It’s time to say to CPS: no more excuses; no more lies; no more dollar signs; no more pinwheels.

The problem that I have with this “feel-good” article below is that it presents Child Protective Services (CPS) in a false light. Pinwheels do nothing for the children – our children – who are lost and victimized by the very system designed to protect them. CPS admits that they do not have the infrastructure – “soldiers on the ground” as they put it – to keep up with the growing number of child-abuse victims. One has to wonder why: Is it because the abuse and neglect of children is increasing? Or is it because CPS is creating “abused and neglected” children? Unfortunately, it’s the latter. Federal and State financial incentives have led CPS down the rabbit hole… and they simply do not have the insight to find their way back.

My response: Hey, CPS! Stop harassing parents and ripping families apart when abuse and neglect isn’t there! You do have the “soldiers” – you just don’t have them on the battlefield!

To those who want to help these children, drop the pinwheels and pick up your sword. Join those of us who are the voice of these broken children. Exposing the corruption and mismanagement that runs rampant within CPS and the Courts is vital! This isn’t about pinwheels; this is about opening our eyes and ears. Look at what CPS is doing to our families. Listen to the children who are torn from their mothers’ arms.

Pinwheels? How sweet. The children sleeping in strange beds tonight will be grateful for all the pinwheels throughout the communities, I’m sure. The brothers and sisters who are separated will feel comfort knowing that people took the time to place each pinwheel on display. As I drive through neighborhoods, towns and cities seeing the small blue patches of pinwheels peppered throughout I can only shake my head, thinking, “If only everyone knew.”

It’s simply time. It’s time to say no more! It’s time to say Stop! It’s time to stop being afraid to stand up to CPS and the Courts. It’s time to say to CPS: no more excuses; no more lies; no more dollar signs; no more pinwheels.


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