gives the children Benadryl so they’ll sleep so we can party all night and sell drugs. We have cars coming by and staying for just a few minutes as if they’re here to buy drugs. He told them that his daughter wets herself at night (which only happens at his house) and she wets herself when she meets new people. The case worker told us that she believes that someone is just angry at us and the case is being dropped but that’s just not good enough for me. He’s just trying to get out of paying his back child support by taking her away and I don’t believe this will be the end of it. I’ve contacted an attorney and he told me that there’s really nothing I can do about it. He said we can try amending the custody agreement because there is some unclear language and bring this up to the judge in the process but that I don’t have any direct recourse because I’m not the biological parent. Is there any recourse for step parents provided by the law? I can’t believe that someone can accuse me of drugging and neglecting my kids and implying that she might be molested or sexually abused and there’s just nothing that I can do about it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  23. jketterman says:

    I would go back to court to modify the access and possession that the father has. What he’s doing is parental alienation and it’s wrong. If the judge believes that this is happening he can restrict the dad’s access to the kids.

  24. jketterman says:

    You would think so but false allegations are made daily. You simply have to fight each one of them. I’m sorry that you’re having to go through this.

  25. jketterman says:

    Not against CPS; they are immune. If you can prove neglect on the part of an individual caseworker or supervisor then you can sue that person individually.

  26. Anonymous says:

    One of my niece (4 years) is complainaning that her cousin (6 years) has touched her in Inappropriate way. My sister is crying and cannot belive this happen. What Can I do? please help me should I call CPS?

  27. jketterman says:

    You have a duty to report this. If you fail to do so, CPS can get you and your sister on failure to protect.

  28. Salicia Jackson says:

    My husband and I separated after 8 years. He had nothing to do with the kids for 3 months. I took care of our 3 kids. After he found out i had a new boyfriend he wanted to spend time with his kids so we went to court and we agreed that the weekend was best. After 2 months of that, he started calling the police and CPS saying that the kids were being abused by me. After that case was closed he went after my boyfriend when that was closed he went after my boyfriends son, in which my kids had never been left alone without his sister there. The CPS gave him the kids and said that i needed to find somewhere else to stay. I asked how could that be with no proof of being molested. The kids went to their( CPS) doctors and they didnt find anything to back up what was said. After the kids starting saying things after being in his care for 3 weeks. Nobody wants to help me. I just want my back, he is just using them to get to me because thats the only way he can. PLEASE HELP ME

  29. Bobby says:

    My step daughter made false allegations on me over ten years ago, we went through hell. and CPS would not take them off my record even though the daughter was diagnosed with severe manic depression and being extreme bipolar, and even committed to Austin State mental hospital. Now CPS has a case on another of my children that has two children and they said they can’t be around me. Made them move from their home because it was right by me. CAN I GET ALL RECORDS OF ME TAKEN OFF CPS RECORDS?

  30. jketterman says:

    It is possible. You would have to request an administrative hearing.

  31. Corey B says:

    Cps got an allegation from the school of me supposedly touching my daughter. And made it so that I cant live in my house. My wife had been helping me with hotel rooms now they claim they are going to put an order so I cant be in contact with my wife. They say I cant see my kids either but have shown no paper work of any of this. Can they keep an adult away from an adult?

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  34. jketterman says:

    No. CPS needs a court order to keep you away from your children also. Demand to see the order.

  35. Lori Armstrong says:

    It was two weeks before we were to become permanent custodians to our God daughter. Police called and asked us to come up and talk to them. We did. It turned out that one of the family members told grandma that she didn’t think we were good choices for us to take care of her because of what happened to him. So the gentleman went and told the police department what happened. He said my husband sodomise him. 21 years ago. He said he was under 12. Well then the two oldest brothers came forward and said he did the same thing. I know for a fact that none of those charges are true. Although my husband gave into the detectives and said yes I did it. Well needless to say 1 year later he had received 2 years fire this crime of 21 years ago. And 10 more for the ones that happened 8 years ago. I am so angry at this family. Anyway last court date. Friends said to mom and grandma we will do whatever it takes to get her back. And they did. It’s ruined his and my life.

  36. jketterman says:

    I’m so sorry. It sounds like your year is starting off horribly. Good luck.

  37. Anonymous says:

    My daughter has falsely accused my boyfriend of touching her inappropriately. She has done this in previously years back also and says that it was just a dream. And has also heard voices talk to he, yrs ago. CPS had done an investigation and is closing the case. I took her to her pediatrician on my own free will to get a referral for a councelor. The NP says that she needs to do a forensic interview to document the situation and for her to get counciling at the another facility the NP works at. If CPS is going to close the case can this NP Request her to have this done and cause more issues. This i causing alot of stress on my daughter to have to retell this over and over again…. what do I do???

  38. jketterman says:

    If CPS is closing the case, I wouldn’t agree to any interview of your daughter (forensic or otherwise). I’m assuming that NP means nurse practitioner. If I’m correct then this NP is not even qualified to do a forensic interview. A forensic interview is done via CPS, usually at a Child Assessment Center (or a facility similar), and by an individual specifically trained to conduct the forensic interview. It’s always video-taped and conducted in a specific manner. This is because forensic interviews are used as evidence in legal proceedings. That’s what makes it forensic. If CPS is closing the case and there is no criminal investigation pending, then there is absolutely no reason to submit to a forensic interview. And if you have a nurse practitioner telling you that she can conduct a forensic interview, I would find another pediatrician.

