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Julie Ketterman:
In 1999, Julie earned her law degree at South Texas College of Law. Julie handles all types of criminal, family, juvenile cases but focuses on CPS cases. She is licensed fake watches to practice in both Federal and State District Courts. Julie works in Harris and all surrounding counties.

During her legal career, Julie has traveled throughout the State of Texas to represent clients on CPS matters. Colin has been recognized by Cambridge’s “Who’s Who” as a lifetime member for her achievements in the legal profession.

Julie is the mother of three girls and has six grandchildren.

James R. Hedlesten:
In 2002, James earned his law degree at Texas Southern University’s School of Law.

James handles all types of family cases. James is licensed to practice in both Federal and State District Courts. James works in Harris, Galveston, Brazoria, Montgomery and Fort Bend counties.

James is a divorced single father and has one daughter, Reagan.


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  1. Charlie says:

    Why is the termination of parental rights not always decided by jury? The punishment a family receives is just as harsh as a murder case. Also, why is the number of children in foster care going down in many other states yet increasing in Texas? Does Texas have a quota to meet for federal aide?

  2. jketterman says:

    Termination of parental rights should always be decided by a jury. But, in Texas, you have to request a jury trial. If you don’t, your case is tried to the judge…which can be a disaster in some cases.
    Texas and Illinois have the highest number of children in foster care per capita. Why? Well, I believe that CPS in Texas is out of control and people are simply afraid to stop them.
    CPS gets federal money every time a CPS suit is filed and every time a child is adopted.

  3. Jer says:

    I need a lawyer in houston. CPS has targeted my family! Help?

  4. Johnny says:

    IF CPS has told you that you cannot have any contact with your children but you have never signed anything with them… Can they hold it against you to go see your children if they are currently at a family members?

  5. jketterman says:

    If you haven’t signed anything, or if there is no court order, you can go see your child.

  6. jketterman says:

    I can be reached at 713.652.2003

  7. Kee says:

    Someone called cps cause my 16 year old said she was depressed can they really make me have to do what they say or they will take my child?

  8. Christina M. Wolford, proud grandmother says:

    Being a parent is one of the joys I have come to love especially since I became a grandmother, 19 years ago. The ability to see the miracles of life unfold before your eyes to me, is remarkable. The question to ponder is can I love unconditionally? My answer, how else can I love? Thank you, for aiding in a continuence of (even if from a distnace) another spark of life on my sky full of stars. Don’t ever stop doing what you do!

  9. jketterman says:

    I’m so glad I could help. Keeping you and your grandson together is a gift for me also. There is no love as special as that of a grandmothers.

  10. Antionette Johnson, great granmother says:

    CPS will not give me my great grandson. They want him to be adopted because he looks so different that he can fit in any family with emphasis on his racial heritage. They terminated his mother’s parental rights with proof of anything except proof that the mother hit the child with a belt on one occasion. Although, she completed everything they still took the child and terminated her rights and would not give the child to to me. I raised Obadiah please help me this is breaking my heart.

  11. Kimberly Brasher says:

    I need some advice on a current cps case I am in where cps is drugging my oldest child with a antisycotropic drug. I can be reached at my email

  12. Lucy says:

    CPS are evil, evil people. They took my little grandchildren from my daughter and made her jump through hoops for a year before they could be reunited. They expected my daughter, an abused wife, to have a nice home, reliable car, and steady job PLUS complete class after class after class when all she had was a suitcase of clothes. As soon as they were reunited and the judge closed the case, they left Texas. Thank God. This is a year they will never get back. And it all could have been avoided had my daughter known her rights. The person who made the initial complaint has admitted numerous times she lied, making up all the allegations so the father could get custody in a divorce. I would like to see her and CPS punished for their complicity and duplicity.

  13. jketterman says:

    You still have time to fight for you great grandson legally. But the clock is ticking. Under the law, you have 90 days to file suit to fight for him — after the parental rights are terminated. After that all doors are pretty much closed. Please call my office at 713.652.2003 for more information.

  14. jketterman says:

    You need for force your child’s AAL to fight for your child’s rights. And yes, that includes his or her rights to be healthy.

  15. jketterman says:

    I agree. People think that calling CPS is a quick and easy remedy. It’s not. It really is opening a can of worms. A can of government worms. CPS should NEVER be called unless a child is truly in danger. Unfortunately, neither CPS nor the individual who called can be punished. They are immune. The law presumes that they both act in “good faith”.

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  23. mark says:

    Me and my wife was called by cps, and the case worker said that she talked to our child at school because she had a so called secret, but said it was not a cryout, so she is just going to abbreviate the case and give it to her supervisor. what should me and my wife do. should we get a lawyer or just waite until they close the case. We live in fortworth , tx. can you help with advice please

  24. Mary Springer says:

    I have a neice that needs someones help regarding child custody and cps.
    She needs someones help, fast. The child dad has done everything possible to keep my great niece from her mother. Even to the point of accusing her friend she just meet of sexual abuse and even contacting cps. My niece and I finally went up to CPS office after my niece has left message, after message and no phone calls returned. When we finally got her to come out of her office, she said she was going to close the case, but the dad still wont let her see my great neice because he is saying the need to do another visit with my great neice. So please help her, he is just being a jurk and pull things out of his hat. she has not seen this child in three months. Help please.

