It’s time to say to CPS: no more excuses; no more lies; no more dollar signs; no more pinwheels.

The problem that I have with this “feel-good” article below is that it presents Child Protective Services (CPS) in a false light. Pinwheels do nothing for the children – our children – who are lost and victimized by the very system designed to protect them. CPS admits that they do not have the infrastructure – “soldiers on the ground” as they put it – to keep up with the growing number of child-abuse victims. One has to wonder why: Is it because the abuse and neglect of children is increasing? Or is it because CPS is creating “abused and neglected” children? Unfortunately, it’s the latter. Federal and State financial incentives have led CPS down the rabbit hole… and they simply do not have the insight to find their way back.

My response: Hey, CPS! Stop harassing parents and ripping families apart when abuse and neglect isn’t there! You do have the “soldiers” – you just don’t have them on the battlefield!

To those who want to help these children, drop the pinwheels and pick up your sword. Join those of us who are the voice of these broken children. Exposing the corruption and mismanagement that runs rampant within CPS and the Courts is vital! This isn’t about pinwheels; this is about opening our eyes and ears. Look at what CPS is doing to our families. Listen to the children who are torn from their mothers’ arms.

Pinwheels? How sweet. The children sleeping in strange beds tonight will be grateful for all the pinwheels throughout the communities, I’m sure. The brothers and sisters who are separated will feel comfort knowing that people took the time to place each pinwheel on display. As I drive through neighborhoods, towns and cities seeing the small blue patches of pinwheels peppered throughout I can only shake my head, thinking, “If only everyone knew.”

It’s simply time. It’s time to say no more! It’s time to say Stop! It’s time to stop being afraid to stand up to CPS and the Courts. It’s time to say to CPS: no more excuses; no more lies; no more dollar signs; no more pinwheels.


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7 Responses to It’s time to say to CPS: no more excuses; no more lies; no more dollar signs; no more pinwheels.

  1. Larry v yocum says:

    Cps has been in my life for 2oyrs and here we go again is there no end i am so tired of it seems like me and my wife will have no happens

  2. This stuff is great. You appear to know a lot about this. It is very informative and you are obviously very knowledgeable in this area. awesome post. I was reading your write up and my boyfriends dumb puppy threw a pitcher all over my brand new computer.

  3. C Raaum says:

    So how do we say “NO MORE!” My grandchild is a victim of CPS in AZ. The judge who placed her with us even put it in his findings that CPS did not need to remove her. I have done TONS of research on the law and the policies of CPS in order to help my grandchild and others. I want to make it change but don’t know how to make it happen. Please help!

  4. jketterman says:

    Contact your congressman. I wish I could give you a better answer. Document your story and get it out in the public. Make people listen.

  5. jketterman says:

    CPS won’t quit. You won’t be able to stop them on your own. I wish you could. You need to hire an experienced attorney to shut them down. CPS is a bully.

  6. kristi carpenter says:

    cps decided to go back and pull documents from a closed case and turn a report filed against my son and his wife around on me and pulled my grandson from my home again. after they specifically told me that with a closed case that nothing could be used from it since it was closed. also the cps caseworker from the first case Randy Martinez included false information in his documentation when he filed his paperwork. He lied about so much and kept telling every family member a different story. Had i known my rights i would have fought so much harder. i am going to do everything legally possible to make cps return my grandson and pursue legal action against cps and the old and new caseworker.

  7. jketterman says:

    I hope you do. CPS, in these situations, has to be stopped. They have a duty to place with family first. They have a duty to remove children ONLY ON FACTS. If you know CPS has lied — don’t stop fighting. So many people simply give up. If we all stand up and say NO MORE then maybe we can stop in injustice.

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