    If the NP makes a new referral (which they have a legal duty to do) and a forensic interview is done, then yes, it will cause more issues.

  39. Ashley says:

    Hi my boyfriend of 5 years and I have raised his son for almost 5 yrs. My boyfriend was recently carcerated. The mother of a 5 year old boy found out where he lived by CPS and come to my house and took him. Now she has his 5 year old saying my boyfriend touched him when we had him. Then when I speak to the 5 yr old he says his mommy make him say it. She currently has the 5 year old going to therapy for this she has made numerous cpS reports on us for this matter CPS has closed our case every time due to false accusation she still continues to call Cps about this matter. She recently had all of her kids taken by CPS and place in a family member’s home her caseworker is telling us that the father of the five year old boy can not take him due to a CPS case opened on him but when I called her supervisor she told me we do not have a case how can we go about getting my boyfriends son from the family member if he is not allowed to be with the mother. My boyfriend has rights to the kid as well as the mother does right?

  40. Ashley says:

    Also another thing when the kids are removed from a parent are they allowed to be around the children. The kids are currently in a her family member’s home where she can see them anytime I thought when CPS removes the children the parents who was unfit was not allowed to be around the kids.

  41. Sandra says:

    My daughter is falsely accusing my boyfriend and father of my 2 youngest kids about touching her inappropriately. She tells me she doesn’t want to talk about it, and CPS has removed him from my home and not allowed to see his kids at all. Its been a month and half already and nothing has been done. They have not gotten in contact with him or myself in regards to what needs to happen. I called and my caseworker said she had bigger cases and she is going to refer me to FBSS. Can I refuse services and what else should I do. My daughter says she doesn’t know if it was a dream or not. It has come out in recent converstaions that she is not happy that I had more kids. My boyfriend denies these allegations and is going crazy not being able to see his kids. What should I do, I am scared and no one is calling me back or letting me know what is going on. Thank you

  42. Ashley says:

    Im dealing with cps im in Dallas tx well they said in the investigation part they ruled it out as unable to determine so they transferred it to fbss and im doing classes and they say dad can’t see the kids because of the false allegations which were child abuse which he never did and he did not sign any paper work please help on any advice

  43. Ashley says:

    I want to know can i go get my kids when i finish my counseling and we have not been in court or anything No court order

  44. Amanda says:

    My husband’s sister filed a false report to cps in august stating her 3 year old daughter was sexually assaulted by my 7 year old daughter and alleged that my daughter behaves this way because she is molested by my husband…furthermore alleging that I, a kindergarten teacher, am aware of this and do nothing about it. My daughter underwent a forensic interview and 12 weeks of counselling wherein a profession deemed that my daughter did not hurt anyone and has not been hurt by anyone. This was embarassing to me as a Cps worker came to my workplace to talk to myself and my daughter since I work at the school my child attends….my son in jr high was also pulled out. My family was cleared of the allegations. Now..5 months later, she has made the Exact same report of my daughter abusing hers and there has been no contact since the beginning of August! We do not have contact with her family at all. She is a drug addict and angry that we would not pay her bills for her.I believe she is now hoping to make me lose my job. She also callled my place of work and told them I needed to be fired because I “use meth every morning”. I have filed two police reports and was wondering what to do next.

  45. jketterman says:

    Contact the main Child Protective Services Office in your state and have them flag this woman’s name in case ahe makes further allegations. Follow this up in writing to the Child Protected Service Office and keep a copy of any communication with Child Protected Services. Unfortunately, there is not a lot you can do at this point other than keep good records of events as they happen.

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  47. E.leah says:

    My Ex accused my now ex-boyfriend of touching our children inappropriately in a plot to wrangle custody from me of our two children. My daughter was interviewed thoroughly by cps. It came back unfounded. It destroyed my relationship with a good man. The father of my children has been trying to take our children from me for 6 years now. He now has full custody of our son, and I have full custody of our daughter. He is constantly threatening to take me to court, and was nonstop filing against me before the judge ordered us to go to family counseling. I know that nobody wants to take children away from parents. It should never come to that, however it is not right to make your kids tell lies about people to destroy other people.

  48. jketterman says:

    You’re in a position that many, many single parents are in. It is a very sad state of affairs when a parent makes false allegations against the other parents BF/GF/Spouse. It’s even worse when that parents teaches or encourages a child to misrepresent the truth or flat out lie. That, in itself, is abuse. It’s actually encouraging to me that your judge is sending you and dad to family counseling. He needs to learn to co-parent with you. Your children need to see that you and dad are working together for their sake. I always say, co-parenting is the greatest gift divorced parents can give their children. Having said that: still proceed carefully and with caution. Keep a journal. Take pictures. Record when you can. And, although not always fair, it might not be a bad idea to NOT have a BF right now. It’s certainly not fair to “him” to place him in a position of being falsely accused of a crime. And being alone right now with your entire focus on your children might not be a bad thing.

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