  25. Kacy Scheppe says:

    It’s really a great and helpful piece of info. I am glad that you shared this helpful information with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Greg says:

    Hello, I was contacted by CPS for a meeting about an incident a couple months ago with my ex wife and our daughter falling off the couch while we were arguing. We had a heated argument and our 1.5 year old fell and hit her head. the police came to the home due to the argument and my exwife calling. I asked that they examine my daughter because she hit her head and was very tired. i was worried about a concussion.
    The CPS worker has talked to my ex the kids and I am wondering after reading all this would a cps worker as my ex wife to sign a safety order to keep me away from the home or contacting me before anyone has spoke to me. My ex-wife said she know she was going to call me and has been keeping my kids from calling me back etc. I am worried that i have been made to look bad and no one has talked to me. Is this possible? Am I going to be walking into a surprise?

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  28. carol jones (loving grandmother) says:

    My son and daughter-in-law moved to texas from Kansas City to get a fresh start in august of 09′. cps was called on them about their daughter on dec. 16,2009. they took my granddaughter to a safe home suposedley for 2 days to get the drug results back, if clean she was to be returned, however the next day they were served with court papers. They did all the programs were always in compliance with all court orders, even had cps homemaker services testify that they were ready to be reunited with their daughter. At mediation they wanted us to sign our rights over so we took them to trial. They still terminated their rights on grounds that we may put our daughter in harms way , and that we didn’t learn anything. My son has recently been diagnosed with aspergers syndrome and this is messing with him emotionally. It went before the texas supreme court in october 2011, but the attorney court appointed didnt request them to review trial records that would have shown where the cps witnesses lied on the stand repeatedly. Can we file an appeal in U.S. Supreme court?

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  30. Aziani says:

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  31. jketterman says:

    An appeal can, and should, be filed. But the deadlines are very strict. Contact my office for an appoint to discuss your options further.

  32. jketterman says:

    It looks as though you may be walking into the snake pit. My advice is to not talk to anyone without an attorney present.

  33. jketterman says:

    Contact my office for an appointment.

  34. Betsabe Martinez says:

    I am involved with a custody battle and cps case that has resulted in temporary placement and child safety order. I can only see my daughter once a week on supervised visits. They have given my 5 yr. old daughter to the absentee father who has never contacted her or payed child support in the last 5 yrs. This man has also fathered 3 other children with 3 other mothers, one of whom was married to someone else at the time. He came at me with false allegations and the Ad Litem is completely on his side. How can I fight against such injustice and get my daughter back? No matter what I do or how much I cooperate with CPS it seems as if I am sinking deeper and deeper into this trap. Help!

  35. jketterman says:

    Get an attorney. You can’t fight the system alone.

  36. Brian Scott says:

    Nice post! I learn more information about child custody investigator. All the information above caught my attention and I love the way it was written, great! Keep on posting.

  37. Kristi Ritchie says:

    Hi, My daughter was taken from me 11 years ago on March 20, 2001. I am still trying to figure out where she has been placed and/or adopted to what family! I tested positive for Weed at the time of her early birth 4 months early, I had an abruption of the placenta….needless to say CPS put me thru the ringer and in the end no matter many objectives I completed or what I did to comply my rights were terminated. I have since found out that approx. 3 years after my rights were terminated the foster family she had been residing with throughout the court preceedings were sexually abusing all 13 foster/adoptovie children in the home-police siezed he kids and when I called CPS main number to get info I was told “what should you care? your rights were trminated!” I want to know if I will ever get the ability to see her or even know her? She has a blood sister here in this world and it tears me up daily thinking that there is a piece of me out there that I wonders who and where I am! Please assist if you can. All I want is to hug her and let her know I have always loved her and I am still looking for her. I want that relationship I nerver had the oppertunity to have. There are a lot of “gliches” in the case and I believe that I had an unfair trial. I know that CPS has this thing called “last goodbye” and still to this day 11 years later I still have yet to have mine! My heart will forever hurt till I find my 1st born daughter Kyra Lee Johnson! Thank you in advance.

  38. jketterman says:

    Document everything regarding your children, ie, cuts, scrapes, dr’s appts, etc. Keep a journal. There is nothing that you can do to stop someone from making a referral, but you can keep very good records (photographs also) so that if CPS knocks on your door you’re ready.

  39. zachary baker says:

    My number is 7027424863 i need help getting to see my son can u please give me a call thank you

  40. jketterman says:

    My Office number is 713.652.2003. Please call my office and we can talk.

