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The Simple Divorce – A Cooperative, Uncontested Dissolution of the Marriage

While no divorce can truly be called a simple divorce, legally it may be considered a simple divorce if both parties are in agreement to get a divorce and there is no dispute concerning property and children and both parties are willing to sign the necessary papers.

In a simple divorce, a divorce decree can be prepared while the 60-day waiting period elapses. Once the divorce decree is drafted based on the agreed terms and both husband and wife sign the divorce decree, the facts and the paperwork are presented to the Judge and the divorce is granted.

The Contested Divorce Proceeding – the unfortunate "Nasty Divorce"
When terms cannot be agreed upon - or there is marital property, other assets, liabilities and/or children issues - the process remains the same as a simple divorce but, as might be expected, there is the need for more discussion and decision making thus extending the time it takes for the entire divorce process to be finalized.

In contested proceedings, it is impossible to predict how long it takes for a divorce to be finalized. The time frame is dependent on the complexity of the issues, how contentious the parties are, and if there is an attorney representing the other side. Fighting spouses cause "nasty divorces," which costs everyone a lot in both time and money.