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Foster Parents and Sibling Placement

There seems to be a new trend within CPS. CPS is now breaking up foster homes that “they created”. Many foster parents are now licensed “foster to adopt”. This means that they are looking to adopt (should the child become … Continue reading

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Post Termination Suits

If your parental rights have been terminated, or those parental rights of your adult children, grandparents, adult siblings, and aunts and uncles now have an avenue to fight CPS for custody of the child. The above relatives have 90 days … Continue reading

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CPS policy and the Texas Administrative Code states that if a child cannot be returned to the parents then CPS must place the child with family. CPS violates this over and over again. CPS is either removing children from grandparents … Continue reading

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Defending CPS cases

There is a general plan when I deal with a CPS case (or any attorney for that matter).  But it is important to remember that each CPS case is different…with very different facts.  So understand that each case will be … Continue reading

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False Allegations of Child Molesting

Often times when a couple is going through a divorce, Mom will make an allegation that Dad has molested or inappropriately touched one or all of the children. Many women feel that this is a quick way to “get rid” … Continue reading

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Attorney Ad Litem

One of the most frustrating things about AAL’s is when you have to deal with one that either doesn’t have children or is simply oblivious to the reality of raising a sick or chronically ill child. The questions that are … Continue reading

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Can I place my child with other family members

When children have been abused or neglected, DFPS may remove them from their homes to ensure their immediate safety. The court system is required to consider a temporary placement with a relative and asks the parents to provide DFPS with … Continue reading

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Do I need a lawyer

You have the right to consult with a lawyer at any point in the investigation at your own expense. If CPS files a lawsuit requesting Temporary Managing Conservatorhip and you don’t agree, the Court will determine if you are financially … Continue reading

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CPS and state law

State law requires anybody who believes that a child has been abused or neglected to make a report to Texas Department of Family & Protective Services (CPS) or to a law enforcement agency.  The law requires CPS to investigate reports … Continue reading

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