  41. Lisa Harness says:

    I need help! I live in San Angelo and I can’t find an attorney who has civil rights lawsuit knowledge. In my home lived my 16 yr old terminally ill daughter, Tiffany, my 18 yr old daughter, Crystal, my 2 yr old granddaughter, and my 1 yr old granddaughter. On December 29, 2011 CPS took my granddaugters from Crystal. Tiffany was in the hospital in Austin receiving her treatment. I got an attorney right away to intervene. Tiffany was released from the hospital January 6 and was home for 5 days when CPS said there was a report made against me about Tiffany. We went to the meeting and they decided that Tiffany should live with her dad whom lives about 80 miles away from me. The report was for medical neglect! I voluntarily allowed Tiffany to stay with her dad until I got this crap straightened out. They allowed Tiffany to stay one more night with me before she went away. They accused me of drinking cough syrup just because Crystal was using drug. Then they said that while I was at work Crystal and Tiffany had a 22 yr old male with a criminal record at the house and that there was no adult supervision at the time, keep in mind that Crystal was 18 which I beleive is the legal age of an adult. It took CPS 3 months to get me a case worker. The caseworker said she would do parenting classes at my house with me and get us counseling. Then 2 mos later she said she was closing the case because she got a permotion and was moving t Abilene. By the way the only reason I finally got a caseworker is because I called OCA and filed a complaint. I was told by the investigator that she closed the investigation and that she would send me a letter on how to appeal it. When I was told about the caseworker closing the case I called OCA and questioned about the letter to appeal, they said one was never generated and that they would contact CPS to send me one. The same day I got the letter that the case was closed with “Reason to Beleive”, I got the appeal letter. The reason to beleive says “Medical Neglect” and under that it says that I failed to seek medical attention. Tiffany missed 4 appointments last year, 2 of which she was in the hospital, 1 I did’nt have the money to get her there and the other I did’nt have a vehicle. All of this information and verification is in a letter that her doctor sent me. I went to the administrative review hearing in August. The woman who did the interview works for CPS in Lubbock. She brought up about the male visiting Crystal and how Tiffany does’nt comply with her daily treatments. I don’t have her letter yet. Tiffany is non compliant with her dad and he missed her surgery date and CPS is aware of this but said she is 17 and she can do what she wants and if he does’nt have the money to take her to appoints then he does’nt have the money. How is this different from me being responsible? Tiffany loves her dad but wants to come home she says she can’t stand his girlfriend. This is mentally hurting the family and since CPS closed the case on me they said they could’nt offer me any services. They are nothing more than a Family Chop Shop! CPS is changing the Permenent Placement of my granddaughters to outside family adoption on October 10, 2012 in court. The foster mom said that my 3 yr old granddaughter is very stressed especially after weekly visits that she masterbates afterwards. How is this doing well? She says she wants to come home with us but CPS wants the foster parents to adopt them. I know I’m along way from you but I don’t know what to do. I can’t sleep or eat and this has been going on for 9 mos now. Somebody needs to stop them and they need to pay for what they are doing. Do you think I have a lawsuit against them? I deperately need your help.

  42. Lisa Harness says:

    My heart is shattered and I want my family back together. I know I am the best to raise my granddaughters! I have no criminal background and I have much to offer them.

  43. jketterman says:

    A grandparent in usually the best to raise a child, if the parent can’t.

  44. jketterman says:

    I’m here to help. I’m waiting on your call.

  45. Mendy Ehmann says:

    My case is won. During my Trial to terminate parental rights- the judge saw how horrible he had screwed up, dismissed the jury, admonished himself, but wanted to wean my children home over a 90 day period with no reason to do so. I have such hard evidence of department fraud that my case may be the last case you need to try. I
    My babies were coming home Forever on Wed Nov 21 st but CPS has filed another motion to modify,modified,modified, modified, temporary order to halt return. I have a Defense attorney But need The Most Awesome,knowledgeable,firm Tonight! NOW! As Soon as you can please contact me! If my children go back Sunday we are doomed. PLEASE! We will pay you whatever reasonable amount you require for your prompt attention. PLEASE contact me ASAP! 806-683-6596 or 806-201-0453 or PLEASE!

  46. jketterman says:

    You can call my office for a free consultation. I’m interested in hearing about your case.

  47. jketterman says:

    My office number is 713.652.2003

  48. Ms. Moore says:

    I was wondering if i get family and friends and neighbors to write letters stating what kind of parents my fiance and me are, will that help? I also thought about a petition to help get our case closed? We had a an altercation in our home while the children where there but asleep in there room in there bed and CPS states it’s neglect and my fiance can not live in the same home with us or else they will remove my children. I have signed safety plans because of fear of losing my children. I complied with whatever they said because i do not want to lose my children. PLEASE HELP!

  49. Yvonne Garza says:

    I am in Gillespie County and am going through a CPS case right now amd need an attorney BADLY. Would you please reccomend one? If possible wouldn’t mind talking to you about case.

  50. Justin says:

    Love the blog. I have a sibling who recently moved from Houston to Bryan. He and his wife are under CPS investigation because their daughter has a cracked rib; she is now one month old, possibly with a vitamin deficiency and brittle bones. He is on record as saying he accidentally caused the injury to their daughter while holding her. Although medical tests are still inconclusive on the injury, as part of the investigation, he is being removed from his family and only allowed CPS supervised care. Mom is only allowed supervised care at their house (registered family member). My concern is, as part of CPS’s “safety plan”, the medical providers they recommend are their own providers, so it is obvious there is a conflict of interest. It seems there are two strategies: over-comply with CPS in the investigation and “safety plan” in hopes they will not make a recommendation to take the case to court, or get an attorney immediately and fight the system for this ridiculousness. Thoughts?

