Government-funded researchers tested AIDS drugs on hundreds of foster children.

It’s the Tuskegee Experiment all over again! This is no better than the program that started in the 1930s where black men were also “sorta-kinda” treated, lured in by the promise of health care and treatment. For FORTY YEARS this program ran, where these men were NOT treated with the effective drugs known as ANTIBIOTICS. What a dark age for America, and when the full extent of the program was discovered and disbanded, we all said “NEVER AGAIN.” Well, look again, folks. To use CHILDREN as GUINEA PIGS when by law they can’t even decide their own fate, and to make sure they’re in the system so that there are no pesky parents to ASK QUESTIONS!

Once again, the system is “played.” This must stop. Join me in my efforts to protect our children from the government agencies who have sworn to help them but do anything but. #WhereJusticeLies

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