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Couple Accused of Medical Neglect

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The Generation Trap: Grandparents often find themselves without support when forced to take over raising their grandchildren

When one hears the phrase sandwich generation, it evokes visions of post-graduate adult children needing a spare bedroom and laundry facilities at their working parents’ house until the right-paying job comes along. The reality of multigenerational housing, however, is much … Continue reading

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If you have questions about adoption, listen to Where Justice Lies

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It’s time to say to CPS: no more excuses; no more lies; no more dollar signs; no more pinwheels.

The problem that I have with this “feel-good” article below is that it presents Child Protective Services (CPS) in a false light. Pinwheels do nothing for the children – our children – who are lost and victimized by the very … Continue reading

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So, How do We Prevent Child Abuse?

April was Child Abuse Prevention Month. The problem with “honorary months” is that the second the first of the next month hits, you’re on to the next thing. So, I’m not being a month behind here; I’m keeping last month’s … Continue reading

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Government-funded researchers tested AIDS drugs on hundreds of foster children.

It’s the Tuskegee Experiment all over again! This is no better than the program that started in the 1930s where black men were also “sorta-kinda” treated, lured in by the promise of health care and treatment. For FORTY YEARS this … Continue reading

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CPS, I’m talking to you! Are you listening?

Even high-end neighborhoods like The Woodlands are suffering from a plague of sex crimes against children! Last year, Montgomery County law enforcement was given enough funds to handle the projected 9 to 11 cases of sexual crimes against children, How … Continue reading

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My recent radio interview on The National Intel Report

I had the pleasure of being interviewed on The National Intel Report with John Stadtmiller the other day. Below is the link to it. I hope you enjoy it! Julie  

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Social Worker in Kentucky Faces Disciplinary Action

I recently came across a case out of Boone County, Kentucky that I found appalling. A social worker, Karey Cooper, is being reprimanded for attempting to help a 7-year-old girl after reports of abuse and neglect. Cooper was a Special … Continue reading

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Outing a Too-Powerful Texas CPS Baby Mill Agenda

I am passionate about defending families and the rights of parents in cases involving Child Protective Services. Frequently, CPS also removes children from their homes and places them with foster-to-adoptive parents. I believe this is happening far too often. The … Continue reading

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