  51. Roxanne says:

    My daughter is in her 39th week of pregnancy. She made the horrid mistake of taking some friends advice of smoking a joint to alleviate nausea about 3 weeks ago, when she couldn’t hold anything down for 3 days. Her doctor did a drug test – and it came back positive.

    He has stated that if the next test comes back positive he will have to tell the hospital.

    She is staying with me right now, a stable, clean, balanced home, until the birth. She has been drinking tons of water to flush her system and testing as often as possible to see if she is negative now or not. Her next appointment is tomorrow, 9/16/13 and I am going with her for support. The last test she took showed a light positive…but still positive.

    I need to know what to expect in the hospital – if the placenta or baby’s first bowel movement comes back showing positive. I am willing to take temporary custody of the baby and her 2 year old, but I would like to be prepared as to what the full extend of the situation poses for me, my family and my daughter and her family.

    We will keep your number handy for sure….

    I am in Harris Country, Houston, and she is delivering at West Hospital.

  52. erica price says:

    Hello my sister in law had her children voluntarily placed with a family member after her daughter’s mirconium tested positive at birth for meth she did cps safety plan and when she thought it was over she left leanord texas to go back home to illinois and now she is fighting extradition of the kids to be taken back to texas yet both parents live in Illinois how do we stop the extradition? ?? Thank you if u can help please call 9034220525

  53. jketterman says:

    CPS can’t extradict the family. The only thing that they can do is contact the child protective agency in Illinois. Unless the family is served a court order, signed by a judge, they need not worry.

  54. jketterman says:

    You need to file for an emergency order that the baby be placed with you at birth. You can file — with your daughter’s permission — a suit on the unborn child. If you do this, you could possibly avoid having CPS in your life.

  55. jketterman says:

    I would be happy to talk to you and help you find an attorney close to you. 713.652.2003

  56. marchipp1979@gmail says:

    My wife was visited on November 7,2012 by a cps Investogator ! My 4 year old son was there with my wife as I was in West Texas with my partner in my share partnership of my company asked to Bid on Oilfield Site work! As I was in the Meeting my wife called me and said this cps Investogator asked her to take a swobing test and as she did he gave it to her bare handed and then recieved it bare handed from my wife then the investigator places this swobing test on our couch and takes a photograph with his cell phone and states that my wife was dirty for meth! As I know and hearing this my heart was shocked and then got in mind state of mind that he was in harms way of falesifying this drug test and minipulated the test ! Then I hear my wife scream out why did you just open my house door to let 2 cops in our house and the officeirs forced my wife to sit down as they were told to search our house with out my being there to see them ! The officer stated that he found a pipe under the mattress as me and my wife knowingly knows that was brought in from the two officers as this all takes place in front of my 4 years old son ! Investogator states out to my wife in front of my son your a dope head and your trash! As this has been going for over a year now ! Finished all classes and had clean drug test along with five case workers in this time frame the 4 th case worker kepted us from completing classes sooner over her none responsive manner of laziness ! She and along with the cps department tampered with test results and said they were posisitive for meth! We are clean and have been clean ! One of my test on me said I had 7 grams in my system at prior time and if I had that you think I would be alive to type this to you! As of two days ago we had mediation and all we heard was taking our rights then went to adoption to family member ! That’s the same freaking thing ! We are not giving up on all the lies tampering with test, mentally harming our minds and all three kids minds , loosing my partnership cause of breaching the release of confodentialality , caused to loose our house as well, torchering us in front of kids bad mouthed and were just fed up with this ! We were told in mediation that they will have to either take trial or adoption ? This isn’t how a mediation on goes in this law of Texas courts ! Mediation they need to come to an agreement between two sides and this they are demanding is not performing legal law practice mediation ! Please help us !
    My cell number 903-239-1163 please help us I’m begging you and praying to you for help

  57. Shawn Glasscock says:

    Wow. Most informative site I have found. I live in Johnson County and I have a question.. My daughter went to her school counselor because she needed someone to talk to because she thought we might be doing drugs( smoking pot ). The counselor called CPS and the case worker went and talked to my two kids that are in school. She then came and talked to us. We let her in, and honestly she was really nice. She gave us a swan and we both passed. She ma dee us a safety plan and we agreed to it. We also went to a local place and took UA’s which we passed. It’s been a while and now they want us to go take another UA. We don’t mind doing it, but we are wondering where this is going to end. My daughter did the right thing, but she was wrong. We don’t smoke pot or do any othe r drugs. I think we are going to go do this other UA and hope it ends there. My question is, did they have the right to go and talk to my kids without our permission? And are we doing the right thing by doing what they ask us, or should we get an attorney?

  58. jketterman says:

    I enjoyed meeting you and your wife. I hope all is going well for you both. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need me.

  59. jketterman says:

    CPS does have the right to talk to children without the parent’s permission. The law allows for this. I never advise any one to deal with CPS without an attorney. CPS will have you jump through hoop after hoop. And quite frankly, you will most likely never make them happy. You might want to do this last UA and then tell them you’re done. If they don’t agree and if they continue to harass you, I would contact an attorney to shut the investigation down. You will also have to have your names wiped from the CPS database after the investigation / FBSS case is closed. You should receive a disposition letter from CPS. There are instructions on the letter explaining how to expunge your record. Don’t forget to do this. Good luck.

  60. Teresa says:

    I need a good CPS lawyer in West Texas. My 3 year old grand daughter witnessed her mothers murder. After placing her with several family members on her mothers side, CPS decided they weren’t fit to care for her and obtained a court order to place her in foster care. My son is the father to this child and CPS did not contact him to see where he would like her placed or if he was in a position to take her. They have said if the family has had a previous CPS case then they can not take possession of her. I do not see where your past history should come back to haunt you in the present, seeing how mistakes are made by everyone in their younger years. CPS showed up at her other grandmothers door with law enforcement and took her kicking and screaming. This child is in therapy and needs her family. This is like taking loved ones away all over again. Her mother hasn’t been gone even 6 months and they took her from everyone else. We all need help with this and if you can we would be grateful. If not, please direct us to an excellent lawyer that can help us.

  61. Dawn Hoffman says:

    I have a question concerning Paternal Grandparent harrassment – My daughter has two children with a man that she is no longer with. The paternal Grandparent has made several complaints to CPS – which have all be investigated and dismissed and now the son is starting harrassing – refusing to follow visitation orders – keeps them longer that allowed – doesn’t always get them on his weekends etc. What rights does my daughter have – how do we stop them from the continued harrasment of calling CPS – when does it become fraudulent to continue making false accusations?

  62. jketterman says:

    Hello West Texas. I happen to be from that area… Ft Stockton.

    I’m sorry for what your grand daughter has experienced.

    Texas Law states that if a child can not be placed with a parent, then the other parent has an absolute right to have his/her child. If a parent is not a possible placement, then the next step is to find an appropriate relative placements. CPS does have a policy that states if a family member has a criminal or CPS history that they will not approve placement. However, that does not mean that a judge can’t override that decision…and often do.

    I would be happy to help. Please contact me at 713.652.2003.

  63. jketterman says:

    Your daughter needs to file a contempt action on the dad for not following the court orders. When in court, she needs to explain to the judge what the paternal grandparents are doing. She also needs to ask for an injunction for the children to not be around the paternal grandparents since they continue to make false allegations to CPS. If they continue, your daughter needs to file criminal charges against them for calling in false allegations. Good luck.

  64. Roger Cargill says:

    Does CPS have a blanket medical release to medical records or does each agent need a signed medical release? Can CPS used medical information such as mental health records in court?

  65. Simon Gillbee says:

    My adult daughter and her two boys (6 and 20mo) live with me and my wife at my home. She is a single mom and I provide most of the support for her and my grandsons. CPS was called on my daughter as a form of harassment with a bogus accusation about drug dealing happening out of my home. The caller has since retracted this accusation I believe. CPS already called my daughter and that call left her in tears. CPS has arranged to come by my home tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon. After doing some research, I have no intention of allowing the CPS rep to enter my home. But what else can I do? As a grandparent, I do not know what rights I have. My daughter is a very emotional young lady who is easily sparked to anger if she feels her children are threatened… not a good combination IMHO when it comes to CPS. Do I need to contact you by phone or in some way have legal representation tomorrow?

  66. jketterman says:

    Call and reschedule the appointment until you can get representation. You do have limited rights as a grandparent. But you have to go to court to assert those rights and to protect your grandsons.

  67. jketterman says:

    Yes, they have a blanket release. I question whether this general release is a violation of HIPAA but it seems to be a state wide policy. CPS can, and will, use mental health records in court.

  68. Cody says:

    If cps opened an investigation in tx on me and found nothing how long until I recieve a letter from cps saying they dismissed the investigation

  69. Mrs Kristie says:

    If my spouse got caught with drugs and every adult in the house was drugs tested, but my spouse was the only one who tested positive. CPS had us to sign a safety plan and closed the investigation but transferred it to fbss. Do I have to sign a safety plan with fbss and if me and my children are relocating will fbss still contact me and do i have to let them know that my children and I have moved out of the residents with my spouse

  70. Christina Christian says:

    I currently have a cps case. My case has been open since November of 2013. By February my case disposition was “ruled out”. No form of child abuse or child neglect. They still transferred the case to FBSS.
    My case worker Dena Francis here in Harris County is my fourth case worker. Every time I’m done with one thing they ask of me here they come with something else for me to sign and agree to.

    I tried to respectfully decline services as my kids are not in danger. She said if I didn’t sign in 24 hours she would have my kids put in foster care. This is a crime of Involuntary Servitude. I have family support as well as community support (Quarnell X).

    When I refused to sign the paper until I could have an attorney look into it. She had the children placed with my mother. She said I as well as the dad tested positive for marijuana 3 times but her “supervisor” said that I tested positive twice and dad tested positive once. There is no pattern.  She will not give me a copy of the test. She will not talk on the phone but will text after I call her to ask me what I need.
    I said I want to talk about my case she said she needs my attorneys contact info.

    This is the second time my mom has called cps on me out of spite. Now she make it hard for me to spend time with my children.

    Dena Francis has been caught by myself on video skipping cps protocol just to try to stay a step ahead of me. She placed my children with my mom and didn’t do a background check until two weeks later.

    Please help me get my story heard. Its not just me. Its worldwide. I’ve connected with people and groups through Facebook.
    These people should not be allowed to destroy families for their own gain. They make more money by taking kids but emotional abuse is child abuse and my older son (6) begs me and cries all the time. He doesn’t like Granny’s house. My kids are suffering and it breaks my heart.

    Simple Cass Facts:
    2nd cps case
    Same person called twice
    2nd time child abuse/neglect has been ruled out
    Kids have no marks are bruises
    No medical problems
    Dental and medical records are up to date
    Kids dress well and eat well
    Kids are in school everyday
    Kids have good conduct
    Dena takes unwanted pictures of kids
    Kids are showing signs of emotional stress
    I took them to the movies and out to eat and the park
    Grandma doesn’t
    Mom and dad have been together 7 years.
    No history of domestic violence
    No substance abuse history
    No criminal history

    They are my children. My family. My best friends. I’m a great mother. I take pride in being who and what my kids need. Is there some type of lawsuit I could file?

    Please watch the entire video. Sorry about the background noise.
    While my mom is being so happy and helpful and laughing in my face, my sister is very upset that she walks out.

  71. beth says:

    Our case started on August 13 2014. Being scared into letting cps in our door we let them in and my children and us were interigated individually. We were mouth saved. My husband failed. The investigator then expldained that his supervisor wanted to terminate rights but they would allow us to use a pcsp placing my twins with a family member. So we did. We have been compliant and eventually we beqgan to have issues with the family and moved my girls to another family member for another 90days. The pcsp ended on the 29 of January 2015 and nothinG in place after said date….also nothing im writing saying we couldnt. We took our kids back. I told fbs that i was going to. Finally after nearly 6minths i can get someone to call me back. We have passedall drug tests given after the initial test. When i spoke to a fbs supervisor, finally ,she said she ad no record of any post tests or completion of psychosocial analysis and substace abuse evaluation with the therapist we were asked to see for 6 sessions.
    We did not complete befor the pcsp ended but are still parqticipating. We havent lost any rights or custody to our children. So we took them back at
    the end of the pcsp. What could cps do and what should we do to get them to go away?

  72. carl says:


  73. jketterman says:

    Normally I would say no. However since you have remained in your daughter’s life and the adoptive parents have contacted you, then yes, you can go back to court to fight for your daughter. It will be a bit tricky, but it can be done under the theory of substantial past contacts. You could also talk to the adoptive parents and ask them if she can come stay with you. After she’s been with you for 6 months, you can file for custody. The latter would probably be the better idea.

  74. jketterman says:

    CPS could come pick the kids up, if they have evidence that the kids are in imminent danger. If CPS believes that there is no imminent danger but feels like the kids will be subjected to risk in the future if they remain with you, they can file a petition with the court, set it for a hearing and present evidence to the judge for the removal of the children. To make them go away, I would get an attorney to close the FBSS down and reduce the risk of a legal case being filed.

  75. jketterman says:

    Hire an attorney to shut the FBSS down!

  76. jketterman says:

    You should receive a disposition letter within a month or so

  77. Valerie says:

    To be brief, I am wondering if cps has to make a home visit in order to close a case.
    My middle daughter’s teacher called cps after UNDRESSING her and changing her clothes (for no reason other than she got her new clothes, yes she has crossed the line of acceptable teacher/student interactions in my opinion ) and she saw a bruise.
    CPS showed up at my house after visiting my daughter at school, I told them they could not come in without a warrant but did agree to take the kids to the office.
    They were interviewed for hours and the worker talked to her supervisor and she decided there was no emergency and told me a worker would be out to my house tomorrow. I agreed and nobody showed up. I canceled my plans and called for 2 days, never got a response and nobody showed up.
    3 months later a worker shows up but couldn’t get to my house due to ice and snow. Left a message stating they were trying to close the case and needed to stop by for a home visit and to sign papers. One of the papers is authorization for medical collateral since I homeschool 2 of my kids.
    My questions are, should I just let her in and hope they get it over with? If I do, does she have free reign to run around and check every tiny corner? Do I have the right to tell her not to photograph once I let her in?
    And finally, what are these medical papers she is talking about and do I have to sign them?

  78. griselda eaton says:

    How long do I have To Fight After Jury Trial Is Lost Amd Attorney Doesnt Contact You For The Sumpreme Court

  79. Ms. Kriste says:

    I have relocated with my children but cps fbss keeps sending the police out to my house for a child welfare check. I have not signed no paperwork with cps fbss, the allegations aren’t against me they are against my childrens father whom doesn’t live with us he just comes and visits our children. I wanted to know why is cps fbss sending the police to my house for a child welfare check, and what can i do to stop cps fbss from harassing me and my children if i haven’t done anything wrong? Every single time the police came out they didn’t find nothing. I feel that cps fbss is validating my rights to continue to harasse me. And also want to know do i have to keep letting the police into my home. I need help

  80. rosario says:

    I have two girls who are bipolar.My mom called cps on me.I have worked really hard to provide for my children.The girls have been temporarily with my mom.My brother is involved girls won’t come to the phone to talk to me.My brother always says their sleepy I haven’t seen them in a week.I have false accusations against.I really need your help but my funds are limited I lost everything.

  81. cc says:

    Im taking u to. Court u Ripped Mr outta 3,500$ lady in Houston I want to tell u to to face in Brazoria county court 239 u wrong

  82. cc says:

    a lilire I’m looking at u u all lies

  83. Charlie meza says:

    Yes sorry I’m in dalhart Texas panhandle. I need help even a small direction can help. So please hear my plea. My daughter was taken from the mother it’s been three months I had a DNA test and it came back I am the father They won’t give her to me now because one of the allegations said I was abusing her mom. It’s not my cps case I did not sign the plan they ask u to sign the only incident that is on file with the cops is the mother attacking me. I just want my daughter I have been to three visits at the office and i feel so bad for her because she should not be there

  84. Angie Pena says:

    Hello, I was wondering if you can help with guidance. I have a sister who had her seven kids taken away about eleven months ago by cps. A few children have been placed out with their fathers and the others are with a family member (by marriage). She has not finished all the cps is requiring of her and now she is wanting to give me custody of all her kids. I was not initially able to take the kids because I have an old cps case for spanking and leaving marks. So im wondering if I couldn’t take the children temporarily, will they allow her to give me full custody of them. Also what is the proccess if so? Thank you for your time!

  85. Susan says:

    I’m interested in filing a federal suit for cps. I have tried to call your office numerous times to talk to you about my case.

  86. Janis Knighton says:

    My daughter and her husband are taking care of my sons 4 children besides there 3 children. The CPS told her they cannot go to day care because her husband makes to much money. He make enough for them to live in a nice house and pay there bills. She can’t get there medical changed. There Dad is going to a rehab so and the mother put in jail for a year for not paying her probation. They had know money income to pay probation. My son is trying t get disablility and he having a very difficult time. We have all been trying to help meaning her me (her mom and two sisters but they have families to and am 65 years old. ) She was going to try and enroll them day care with the state paying and they will not take them. This is all so hard on her, where can we get help !!!! Help Help Help please please

  87. Adrienne says:

    Who can we write in the legislative branch about the harassment and endless tax payer funded court ordered services CPS demands families to submit to. After my families CPS case is closed I would like to file a law suit against CPS for harassment and incompetence. I also want to work towards having Casa Volunteers removed. Tax payers would be better served if qualified cps investigaters were hired. Make it a $100,000 a year job and hire qualified experienced agents rather than young 20 some things with zero parenting perspective. To take away someone’s parental rights is one of the most horrible and traumatic acts you can do against parent and child. Serious abuse and neglect need to be involved before such rash action should be taken
    CPS has become an over bloated heartless government agency which gives unqualified workers far too much power and almost no training.

  88. marie says:

    If someone is on cps and they leave the state can they get into trouble if they have a case open.

  89. James says:

    Can cps demand you take a drug screening over false allegations made by a hateful family member. Even though I have no children living at home any longer, just my 19 year old son, I don’t understand this.

  90. Amber says:

    I need help getting FBSS to close my case and leave me and my daughter alone! On april 1, 2015 i was a victim of family violence by my ex-husband of 8 years. We have 2 kids together. My oldest was removed and placed with the ex’s family. HE has 2 previous assaults on me but they were before any of my children were born. FBSS is stating that i am co-perpitraitor as well as my 11mo. is………….they want me to sign this overly outrages safety plan which i am still refusing to sign. I already have signed one before with my son and I lost him it was 18mo. long too!!! MY ex is serving 2-10 years in prison and we are and will never be together again……I feel the problem has been removed from our lives and we are safe. My mother(grandmother raised me since i was 4 years old) is dying and my dad(grandfather) just died last year. I moved home to care for her and my father and his wife made 7 phone calls to cps with all false allegations they found all to be false. Why are they still around? How do I make them go away? and close my case? I signed a thirty day safety plan in which i completed outstandingly. It has been since june 20th that it ended and now im getting this merry go round chase with FBSS they are terrible and deceptive!!! Please help! I have already hired and fired 1 attorney and i think I am going to fire my 2nd one and hire another attorney he is suggesting for me to comply with them. I am an experienced loser with them and not a fool the second go around. please help! any advice, information, or lawyers to contact would help immensely. I am intuitive mother and listening to my instincts this time and I DO NOT want to “voluntarily” sign anything HA!.Thanks!

  91. Laura Wright says:

    I am seeking help my son was taken by cps & I am seeking guidance

  92. jketterman says:

    I need to know what state you are in and more facts.

  93. Joshua laney says:

    Help I live in hood county Granbury tx my youngest son fell and hit th metal bunk beds which Cps supplied in a previous case and we took him to daycare a few hours later my wife gets a phone call from some law reinforcement agent asking if she would come and talk with her she didn’t say why or what for so my wife went well it was the agent and a Cps investigator and they grilled her. F y I my wife doesn’t know what to say and how to say it and she incrimidated herself. Well a few days later a knock at the door it’s the investigator and the Cps agent demanding to be let in and see the bunk beds which again were put in the home by Cps I told them no well two weeks go by and another knock its the constable and he is serving papers we go to court on Aug 12 but until then they have temporary reign to pretty much do what they want. Well upon receiving these documents it was unknown to my wife and I that that the day they called my wife the interviewed my 5 yr old child and there is a record of everything she said to them but none of there questions we did make the mistake of taking them to cooks as they requested and the doctor nurses and social worker said that there is no way to prove that his bruise was from abuse and also stated it could very well happen from a fall but of course the social worker at the hospital also said that she doesn’t really believe my wife story probably because she did what you said not to do and tried to create an answer to match up with wat they were saying but the truth is we have four rowdy kids and they play hard. Our son simply hit the side of his head on the metal frame of the bed jumping around and it bruised his upper ear we contacted a lawyer but when I tried to relay some of the very helpful legal information on Cps he shot me down and said that the judge is pretty much going to side with Cps. I even told him how it was against my and my kids rights to perform an interview without our knowledge I told him that such an interview without probable cause or a warrant. That such an interview was an unreasonable search and seizure he seemed to not have a clue about any thing to do with fighting Cps please help us we do not want to be the next wrongfully accused to closed our kids they are a blessing to us we might not be rich and live in the fanciest house but they are well fed bathed clothed and loved by us both please I’m praying for a miracle

  94. Simply wish to say your article is as astonishing. The clarity in your post is just nice and i could assume you are an expert on this subject. Fine with your permission let me to grab your RSS feed to keep up to date with forthcoming post.

  95. HARLEY BOURDO says:


  96. jketterman says:

    CPS cannot just “take your baby.” One of the following has to have happened: 1. the child was “voluntarily” placed outside the home; 2. CPS had a court order to remove; or 3. CPS did an emergency removal. In spite of what they might think, CPS does have to tell you why they have removed your child. You are still her mother and you have an absolute right to know why your child was removed from your care. When you go to court, if you do not approve of your child being placed with your mother, you can ask that your child be placed somewhere else. But be mindful that if you do not have another family member that is willing and able to take placement, your child may end of in foster care. I’m sorry that CPS will not listen to you; it’s a common theme with them. You need to get an attorney that will fight for your rights. That attorney can be your voice. If you would like to talk to me about your case (and if you do not have an attorney) feel free to call me at 713.652.2003.

  97. wayne allen says:

    on may 30, 2018 my 12 y/o and 14 y/o was taken. on june 12, 2018 there was a safety meeting. on august 13, 2018 my parental rights was taken. each time i had to appear in court i had a different attorney because they would dismiss themselves from the case. not because of me personally i was cooperative they were public defenders. each time i did try to get in touch with my public defender calling daily to ask what should i do like clock work a day before i had to appear in court i would finally get a call. also during this time i did reach out to several attorneys and i told them my story but i can’t afford them and many of them don’t want to touch the case. and now on september 17, 2018 a knock at the door it is the police and i am taken to jail. my charge is child neglect. i don’t know what to do and i need help. when my children were examined by dhs or cps there were no evidence of abuse which my children alleged. yes they were taken from me before and i foolishly plead guilty because i was advised by my public defender to do so. this happen about four years ago. on may 30, 2018 my home was dirty and i asked my children to help me clean up they refused and walked away and said they wanted to go camping and swim in their friend’s pool. i told them no we need to clean up. also my daughter said a neighbor told her to take a shower at her house i was angry about that and i went to see the neighbor and told my kids to start cleaning up when i left to go to the neighbor house this gave my children the opportunity to leave. this was may 30, 2018. i search earnestly for them then i called the police to report them missing and i couldn’t find my children the police told me they had them and they came to the house and yes they saw my house dirty. it was very dirty. i turned the water off because the pipes had burst and i was in the process of fixing them this didn’t go well with the police nor did it sit well with dhs or pcs or cps. and now i am back at the beginning of my story. mine cousin had my kids up until the 12th of june, 2018 and her family couldn’t handle the lies my children told and they reported it to dhs, pcs,or cps. and now my children are in foster care. i saw my children one time since may 30, 2018 and that was on the 12th of june, 2018 by accident at the store. my cousin was turning them into dhs, pcs, or cps on the 12th of june, 2018. and my cousin told me my daughter insisted on going to aaron erwin home since he had her before. yes my children admitted they lied and they admitted dhs, pcs, or cps would believe them cause they are children and if i would have only did what they say then this wouldn’t have to had to happen. i feel as though i am being punish by dhs, pcs or cps over again. and laughed at. please help me. i don’t have my children, nor do i have my parental rights anymore. please help

  98. Anonymous says:

    please help my cousin wayne allen in tulsa oklahoma. call me at 312 890 4991. thank you.

  99. jketterman says:

    I’m unable to call your cousin. You can certainly have him call my office. Good luck.

  100. jketterman says:

    I’m sorry for your loss. I’m also sorry that you, also, became a victim of CPS and court-appointed attorneys. It appears that neither your criminal attorney, nor your CPS defense attorney, represented you in the manner they should have. As for your criminal case, you can always have an attorney look into the case to see if your were properly represented. The CPS case is another story. The time limit to appeal CPS cases (in Texas) is 15 days. Check your state statute to see what the appellate time limits are; but it appears that they have most likely expired.

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